Hollywood is already producing for Apple glasses – report

Hollywood is already producing for Apple glasses – report
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For its upcoming VR-AR glasses, Apple is apparently also relying on video content. Hollywood greats should already be on board and produce the first content for the market launch in the coming year.

Apple’s developer conference WWDC 2022 starts next Monday. There were numerous rumors beforehand that Apple could show its VR-AR glasses or at least demonstrate the “Reality Operating System” for it.

Apple glasses Control by camera and voice

However, according to the New York Times, Apple will only introduce new camera and voice control features at WWDC that lay the foundation for hands-free operation of the tech glasses. According to the newspaper, it has access to Apple documents and is in contact with two people familiar with the project.

In the past, Apple registered patents for glasses control, among other things, using microgestures or a smart ring. Voice control via Siri is obvious and has already been part of previous rumors.

Otherwise, Apple should mainly talk about existing software and hardware at WWDC and possibly introduce a new MacBook Air.

According to the New York Times, the glasses will be released next year and will look like ski goggles – so they will probably look similar to Meta Cambria, which will be launched later this year.


Jon Favreau develops video content for Apple glasses

The NYT further reports that the Hollywood director Jon Favreau developed video content for the Apple glasses. Specifically, the dinosaurs from the Apple TV + series “Prehistoric Planet” are to be brought to life with the glasses. In addition to Favreau, other Hollywood directors are said to be working on video content. Three people familiar with the project confirmed this information, according to the NYT.

Favreau as VR director is an obvious choice for Apple. He has already worked on interactive VR films in the past and has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm about the new storytelling possibilities with VR glasses at the height of the VR hype. During the production of The Lion King, Favreau used VR glasses on set and filmed individual scenes with a virtual reality camera.

For high-quality video VR streaming, Apple should rely on NextVR technology. Apple took over the highly traded VR streaming start-up back in May 2020. At the time, it was one of the best-financed start-ups in the VR industry and had streaming contracts with the NBA, among others. However, the NextVRs business model did not work due to weak VR glasses sales and the stat-up got into financial difficulties.

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