“Goodbye Germany” star Oksana Kolenitchenko: At only 34 years old: Menopause is on the horizon for her

“Goodbye Germany” star Oksana Kolenitchenko: At only 34 years old: Menopause is on the horizon for her
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Ex-DSDS star Oksana Kolenitchenko has recently been struggling with health problems. Now the mother of two has to make a difficult decision.

Oksana Kolenitchenko (34) has always been open about her life, which includes ups and downs. Her family is definitely on her sunny side, which includes her husband Daniel and her two children Milan (7) and Arielle (5). The downside, especially in the past few months, has been health problems such as fever and dizziness, which have made everyday life difficult for her. The reason for this has only just been found: The 34-year-old suffers from the autoimmune disease Hashimoto, which is accompanied by inflammation of the thyroid gland.

Now, however, Oksana Kolenitchenko has received a completely different diagnosis that makes her think twice. Based on her hormone levels, the doctors predict that she could soon start menopause.

“Goodbye Germany” star Oksana Kolenitchenko: premature menopause?

The American-by-choice writes on Instagram: “My Hashimoto’s diagnosis was a few days ago and I told you that there is something else that I have to process …” Her doctor told her “that my body is changing due to the Stresses of the past two years from antibiotic poisoning, Eppstein Bart Virus & liver problems heralding premature menopause at just 34 years old.”

Ex-“DSDS” star Oksana Kolenitchenko: The question of family planning cannot be postponed

According to Oksana, the doctor asked her directly whether she wanted children. “And although I don’t have any plans for the next few years, of course I still had the prospect that in a few years, when Arielle and Milan are already big, maybe a little latecomer, Babytschka, will come into our family without it now great to plan…”

However, the doctor told her very clearly that a desire to have children should be implemented immediately, “because she doesn’t know if my body can wait a few more years … and that really shocked me.”

Oksana Kolenitchenko: Recovery is the most important thing

In the following, the “Goodbye Germany” star also makes it clear that he is very grateful for “two wonderful and healthy children”. Nobody has to worry and she herself is concentrating entirely on her recovery. But you can clearly read between the lines that the idea of ​​having another baby has suddenly become very real. Oksana and her family became known through the TV show “Goodbye Germany” – as well as other people who tried their luck abroad.

Who was able to take off thanks to the TV series? You can see that in the video!

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