“GNTM”: Lola Weippert takes apart the Heidi Klum show

“GNTM”: Lola Weippert takes apart the Heidi Klum show
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Lola Weippert has no understanding for “Germany’s next top model”.rtl

Lola Weippert does not hold back with her opinion on “Germany’s Next Top Model”. The RTL presenter already found clear words at the end of “GNTM” and criticized Heidi Klum’s moderation. So she judged harshly: “It’s a bit like an accident, Heidi acts like she’s on stage for the first time, she’s totally hectic and totally over it.”

A day later, Lola made it clear that she was not only shocked by Heidi’s appearance, but also by the model casting show itself. To substantiate her criticism, Lola spoke online about her own experiences as a model and revealed that that a photographer had once become intrusive towards her too.

Lola Weippert: Clear criticism of “GNTM”

Lola’s “GNTM” criticism has a background: A few days ago, ex-candidate Lijana Kaggwa published a YouTube video in which she made serious allegations against the production. Former top model candidate Nathalie Volk also spoke up and railed against the show and against Heidi Klum.

And on Thursday Rezo published a video and uncovered other problems with “Germany’s Next Top Model”. A central criticism of his contribution was that underage girls were forced to being photographed naked and having to pose with men. Finally, he asked how it was possible that “GNTM” was still running.

In this context, Lola revealed to her community: “I know some top model participants who still don’t dare to say what happened back then.” The 26-year-old herself never took part in “GNTM”, but she has had modeling experience since she was twelve and she assured her Instagram story:

“It was never necessary for a job that I had to rub myself against a naked man or sit naked on a horse, as the show suggests: that as a minor you have to do such shoots in order to get anywhere at all.”

She found the values ​​conveyed by “GNTM” to be “questionable” and “shocking,” she added, adding: “I’ve always thought that’s just the way it is, but since I’ve been in this world, I know it’s not.”

Immoral offer for Lola Weippert

In addition, she described an ugly anecdote from her own modeling career. A few years ago, a photographer would have invited her to accompany him to the Cannes Film Festival. At first it seemed like a tempting offer for Lola, but then the following happened:

“The message came: Just so you know, we’re in the same room and I’m also going to be physically with my models.”

Lola was absolutely shocked by this: “It was clear to me that this is prostitution and of course I didn’t want to get involved in that.” Unfortunately, she feared that many young women would accept such an offer, “and think, that’s a stepping stone, I have to do that to gain a foothold in the profession.”

Lola made an urgent appeal to these women: “Please don’t do it, if you get an offer like this, please never do it, you’ll never forgive yourself.”


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