“Goodbye Germany” star Julia Holz: After the cancer fight: “Is that really my body now?”

“Goodbye Germany” star Julia Holz: After the cancer fight: “Is that really my body now?”
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Julia Holz has conquered cancer, but fears have remained and some wounds are still visible. Now she also has to fight extremely insensitive statements.

Hard months lie behind “Goodbye Germany” star Julia Holz (35). In April 2021, she made it public that she had advanced cervical cancer. Numerous chemotherapies and operations followed, until a new diagnosis brought relief in October: the cancer was defeated, she had no recurrence, even if the fear of the residual risk remained. A serious fall by the influencer gave cause for concern again just weeks later.

Now the 35-year-old is reporting with a long statement on Instagram, which proves one thing above all: you cannot rely on a sensitive environment even after serious blows of fate.

“Goodbye Germany” star Julia Holz is deeply saddened by the insults

Julia Holz writes about a photo that she says was taken about four months ago: “Yes, I’ve gotten fatter and yes, I have a lot of scars on my body! Do I not care? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.” Then she also enlightens her fans about the bad occasion that forces her to make her statement: “At the weekend I was allowed to listen to how fat and ugly I’ve become. Well, actually the women didn’t say that directly to me either, but they blasphemed loudly about me and I heard everything!” And then she adds: “I have to be honest, it hit me.”

She cried and went straight home, deleted her stories and put her cell phone aside for now. “I’m always a self-confident woman and I stand by everything! But that really hit me at the moment and hit me deep in my heart and head.”

Julia Holz: After a cancer diagnosis, the influencer is planning a wedding and funeral
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Julia Holz struggles with her body

In fact, she just doesn’t feel “so comfortable” in her body. But there is not much she can do other than lymphatic drainage, wear a garter, eat healthily and exercise. “My left side of the body is getting fatter right now and I’m looking at myself in the mirror and I’m like, is this really my body now?”

Bitter words about insensitive baby issues

Of course she is grateful that she no longer has cancer. However, she still has to get used to everything. “Unfortunately, people only ever see the outside!” They didn’t ask why. And then there’s something else that hurts her and that just happened again: “Please stop asking if I’m pregnant! I’ll never be able to be that again …”

Followers encourage Julia Holz

In the comments Julia is told again and again that she is perfect the way she is. “You are a strong, beautiful woman, no matter what shape your body is in,” it says here, among other things. And with many statements there is also an element of shame for those who keep choosing the wrong words, even if they don’t know the personal history of the other person.

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