GZSZ star Felix van Deventer separated? “We will always be a family!”

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer separated?  “We will always be a family!”
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The guardian angels did a great job for him…

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer (25) competes in “RTL high diving” on Friday! Together with GZSZ colleague Felix von Jascheroff (39), he takes part in the “synchronized jumping” category.

Felix certainly needs an extra portion of courage: Because the actor fell several meters from a balcony three years ago – broke part of his spine! With BILD he spoke about the worst time of his life, his health and separation rumors!

Treten beim Photo: Gerald Matzka/dpa

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Competing in synchronized diving at “RTL Turmsprung” (Friday, live from 8:15 p.m.): GZSZ stars Felix van Deventer (from left) and Felix von Jascheroff as well as singers Marc Terenzi and Jay Khan Photo: Gerald Matzka/dpa

The last few weeks have been quite a double burden for the series star: swimming pool in the morning, then shooting in the GZSZ studio until evening!

Van Deventer to BILD: “Felix and I have had to train a lot in the last few weeks. Synchronous is also much more difficult than jumping individually. It was really exhausting because we both shot a lot too.”

And further: “Most of the time we drove to Berlin-Friedrichshain at 8 a.m. for swimming training and then we shot for GZSZ in Potsdam until the evening. But luckily GZSZ released us for the training times.”

2019: Kurz nach seinem dramatischen Balkon-Sturz postete sich Felix van Deventer aus dem KrankenhausbettPhoto: felixvandeventer/instagram

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2019: Shortly after his dramatic balcony fall, Felix van Deventer posted himself from the hospitalPhoto: felixvandeventer/instagram

Is the TV star actually completely healthy again after his balcony fall?

Van Deventer BILD: “Yes. Luckily I haven’t had any problems since then. In the first one or two years I was still a bit cautious with sport. I fell four meters at the time. I had a fracture at L2, broke my left lumbar vertebra. I basically broke my spine at the bottom.”

Felix, who had just become a father, must have had thousands of guardian angels.

“I was really lucky, could have been paralyzed. The chief physician said to me: If the fracture had been one and a half centimeters further to the left, I would now be paralyzed. I was really lucky,” he says today.

He narrowly escaped paralysis! But after that, a rehabilitation marathon began.

Felix: “I was in the hospital for 23 days and almost in a wheelchair for 18 days. I had to learn to walk all over again, relearn mobility in my back. I had to do physical therapy and back training for three months. The fracture in the spine then healed on its own.”

And further: “It was really a sad time. And my son had just been born.”

Van Deventer remembers the fateful balcony fall as follows today: “We had forgotten the front door key in our Potsdam apartment. But the balcony door was open at the top. And then I thought: Okay, there is a gutter up there, I can climb up there! But I didn’t think about the fact that it was so hot that day and I couldn’t really hold on to the poles. At some point I had no more strength.”

But before that, a few thoughts shot through his head: “The worst thing was that I knew: I’m about to fall! I was still thinking: shit, how do I land? I then bent my legs so at least I wouldn’t break my foot. And then I fell down…”

Even after the impact, the native of Hamburg had 1000 guardian angels by his side!

“I fell from the 2nd floor onto the stone floor of our terrace. Luckily I fell well because I’m relatively muscular. I even got up and went into the hallway,” says Felix.

But that could have had fatal consequences! Van Deventer to BILD: “The doctor later said that I was very lucky there too, because when I got up, my spine could have broken even more. I just had so much adrenaline pumping through my body that I didn’t even think about what I was actually doing.”

Wollen immer eine Familie bleiben: Felix van Deventer mit Freundin Antje Zinnow sollen inzwischen getrennte Wege gehenPhoto: Agency People Image

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/wollen-immer-eine-familie-wandern-felix-van-deventer-mit-freundin-antje-zinnow-sollen-inbetween-ge- 881f6118e8b7471fb361ff040f2b6e91-80285598/image/7.image.jpg”/>

Always want to remain a family: Felix van Deventer and his girlfriend Antje Zinnow should now go their separate waysPhoto: Agency People Image

The fall is now history and his son is almost 3 years old. How does Van Deventer reconcile the daily shooting at GZSZ and the family?

“I’m not shooting from morning to night, not 24 hours a day in the GZSZ studio. My mom even raised four children and worked on the side. I take great care of my son. I can handle that very well. Any father can do that. And then there is also the mother.”

Speaking of. He has been with Antje Zinnow since 2018. There were rumors of a breakup last summer. What is it?

Van Deventer told BILD: “I have not yet confirmed a separation, and I would actually like to keep my private life private. But I can say one thing: we will always be a family! And now everyone can think of their own part…”


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