Heidi Klum causes ridicule with an embarrassing TV appearance

Heidi Klum causes ridicule with an embarrassing TV appearance
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Heidi Klum shows up in “America’s Got Talent” in a green glitter suit.Image: NBC

A lot of criticism is currently pouring down on Heidi Klum: In the course of the “GNTM” finale last Thursday, several former candidates who criticized the production conditions of the show reported, and the Youtuber Rezo also calculated in a video with the format: He threw Among other things, Klum and ProSieben propose to add “active mental pain” to people. In addition, the actual finale was ridiculed, many viewers laughed, for example, at the singing performance of the “GNTM” boss alongside her husband Tom Kaulitz.

But for Heidi Klum, after the show is always before the show: The 17th season of “America’s Got Talent” has now started in the USA. She acts as a judge in the casting format alongside Simon Cowell and Sofía Vergara. At the start, the actress Liza Koshy also stopped by, who did a little dance routine with Heidi – and this time the 49-year-old also provided amusement.

Heidi Klum in a glitter look: what’s dangling out of her sleeve?

Liza Koshy stopped by the production to promote her own new reality show, Dancing By Myself, which will air on US TV right after NBC’s America’s Got Talent. As the title suggests, the dance talent of the participants is in demand in “Dancing by Myelf” and To get in the mood, Liza made a small contribution with Heidi – for this year’s “GNTM” song “Chai Tea with Heidi”, which the model recorded with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Heidi wears a flashy green glitter suit and after a few seconds an awkward moment occurs: Suddenly, what at first glance looks like a price tag dangles from the left sleeve. The juror, however, very professionally, coolly lets the object disappear in her hand. However, the small glitch did not go unnoticed. The clip was shared on several social media channels and on Tiktok, for example, a user comments with several laughing emojis:

“The Tag Falling Out of Her Sleeve”

Below, however, another user doubts that it is really a price tag and says: “Maybe the microphone and cable?” And indeed, on closer inspection, it looks more like a technical device that wanted to say goodbye to Heidi. In any case, the moment should not have been intended.

Heidi’s dancing talent is also questioned. “Come on, she can’t dance,” mocks a viewer, while elsewhere it simply says: “Without words”. “Must be good tea,” jokes another fan, alluding to the wild mane shaking. After her singing was not particularly well received on “GNTM”, the moderator apparently cannot really convince in this area either.

Heidi Klum celebrates her birthday

However, Heidi can also look forward to well-meaning posts, some of which have nothing to do with the video: on June 1st she celebrates her birthday and so various congratulations can be found on Tiktok. So now you can be curious how the model will spend his day of honor – it is very likely that Heidi will later share impressions of it on social networks.


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