“I’m totally back in everyday life”: This is how Amira Pocher feels after “Let’s Dance”-Aus

“I’m totally back in everyday life”: This is how Amira Pocher feels after “Let’s Dance”-Aus
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Amira Pocher (with microphone) shortly after leaving “Let’s Dance”.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

In the eleventh live show of “Let’s Dance”, Amira Pocher was voted out of the program and is no longer allowed to fight for the title “Dancing Star”. Mathias Mester, Janin Ullmann and René Casselly are in the final. Shortly after the decision, Amira came up with a first advantage: “I don’t have to get up early tomorrow.” The training demanded a lot from the stars in more than eleven weeks. Kathrin Menzinger and René even stated that they train up to twelve hours a day. In contrast to the finalists, Amira has meanwhile found her way back to her usual life, and that is strongly influenced by her two children.

Amira Pocher is still back in training after the show-off

In her Instagram story, Amira now said to her more than 982,000 followers: “It’s mommy Amira again. I’m totally back in everyday life and can finally do little things like going to the doctor or the beauty salon. I did that today, I went to the dermatologist.” She promptly reported that she had discovered a supposed birthmark on her back, but the all-clear was quickly given that it was nothing serious: “It’s actually not a birthmark at all, but an encapsulated mosquito bite , which has somehow discolored but is not dangerous. I’m relieved about that.”

Amira Pocher has time for everyday things again.

Amira Pocher has time for everyday things again.Image: Instagram / Amira Pocher

Shortly thereafter, she promptly showed up in sports clothes again. The reason: Despite their expulsion, Amira and dance partner Massimo Sinató are on the “Let’s Dance” floor on Friday. “Mom is on her way to the dance, because we have to prepare a little something. After all, on Friday we’ll dance our favorite dance for you for a minute and it should sit then.”explained Amira.

Before the final, Amira has to train with Massimo again.

Before the final, Amira has to train with Massimo again.Image: Instagram / Amira Pocher

Massimo also gave an impression of the training and stated about Amira’s muscles: “The legs like Cristiano Ronaldo. The training paid off.” In any case, Amira is happy to have her freedom, her private life back. Now she can cook something for lunch again, go for a coffee, experience something with her children or visit her family in Austria again. Because of her participation in the entertainment show, she had to do without it for a quarter of a year.

The time was “extremely exhausting” for the presenter, “but also extremely nice,” she revealed one day after leaving. Nevertheless, according to “Bild”, her participation in the format paid off enormously, because the mother of two sons is said to have collected 160,000 euros for it. In contrast, Mathias Mester and Janin Ullmann would have received 70,000 euros.


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