Giro d’Italia live in the ticker: 10th stage from Pescara to Jesi – chance for classic hunters and sprinters in the live ticker

Giro d’Italia live in the ticker: 10th stage from Pescara to Jesi – chance for classic hunters and sprinters in the live ticker
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The 10th stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022 on Tuesday, May 17th leads over 196 kilometers from Pescara to Jesi.

The wavy profile of the second half of the section will ensure an exciting race, because in addition to the mountain classifications there are a number of other climbs hidden in the course.

The fight for the pink jersey shouldn’t break out today, but because the gaps in the overall standings are very small and there are time bonuses again at the finish, Juan Pedro Lopez has to remain vigilant.

Giro d’Italia

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The 10th stage of the Giro d’Itallia in the live ticker:

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Giro live ticker: 30 kilometers to go

At the front, De Marchi pulls away from his two companions. He’s only a minute ahead of the field. Behind them, the first attacks from the field start, but are thwarted.

10th Giro stage in the ticker | 2. Intermediate sprint

The three escapees are only 75 seconds ahead of the field, but still make up the intermediate sprint among themselves. Bais wins it ahead of De Marchi and Naesen. There are still 35 kilometers to the finish, followed by a number of waves and another mountain classification to the finish in Jesi after 196 kilometers.

Live ticker for the Giro: commemorating Scarponi

We are approaching the bonus sprint in Filottrano. This is of particular importance because Filottrano was the hometown of professional cyclist Michele Scarponi, who died in 2017. Scarponi, 2011 Giro winner, was hit by a car while on a training ride. For the Astana team and Scarponi’s long-time teammate Nibali in particular, the stage is likely to have great symbolic character.

Mistakes in roadside assistance for van der Poel: “Not covered in glory”

Ticker for the 10th Giro stage: Van der Poel back

Van der Poel is back in the field. This has returned to normal except for the absence of Caleb Ewan. The leading group still has a lead of 2:10 minutes. Carapaz is also in the motorcade. Did he have to change his bike again? Or did he just fall behind? Now he’s back on the field.

Giro live ticker: Feld is getting closer

The speed work by Alpecin and Intermarché is noticeable, the gap is now only 2:30 minutes.

Meanwhile, van der Poel has a defect, the wheel change is not going optimally. He loses almost a minute in this situation!

10th Giro stage in the ticker: Cavendish dropped

On the last ramps in the direction of Recanati, Mark Cavendish also loses contact with the field. This was also to be expected from Cavendish, who has never been one of the good climbers among the sprinters. He is counting on tomorrow’s stage.

Meanwhile, De Marchi also wins the second mountain classification in Recanati.

Team Intermarché puts pressure on Girmay and is now closer to 2:41 minutes.

Ticker for the 10th stage: Ewan dropped

Ewan is now finally left behind and it looks like he might even have to leave the race. No helpers assisted the sprinter. And it won’t survive 75 kilometers in this condition. The leading group drives into the second, somewhat harder mountain classification. Bais seems very motivated in this section of the track. Again and again he takes longer tours. But the field comes closer to 3:48 minutes to the escape trio Lawrence Naesen (Belgium/ag2r), Mattia Bais (Italy/Drone Hopper) and Alessandro de Marchi (Italy/Israel).

Giro ticker, 10th stage | 1st mountain classification

De Marchi wins the first mountain classification. However, Diego Rosa (Eolo) doesn’t have to worry about anyone taking the blue jersey from him today. The gap between the peloton and the escapees now drops to four minutes, with 80 kilometers to go. Caleb Ewan is now struggling to follow in the field, which comes as a bit of a surprise. Alpecin and Intermarché put the pure sprinters under pressure.

And Richard Carapaz (Ineos) also drives suspiciously far back in the field. There are traces of grass and mud on his jersey. Apparently the Ecuadorian fell and is not feeling well.

Live ticker for the 10th Giro stage: It’s going into the hills

Now the course turns from the coast into the hilly hinterland. The first of the three mountain classifications of the day is coming up, it goes up to the Crocette di Montecosaro (266m), which means 8.2km at 2.7% – 4th category for the drivers. The gap between the field and the breakaway trio of Lawrence Naesen (Belgium/ag2r), Mattia Bais (Italy/Drone Hopper) and Alessandro de Marchi (Italy/Israel) is 4:14 minutes.

Christopher Juul-Jensen drives out of the field on the climb. It is unclear why, because there are no more points for the mountain classification and it will be hard work to catch up with the breakaway group.

3:00 p.m. – 94 kilometers to go | 1. Intermediate Sprint

The first of the two intermediate sprints is completed: Mattia Bais wins it in the breakaways, momentum is now coming into the field behind them, they are fighting for fourth place. Giacomo Nizzolo gets it ahead of Arnaud Démare, points also go to Biniam Girmay, Thomas De Gendt and Fernando Gaviria.

10th stage in the ticker: Fast ride along the coast

Two hours of racing have been completed, the average of the stage so far at 44 km/h. After a quick start, things have calmed down a bit. According to the current forecast, arrival in Jesi should be around 5:10 p.m. There are still 100 kilometers to go, and the halfway point of this stage is about to be reached.

“Revenge” for throwing a bottle: Dumoulin makes people laugh

Giro ticker, 10th stage: continue on a flat course

The course now leads about 30 kilometers flat along the coast, then the wavy part of the day begins. Before that, there is still the first of the two bonus sprints of the day. The three escapees will still decide this among themselves, the gap to the peloton is now around four and a half minutes.

Live ticker for the 10th Giro stage: the distance is decreasing

So Thomas De Gendt is not driving on his own account today, but sets the pace in the field for Lotto and now brings the gap to less than five minutes. Trump in the Belgian racing team, about which there are currently rumors, is Caleb Ewan. The sprinter is still waiting for a stage win in this Giro, on the first day in Hungary he was already close until his crash in the difficult final.

2:00 p.m. – 135 kilometers to go

The gap is now decreasing for the first time, currently there are 5:36 minutes between the field and the escape trio Lawrence Naesen (Belgium/ag2r), Mattia Bais (Italy/Drone Hopper) and Alessandro de Marchi (Italy/Israel). Incidentally, none of them is a threat in the overall standings, they are all well over an hour behind leader Juan Pedro Lopez from Team Trek.

Ticker for the 10th Giro stage: new teams are working

In the field, the racing teams Intermarché and Lotto are now also involved in the pursuit: The lead remains constant at six minutes, so Biniam Girmay and Caleb Ewan are obviously also very interested in this stage. That could also be an option for Thomas De Gendt today, his victory in Naples last week was on similar terrain.

10th stage in the Giro ticker: throwing the bottle with consequences

By the way, there is a good mood again between leader Juan Pedro Lopez and the jumbo drivers: after the Spaniard threw the bottle at Sam Oomen, his teammate Tom Dumoulin jokes with the leader and laughingly simulates an angry toss of a bottle on the pink jersey…

Throwing a bottle with consequences? Lopez tearfully apologizes

Giro ticker: the distance is leveling off

The peloton has meanwhile stretched out on the road, but there is still time for chatting after the rest day. The gap has remained constant at 6:10 minutes, so the line will probably not get any longer for the escape trio Lawrence Naesen (Belgium/ag2r), Mattia Bais (Italy/Drone Hopper) and Alessandro de Marchi (Italy/Israel).

Live ticker 10th stage – lead increases massively

In the wide field, a quartet from Movistar and a duo from Alpecin almost completely blocked the road. Their stars Mathieu van der Poel and Alejandro Valverde are among the big favorites today, the profile of the stage is ideal for them and they are always hot for victories. The decency has quickly increased to over five minutes – the racing situation will now remain calm for the foreseeable future.

1:00 p.m. – 180 kilometers to go on the 10th stage of the Giro

Now the field lets the three escapees go, the gap increases to 1:24 minutes. Now the question is how much head start you give them. This stage will certainly not go away without a fight, on the more difficult part of the route we will certainly see new attacks. Quiet ride in the field, while the three front runners crank with real pressure.

Ticker 10th stage: start in Pescara

A trio broke away right from the start, but the lead is still small: The Belgian Lawrence Naesen (ag2r) and the two Italians Mattia Bais (Drone Hopper) and Alessandro de Marchi (Israel). The field doesn’t give up for the time being, too many racing teams are counting on something on this stage.

Giro d’Italia in the ticker: Welcome!

The field continues north today, the jerseys of the leaders shine in the Italian sun: Juan Pedro Lopez in the pink jersey, Arnaud Démare in the maglia ciclamino and Diego Rosa in the blue mountain jersey for the first time. In the overall standings, seven drivers are within 30 seconds of the mountain finish at the Blockhaus on Sunday.

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Giro d’Italia

“Revenge” for throwing a bottle: Dumoulin makes people laugh


Giro d’Italia

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