Internet Connection Interruptions (Cable/200k) – Please Help! I’m at a loss…

Internet Connection Interruptions (Cable/200k) – Please Help!  I’m at a loss…
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Hello, everyone,

I’ve been having strange problems with my internet connection for several weeks. These are expressed as follows:

– When surfing via google, pages that are normally loaded immediately are built up with an enormous delay. Shortly thereafter it slips again.
– Videos on Youtube sometimes buffer FOREVER before they play… then it suddenly goes back to normal almost immediately
– W-Lan also has occasional dropouts in which the mobile phone simply has no internet although the reception bar is 3/4 full. (repeater is used on the 1st floor – router in the basement)
– In games there are ping spikes every few minutes to more than 140 + packet loss (PC connected to router with cable)
– CMD Ping -t -> while gaming also ping spikes
– feels like it’s getting worse over time. In the beginning the problems were rather sporadic – now they are becoming more and more frequent
– Larger downloads felt unaffected
– Live streams, strangely enough, also felt unaffected…

My system:
– No changes to hardware or wiring in the basement at the Fritz box – suddenly problems from one day to the next
– Fritzbox firmware up-to-date (I think! it is displayed at least on the fritzbox level “currently”)
– Lan driver/mainboard driver (B550 A-Pro) / windows 10 – all current
– Changed the cable (i.e. the PC is connected to the router in the basement with a cable – no problem for YEARS. I have not changed the cable in the wall)
– Do not think that it is the PC because there are also problems with the mobile phone (pixel 4a)
– Tested different browsers (chrome/firefox) same problem with “random” hangs every few minutes
– Win Defender / Malewarebytes -> no finds
– I can’t find any construction sites or obvious faults on the line. Actually, nothing has changed… no new neighbors to burden the line or anything. (Corner semi-detached house – four houses, apart from me all pensioners…)

I have a 200k line – Kabel Deutschland – and use a Fritzbox as I said (I will add the model later – at least the part is a few years old)

So… I have NO IDEA how to proceed now. The most obvious thing for me is either a problem with the provider or my Fritzbox… or are there other options for these symptoms? The whole thing has been dragging on for 2 months now…

How would you proceed to localize the problem and get it under control again? I haven’t had any tedious Internet problems like this in my life… experience has shown that help from the provider only costs time, nerves and money… and in the end, with GOOD LUCK, something might come of it. Perhaps. I’d like to rule out other possible factors first.

Please help! It’s really really annoying.. both when gambling and when surfing the web every day

Thanks very much!

Edit: Fritzbox is a 6490 Cable .. if that helps :-/

Google speed test -> 2x all good -> the 3rd time network error.. there are simply random breaks or “breaks” in the connection

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