Google Pixel Tablet: Could this become an alternative to the iPad? –

Google Pixel Tablet: Could this become an alternative to the iPad?  –
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One of Apple’s biggest competitors presented a multitude of new products last night: Google. During the I/O live event, not only the upcoming Pixel 7 (Pro) smartphone generation and the Pixel Buds Pro were presented, but also first insights into the development of the long-awaited Pixel Watch with a round design and a new Google Pixel tablets

So far, Google hasn’t seemed particularly interested in the tablet market, which is currently dominated by Apple’s iPads and Samsung’s Tab devices. According to Statista, Apple’s iPads were the clear market leaders in 2021 with shares of 34.2 percent, followed by Samsung with 18.3 percent. Google last launched an Android tablet in 2015, the Pixel C.

This Android, then still in the Marshmallow version, did not offer any features that you would expect from a powerful tablet. No split screen, no stylus or other input device directly from the manufacturer, slow multitasking and no apps optimized for tablets in the Google Play Store made the Pixel C disappear again after a short time. It was scrapped in 2017. After that, only the Pixel Slate followed in 2018, although it ran on ChromeOS.

Now Google seems to want to try again. At yesterday’s I/O event, references to a new Google tablet generation were presented for the first time. Twitter also shared the first info in a sneak preview, titled, “A next-gen Android tablet powered by Google Tensor, designed to complement your Pixel phone.”

The Google Pixel Tablet is scheduled to be released next year, the Google team was able to reveal that much at the event. Regarding the hardware specifications, however, there was silence: It was only known that the same chip as in the Pixel smartphones will work with the Google Tensor. On the back, a single camera lens with no additional flash can be seen in the renders in the Twitter video. It can therefore be assumed that there will not be a far-reaching camera setup like the iPad Pro models including TrueDepth function, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses.

The design, on the other hand, is reminiscent of old iPad generations: rounded corners and significantly larger display edges than are known from current iPad Pros. However, the Pixel Tablet has one thing ahead of the iPads, namely a front camera on the longer side. Years later, Apple fans still wonder why the iPad is used in landscape mode 99 percent of the time, but the front camera is still attached to the shorter side.

Google also wants to improve software technology: It was announced that, starting today, more than 20 of Google’s own applications would be updated “so that they look fantastic on large screens and take full advantage of the additional functions,” according to Google. More are to follow in the future. So it will be interesting to see to what extent Google will soon be able to compete with Apple with its own Pixel Tablet. Some movement in the market that has been dominated by Apple for years is definitely beneficial for everyone involved.

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