“Game of Thrones” destroyed her career: a lawsuit worth millions

“Game of Thrones” destroyed her career: a lawsuit worth millions
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This lawsuit is very inconvenient for them.

The new Game of Thrones series is upon us. The clock in Westeros is turned back 300 years with “House of the Dragon” – the highly anticipated prequel starts on August 21st. But now the bosses of the fantasy epic have to deal with an impending lawsuit.

Casey Michaels (32) played as a stunt woman in the eight seasons of “Game of Thrones” and accuses the producers of having destroyed her career!

Casey Michaels (r.) mit ihren „Game of Thrones“-KollegenPhoto: caseymichaelsstunts/Facebook

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Casey Michaels (right) with her “Game of Thrones” colleaguesPhoto: caseymichaelsstunts/Facebook

The background is an accident on the set in which Michaels is said to have been injured so badly that she is now considered unable to work. According to the Daily Mail, not only did she have to end her career, the young woman was also able to bury her dream of becoming a stunt coordinator and director.

The accident is said to have happened in the final sprint of the series, when filming was taking place in Northern Ireland. The affected episode is the third of season eight, in which Winterfell Fortress is attacked by the White Walkers’ undead army. As a reminder, the GoT finale aired in 2019.

Die neue Serie „House of the Dragon“ wird im August das „Game of Thrones“-Universum erweiternPhoto: HBO/SKY

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The new series “House of the Dragon” will expand the “Game of Thrones” universe in AugustPhoto: HBO/SKY

Michaels, who also worked as a stunt double for Catherine Zeta Jones (52), suffered serious leg injuries on February 5, 2018 when she had to jump off a roof for a recording. Michaels played one of the undead White Walkers.

Your accusation: The landing area for the stunt people would not have been adequately secured. Michaels wants four million pounds (4.71 million euros) as compensation. How does the sum come about? This is how Michaels quantifies the lost money that she would have earned in the future if she had not been disabled.

However, the accused are not the broadcaster HBO or the GoT bosses David Benioff and DB Weiss, but the London production company “Fire & Blood”, which was responsible for organizing the shooting.

The company was already considered notorious in advance. The episode “The Long Night” is said to have been shot for a full eleven weeks, on 55 freezing nights (down to -14 degrees). Miguel Sapochnik, who directed it, later said, “I never want to do that again. I don’t think anyone wants to do that again.”

Whether the landing area was really not safe is now to be negotiated. The first video material had already been seen at a first hearing, but the landing area on which Casey Michaels finally injured himself should not be visible.

Her attorney Stephen Friday: “She was a young stunt performer with serious potential. We think she had the potential to step up and become a stunt coordinator or second staff director.”

Those movie stunts went horribly wrong too

▶︎ Quentin Tarantino’s film muse Uma Thurman (52) crashed into a tree while filming “Kill Bill” in front of the camera in 2003. Thurman actually insisted on a stuntwoman, but cult director Tarantino persuaded her to do it herself – and drive a lot faster to make it look even more spectacular.

The real scandal: For many years, nobody noticed anything about this misfortune, the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein (70) swept the incident under the carpet, Thurman was subject to a duty of confidentiality. Until she finally posted the complete accident take on Instagram 15 years after the film.

In 2017, The Final Chapter was the last Resident Evil film to hit the cinemas. Milla Jovovich (46) shoots her way through bloodthirsty zombie crowds in it too. The tragic history: Jovovich’s stunt wife Olivia Jackson (38) crashed her motorcycle into a camera crane while shooting at 70 kilometers per hour.

Terrible: Jackson lost her left arm as a result. Allegedly, no one from the production took an interest in her during her rehab and no one wanted to foot the bill. Jackson eventually sued the makers – and won.

Her reckoning: “I find the behavior of these people disgusting.”

At best, you can smile about Vin Diesel’s (54) “Triple X” today, the action from 2002 is so absurd and funny. Not funny at all: Diesel’s stuntman Harry L. O’Connor († 45) died while shooting!

Heute mischt Vin Diesel die „Fast & Furious“-Filme aufPhoto: picture alliance / Everett Collection

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Vin Diesel is shaking up the Fast & Furious moviesPhoto: picture alliance / Everett Collection

O’Connor was supposed to land a paraglider on a submarine in Prague, but lost control and crashed into a bridge. Any help came too late.

Bizarre and in retrospect tasteless: O’Connor’s fatal collision can even be seen in the film, the makers simply kept the spectacular accident in. Very few moviegoers suspect that they are actually seeing someone die here.


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