Gas station trouble: Trigema now explains why there are problems

Gas station trouble: Trigema now explains why there are problems
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The pumps at the Trigema gas station in Rangendingen were defective on Thursday. Photo: Beiter

The tax cut on fuel prices largely fizzled out in view of the Pentecost weekend, but the Trigema gas stations in Rangendingen, Burladingen and Altshausen are struggling with completely different things.

Normally, Wolfgang Grupp’s Trigema gas stations are among the cheapest in the Zollernalb district – and even in the country. That’s why you often see number plates from the neighboring districts at the petrol pumps in Rangendingen, Burladingen and Altshausen.

Company founder Wolfgang Grupp, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, revealed the secret of the low prices in an interview with the Südwest Presse. “We buy the fuel by truck at the current daily price and add seven cents (including VAT) per liter. The price remains the same until the entire train has been sold.”

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Since the tax reduction on fuel prices (opinion piece: do you want to rip us off?) decreed by the federal government and not very effective for consumers, colloquially called the tank discount, it is no longer that easy to fill up at Trigema.

Trigema: Notes at gas stations cause questions and annoyance

As early as Thursday, a note with the inscription “defective” was stuck to all four pillars in Rangendingen. At the tap for “Super Gasoline” it was one that said “Out of Order”. Drivers and motorcyclists had to drive away without having achieved anything and annoyed.

Trigema gas stations: recently renovated

Strange, because the gas stations had been renovated a few weeks earlier, and the pumps had been dismantled and rebuilt.

The company then communicated on Friday what exactly the problem is at the Trigema gas stations and especially the one in Rangendingen – via Instagram story. “Dear fans, unfortunately we have to inform you that there are currently delivery bottlenecks at our petrol stations in Burladingen, Rangendingen and Altshausen. We ask for your understanding!” Trigema said.

Trigema gas stations: How exactly do delivery bottlenecks become noticeable?

The textile manufacturer from Burladingen did not provide any information on how exactly the delivery bottlenecks are noticeable. Nor was it explained whether the fuel pumps were really broken or simply ran out of fuel.

On Saturday morning, our editorial team asked Trigema for an opinion and to clarify the consequences of the delivery bottlenecks. We report after…

You can find out for yourself how much fuel prices have fallen here:


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