“Grill den Henssler”: Lukas Podolski unpacks his relationship with Laura Wontorra

“Grill den Henssler”: Lukas Podolski unpacks his relationship with Laura Wontorra
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Season finale at “Grill den Henssler”!

The last episode of the spring season caused a lot of excitement for presenter Laura Wontorra (33): “We really got going again for the finale. There will be fireworks today!” In addition to former “Supertalent” juror Bruce Darnell (64) and presenter Pierre M. Krause (45), none other than football icon Lukas Podolski (36) competed against TV chef Steffen Henssler (49) the honor.

However, “Prinz Poldi” only arrived at the last minute. He had also missed the test cooking. The photo for the challenge still had to be shot in the studio. Wontorra was over the moon: “It’s never happened before that we only take the photo on the show. There’s a bit of a Hollywood feeling here.”

Stargast Lukas Podolski verbrietete gute LaunePhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

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Star guest Lukas Podolski was in a good moodPhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

Podolski unpacks about Laura Wontorra

The main course “Grilled sea bream with spinach and zucchini” was in the hands of Bruce Darnell. However, Henssler (49) first asked Podolski questions and wanted to know: “Tell me, Lukas, do you have groupies?” After Podolski had said no, Henssler still didn’t give up and suddenly wanted to talk about Laura Wontorra.

Although she was standing right next to him, Henssler asked Podolski boldly: “She was an intern at FC back then. What was she like back then?” A cheeky Poldi grin followed: “Well, groupie was just the topic …

Moderatorin Laura Wontorra musste sich ein paar freche Fragen anhörenPhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

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Presenter Laura Wontorra had to listen to a few cheeky questionsPhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

Outraged, Wontorra explained her serious work in the FC press office. However, Henssler still tried to ignite the rumor mill: “Did you ever have something? Because you guys are getting a little quiet all of a sudden…”

Of course, Laura said no, but still had a lot of nice words for the soccer star: “Luke had been taken for a long time. But he was very nice and always loosened things up with a saying.” And Podolski did that again this time by jokingly claiming: “I made her big at FC!”

Darnell’s declaration of love to Dieter Bohlen

Ex-„Supertalent“-Juror Bruce Darnell (l.) legte sich am Herd mächtig ins ZeugPhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

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Former “super talent” judge Bruce Darnell (left) worked hard at the stovePhoto: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

Bruce Darnell had plenty of time during these discussions to shine while preparing his menu. He sizzled with a lot of love – which in the meantime also applies to his former “Supertalent” jury partner Dieter Bohlen (68). He sent him a message through the camera, including air kisses: “We talk on the phone every now and then. Life goes on. Dieter, I love you very much. But unfortunately I have to prepare the food!”

A meal that met with pure enthusiasm from the “Grill den Henssler” jurors. Reiner Calmund (73) logged ten points – more is not possible. The result was a spontaneous hug from Darnell, who couldn’t believe his luck: “Thank you! Oh my God!”

Hardly back in his place, he sprinted off again to distribute the next cuddle: Christian Rach (64), who was otherwise so critical, also had ten points!

Calmund was stunned: “The biggest disgusting package gives you ten points. It needs a kiss.” With tears in his eyes, Darnell rushed off again, kissing gourmet critic Rach and exclaiming, “It’s amazing. Oh my God!” Even Laura Wontorra was flabbergasted: “That’s the highest fish score we’ve ever had.”

So the main course went to the celebrities. Nevertheless, host Steffen Henssler was able to collect the most points at the end of the evening. He defeated the celebrity team by a score of 100 to 95.


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