Frustrated PvP players criticize Destiny 2 – A new map after 1,000 days is “sad and pathetic”

Frustrated PvP players criticize Destiny 2 – A new map after 1,000 days is “sad and pathetic”
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In Destiny 2 Season 17, which has just started, there is still displeasure among PvP players. A new map after 1,000 days is “sad and pathetic” and just a drop in the bucket. When Bungie’s community manager officially resets the “X days without a PvP map” counter on Twitter, all the frustration is released.

After 1,000 days of waiting, Bungie has finally brought a new PvP map into play with the new “Season of the Haunted”.

Even though some players had hoped for a full PvP season around the Iron Lords after the story events surrounding Lord Saladin in Season 16, this announced new map was better than nothing. It at least dampened some of the resentment about the developer’s lack of attention to his PvP.

This is what’s going on in PvP right now: But when Bungie’s community manager tweeted a hilarious gif of a character saying “Turn back the clock!” on Twitter, PvP players’ emotions ran high.

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This was a nod to the community’s countdown, which meticulously kept track of each day that Destiny 2 didn’t get a new PvP map. Similar to the “accident counter” on the tower.

The Crucible in Destiny 2 is close to the heart of many players and so this tweet from community manager Dylan Gafner (dmg04) felt like mockery, although of course it wasn’t meant that way, as he himself clarified.

This is what the new PvP map Separation looks like.

Some players found the statement toxic and accused Bungie of inviting its players to become toxic. However, this incident also clearly shows how much frustration there is currently among players about PvP and how little the new content has been able to soothe them.

That’s how the player Althanash sees it too tweet in response:

Accidentally or otherwise. It’s like pouring gasoline on an already blazing fire.

Destiny 2 player Althanash via Twitter

The PvP community has simply waited a long time, mostly patiently, for Bungie to pay more attention to the Crucible.

A new mode is supposed to save PvP in Destiny 2 – is that enough?

She accepted the developer’s explanations that new Crucible content isn’t that easy to implement. For example, even an old Destiny 2 PvP map will need to be “built” from the ground up to work with the various engine updates that have been made since Witch Queen’s release.

How is the new map received? In addition, many players do not find the new map really successful. Located in Savathun’s throne world, it is symmetrical, with a base at each corner. You can use many side passages and large open spaces in the rear area.

But that is also a problem. The map is just huge and that doesn’t give players a real competitive feeling. You fight more like a guerrilla fighter through Savathun’s throne world and farm headglitches. So you can clearly see that it is designed more for the upcoming “Rift” mode.

On top of that, some resourceful players already Exploit in the map have uncovered.

Where can you gamble on the new map? If you want to explore the new map then you have to go to the Crucible. Separation has been integrated into the Crucible’s random map rotation, allowing you to encounter the map across all 6v6 and 3v3 matches.

In Iron Banner, the map is then also used for the PvP mode “Rift” adopted from Destiny 1, which starts with the first Iron Banner event on May 31st.

What do you think of Bungie’s Community Manager’s tweet? Do you see his statement just as critically? And what about the new map? Have you checked out “Separation” yourself? Then tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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