God of War Ragnarok includes 60 accessibility features

God of War Ragnarok includes 60 accessibility features
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No matter how good a game is, it gets better when as many people as possible can enjoy it. That’s why the upcoming Sony blockbuster God of War Ragnarök will provide numerous options that should make the game more accessible. A total of 60 accessibility features were unveiled today on the Playstation Blog.

Santa Monica Studio shared the multitude of options to coincide with World Accessibility Day. It is intended to make the importance of accessibility visible – especially with regard to the digital space. A topic that is becoming more and more important in gaming and hopefully will open up our most passionate hobby to more and more people.

Accessibility features in God of War Ragnarok

First, the new game has all the accessibility settings from God of War (2018) in an optimized version, such as automatic sprinting, a center point for orientation, and persistent targeting or blocking options that can be easily toggled on and off.

But what makes Ragnarök new in terms of accessibility? For readability, subtitles can be rescaled and better adjusted in size and color. While speaker names aren’t a new convenience, visibility in Ragnarök is also more customizable.

In order to be able to perceive sound effects better, there are also captions for them. If the picture behind the subtitles is too distracting when reading, you can darken or blur the background in various ways in Ragnarök.

In the high-contrast mode, figures in God of War Ragnarök can be highlighted in color if required. It can be switched on and off again very quickly and easily.

In addition to subtitles, the user interface has also been revised again with regard to God of War (2018) and a higher minimum text size has been introduced, which can also be adjusted.

The controller assignment system has also been revised and allows you to configure the buttons more precisely according to your own needs – either using preset layouts that are available to choose from or more freely by changing individual buttons.

The high-contrast mode should also ensure better visibility, in which you can assign certain colors to opponents, NPCs and Co., which then make them stand out better from the background. Other game elements can also be highlighted in this mode and the saturation of the background and the color palette can also be adjusted. The high contrast should be easy to turn on and off in Ragnarök.

If you get lost, there will now also be a navigation aid that can automatically turn your gaze in the direction of the next destination. With a movement aid, you can in turn automate actions such as jumping or climbing at certain points.

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Furthermore, audio hints in the form of acoustic signals should help you to find interaction symbols. You can also activate audio assistance in battle.

On the other hand, if you’re having a hard time pinpointing the direction of certain sounds, there’s an optional indicator to help you find the source.

That was a quick summary of the options revealed, you can find all of them in more depth and detail over on the Playstation Blog.

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