GNTM star Alex Mariah Peter: ZDF shooting canceled: “Incredibly humiliating”

GNTM star Alex Mariah Peter: ZDF shooting canceled: “Incredibly humiliating”
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GNTM star Alex Mariah Peter rarely speaks about her life as a trans woman. In the “13 Questions” debate format, she now reached her limits and even stopped shooting!

Alex Mariah Peter (24) was the first trans woman to win the popular casting show “Germany’s next top model” in 2021 and has been a popular face in the industry ever since. The influencer shares her life with her fans on Instagram, but has rarely spoken about her past as a boy. Only recently she took part in a question and answer session on her channel on this topic and now even appeared in front of the camera for the format “13 questions” from ZDF – but she could not have guessed that this shoot would take a completely different turn.

At the top of the video we show you a photo showing Alex before her transition.

“Arguing and debating with respect”: This is how the public broadcaster’s debate format describes itself. People with different opinions meet and debate the important issues of our time with the aim of convincing the other side. Alex Mariah should now also be part of an episode and shared impressions of the set with her fans, but then the shock: A short video from the taxi followed, in which the 24-year-old said that she had stopped shooting and first her thoughts would have to collect. In her hotel room, she then recorded a statement that justified her exit.

Transgender law has made Alex Mariah Peter’s life “unbelievably difficult”.

The subject of her episode was the transsexual law and how the current traffic light coalition is planning a self-determination law. Currently, according to the transsexual law, people have to go through a humiliating and lengthy court procedure with two assessments in order to achieve a change of civil status. Alex still remembers her own application well: “I have to honestly say that it made my life incredibly difficult, because that’s not the end of it. These aren’t the only reports.” These procedures also have to be paid for by yourself and she reveals that the court had set her an amount in dispute of €7,500. The so-called Self-Determination Act is intended to facilitate this process, since it requires changes to the gender entry in the civil status is possible by self-disclosure at the registry office.

Ex-GNTM winner Alex: “I can’t do it anymore”

In the almost seven-minute video, the ex-GNTM winner now explains that her counterpart was sometimes very insensitive to the topic. She herself had clearly emphasized that her task was to tell about her own experiences. The 24-year-old clarifies that the whole process is incredibly humiliating and adds: “I think that’s a pretty good symbol of how the discussion went in general.” She says that she was expected to talk about personal situations and when she reported about the sexual violence she had experienced, the other side reacted incomprehensibly: “The tenor was that I had to swallow it and it wasn’t about me .” The 24-year-old remembers her own process and reports: “When I applied for my gender reassignment surgery to the health insurance company, I felt a bit tired of life. I didn’t have suicidal thoughts, but it was exhausting and I have really partly thought, I want to give up, I can’t take it anymore.” That’s why she stood in front of the camera with the desire for a law that would simplify this process.

Alex Mariah Peter wanted to protect himself

“Why do I have to put up with this over and over again, from people like this woman who was there?” Alex asks in her statement. However, she also emphasizes that she does not want to personally attack any of the show’s participants, adding: “I don’t want to push the opposing party to explain why I quit.” She knew what kind of format she was getting into and thought she was up to it. But with every sentence she became more emotional and often had the impulse to run from the set. “With every minute I realized that I also have to protect myself somewhere. That what is happening here will traumatize me if I stand here to the end in a way that I will close this book again and every person as far as this topic is concerned. So this would actually have been exactly the opposite of the result of the show than the motivation I came up with,” the model summarizes her decision.

13 pounds lost: This is what she looks like now

13 pounds lost: This is what she looks like now
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