Giro d’Italia live in the ticker | Mountain arrival on the 9th stage at the Blockhaus – fight for the pink jersey in the live ticker

Giro d’Italia live in the ticker |  Mountain arrival on the 9th stage at the Blockhaus – fight for the pink jersey in the live ticker
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The 9th Giro stage on Sunday is a crucial test for all riders with a view to the overall ranking with five mountain classifications, including two very difficult climbs.

The final ascent to the Blockhaus (13.6km at 8.4%) is comparable to Alpe d’Huez in terms of key data. Before that is the Passo Lanciano (1310m), which also belongs to the 1st category with 10.3km at 7.6%.

There are also two intermediate sprints with bonus seconds, and there are also time bonuses at the finish.

Giro d’Italia

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A total of 191 kilometers have to be covered, the goal should be reached around 5:15 p.m. Here is the stage in the live ticker!

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Giro live ticker: 9th stage to the mountain arrival at Blockhaus

Giro mountain arrival: The grand finale in the ticker

The fight for the stage win and every second is getting worse and worse – here is the decision in the Giro live ticker!

Giro in the ticker – last 10 kilometers

Ineos continues to go at extreme pace with Sivakov, around 20 riders left in the group of favourites. Pink jersey Juan Pedro Lopez is keeping up, while Bouwman in mountain jersey is falling behind.

Ticker mountain arrival: Yates loses ground

The speed work by Ineos and now also UAE has consequences, Simon Yates loses the connection. The group of favorites is getting smaller and smaller, the difficult ascent is already taking its toll. Kelderman is also missing at the front, but Kämna and Buchmann are still there.

Giro ticker: intermediate sprint achieved

At the foot of the final ascent, the second intermediate sprint is passed, Team Ineos makes up for it among themselves, Tulett, Sivakov and Carapaz score points and seconds.

Live ticker 9th stage: Outliers caught

15 kilometers before the finish and just before the start of the final climb, Team Ineos closed the gap to the last escapees. Meanwhile, Wilco Kelderman is back in the field, as is Natnael Tesfatsion, who fell a bit further back.

Fall shock at the Giro: leader flies off in the descent

25 kilometers to go – Feld is getting closer

The terrain now rises noticeably even before the final climb, the field is already approaching 75 seconds. The current standings in the mountain classification are now Rosa (83 points), Bouwman 69 and Kämna 43 points.

Giro ticker: defect at Team Bora

Bora captain Wilco Kelderman has to change wheels, not a happy moment. Who is waiting for the Dutchman now, after all Buchmann, Hindley or Kämna also have their own goals… Now Zwiehoff and Aleotti are helping their captain.

Meanwhile, soloist Diego Rosa is getting closer to 1:41 minutes, Ineos is putting the pressure on!

4:00 p.m.: Giro mountain stage in hot phase

It’s now down the demanding descent and then into the final climb. the field is 3:15 minutes behind the mountains classification.

On the descent, Tesfatsion falls in a curve and catches his breath for a moment. After anxious moments, he gets up again in the bushes and goes back to the street, take a deep breath!

Live ticker 9th stage: 43 kilometers to go

The mountain classification of the 1st category is reached, Diego Rosa did all the work up to here. The Italian will be rewarded with the 40 points and the jump into the blue mountain jersey if Kämna or Bouwman don’t score properly at the Bockhaus and Rosa gets nothing there.

Giro ticker: fight for mountain classification

Diego Rosa tries his luck from the breakaway group and puts everything on one card, he wants to win the mountain classification and thus conquer the mountain jersey. Regardless of the pitch, he invests all his energy in this ascent, his finish line is at the top of Passo Lanciano. Only Tesfatsion can follow him, the duo are 40 seconds ahead of the first pursuers and again 3:10 minutes ahead of the first field.

9th stage: ascent to Passo Lanciano

It is now going steeply uphill, the field continues to increase the number of strokes and is getting closer, Ineos is chasing with fresh strength. 50 kilometers to go and seven kilometers to the mountain classification. The once nine runaways have splintered into three groups.

Ticker 9th Giro stage: Off for Selig

A task is to be reported, while the leading group is now disintegrating. Rüdiger selig from the Lotto Soudal team around Caleb Ewan has dropped out of the Giro. That weakens the Australian sprinter’s chances for the next few flat stages after Monday’s rest day.

Giro stage now live: distance is melting

With 63 kilometers to go, the road begins to rise slowly but steadily. Officially, however, it still takes 10 kilometers to the start of the Passo Lanciano. The nine breakaways are only 2:15 minutes ahead of the field of favourites, which is getting closer and closer.

Ascent to Passo Lanciano is getting closer

The first of the two difficult category 1 climbs is approaching. The Passo Lanciano is 10.3 kilometers long and has an average gradient of 7.6%, with a gradient of 14% at the top. It also goes uphill beforehand, but a short descent gives you another chance to take a deep breath.

Giro ticker: Field is getting closer

With only one driver in pursuit, Ineos has defused the race situation and now reduced the distance to 3:08 minutes. Everything boils down to the expected exchange of blows between the favorites in the overall standings. Let’s see if someone goes on the offensive on the penultimate mountain, after all there is no longer a flat section between the two mountains.

2:45 p.m. – 75 kilometers left on stage 9

The field keeps the leading group on a very short leash, the chances of one of the nine breakaways to win the stage are currently not particularly high. Ineos seems too important to be successful today. If the group is still in the next climb, Lennard Kämna could still fight for points in the mountain classification.

Giro in the ticker: First intermediate sprint

The leading group reaches the first bonus sprint of this 9th stage. Argentinian Eduardo Sepulveda (Drone Hopper) wins it ahead of Felix Gall (ag2r). There are still 87 kilometers to go and it’s almost 30 kilometers to the start of the penultimate climb.

Live ticker 9th Giro stage: distance at 4:30 minutes

The distance to the field is around 4:30 minutes, first Trek for Lopez and now Ineos for Richard Carapaz set the pace in the peloton. In the overall standings, Felix Gall is the most dangerous driver of the breakaways, 6:48 minutes behind the pink jersey.

Giro ticker: Gall’s top group determines the race

We start the stage 100 kilometers from the finish: Nine riders have been ahead of the field for quite some time, three of the five climbs have already been completed.

The nine leaders at a glance:
Austrian Felix Gall (ag2r) and his teammate Nans Peters (France), from Astana Joe Dombrokwsi (USA), Filippo Zana (Italy / Bardiani), Brit James Knox (Quick Step), Diego Rosa (Italy / Eolo), Joanthan Caicedo (EF / Ecuador) and by Drone Hopper the duo Eduadro Sepulveda from Argentina and Natnael Tesfatsion (Eritrea).
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Giro d’Italia

Bora wins Giro mountain arrival at the blockhouse


Giro d’Italia

Fall shock at the Giro: leader flies off in the descent


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