French Open live in the ticker with Iga Swiatek, Daria Kasatkina, Cori Gauff and Martina Trevisan in the semifinals

French Open live in the ticker with Iga Swiatek, Daria Kasatkina, Cori Gauff and Martina Trevisan in the semifinals
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It’s the semi-final of surprises! Only the world number one and top favorite Iga Swiatek was expected in the semifinals.

The other three players are in the semifinals of a major for the first time. Martina Trevisan even managed that, although she was unseeded.

Who will advance to the final on Saturday at Court Philippe-Chatrier? The answer is here.

French Open

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Here is the twelfth day of the tournament in Roland-Garros in the live ticker:


Games and results:

  • I.Sviatek (POL/1) – D.Kasatkina (—/20) 6:2, 6:1
  • LIVE: M. Trevisan (ITA) – C. Gauff (USA/18) 3: 6, 1: 3

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6:02 p.m. Trevisan-Gauff 3-6, 1-3

Trevisan keeps trying to actively dominate the game. But the mistakes are mostly on the Italian side. On the forehand alone, she had 18 unforced errors. Their service game has now lasted over 13 minutes. It goes back and forth several times between advantage Gauff, debut and advantage Trevisan. In the end, the American can secure the break with a backhand longline.

5:46 p.m. Trevisan-Gauff 3-6, 1-2

In general, the level of the game can still be improved. Both have only played six winners each. Gauff benefits above all from her opponent’s 23 unforced errors. Especially the forehand causes Trevisan problems. The Italian can win her next service game. But Gauff doesn’t let anything burn with his own service. With a great backhand she wins the game 2:1.

5:40pm Trevisan-Gauff 3-6, 0-1

There is a medical timeout. Trevisan is treated briefly on the right thigh before the start of the second set. But it continues a little later. Gauff opens round two. The Italian continues to make an unusual number of mistakes. Of course, that doesn’t put the American under pressure. Gauff serves strong and wins the first game.

Curious complaint from Gauff: Trevisan groans for too long

5:32 p.m. Trevisan-Gauff 3-6

At Trevisan the worm is in there right now. The Italian is not very stable – especially on her own serve she makes some mistakes. The first serve doesn’t come consistently either. So Gauff can secure the next break and thus the first set.

5:28 p.m. Trevisan-Gauff 3-5

Trevisan’s joy didn’t last long, however. Shortly thereafter she loses her service game against Gauff to zero. The 18-year-old turns the breakball into a 4:3 with a backhand longline shot. It’s really quite a back and forth now. Both players are still a bit hectic and unsure. As a result, there are some unforced errors. At the moment, however, Gauff seems a little stronger.

5:21pm Trevisan-Gauff 3-3

Gauff unpacks some great first serves, Trevisan can’t do anything about that. But she still comes close to debut. Then the Italian has luck on her side after a long rally: Gauff’s ball bounces from the edge of the net to her own side. But the American coolly fends off the break chance. However, Trevisan uses the second breakball. So it’s called rebreak again.

5:12 p.m. Trevisan-Gauff 2-3

Trevisan also wobbles when it serves itself, and it quickly becomes 0:30. Gauff could get the next chance to break straight away. And that’s how it is: The Italian throws a few balls into the net for no reason. This gives her opponent three new break chances. The 18-year-old converts the next break with a great backhand cross.

5:08pm Trevisan-Gauff 2-2

Then the American suddenly gets the break. She benefits from two double mistakes by Trevisan – one of them directly on the breakball. Gauff serves well on his own serve, so Trevisan hardly brings a powerful return into the field. The Italian now risks more and comes back on the net repeatedly. She puts Gauff under pressure with stop balls, Trevisan gets the rebreak with a double fault.

16:58 Trevisan 1-1 Gauff

Gauff, who is a full 15 centimeters taller than her opponent today, still makes a few mistakes on her own serve. The 18-year-old isn’t in her game yet, but Trevisan is also looking a little hectic. There is then a first breakball for the Italian. She is clearly on the trigger but misses her chance. Gauff gets the game.

Semifinals: Swiatek pulls it off in 64 minutes – highlights

16:52 Trevisan 1-0 Gauff

Trevisan opens the second semi-final in Paris. The Italian makes some unforced errors and thus Gauff gets a first break point. But the American missed this chance and Trevisan increased the pressure. She comes in and takes the advantage on her own serve. With a strong first serve, she finally wins the first game.

16:42 Trevisan 0-0 Gauff

After a short break, the second women’s semi-final will continue in Paris in a few minutes. Coco Gauff and Martina Trevisan play for the remaining place in the final on Philippe-Chatrier. The two players are already warming up.

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16:15 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 6:2, 6:1

After 64 minutes, Swiatek converted her first match point with an ace. That was a clear story. Swiatek is thus in the final and is fighting for her second title in Paris. Her opponent will be either Coco Gauff or surprise semi-finalist Martina Trevisan. The two then play for second place in the final – of course the match is also available here in the live ticker.

Swiatek without mercy: This is how the number one made the final clear

16:12 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 6:2, 5:1

Now it could go very quickly. Swiatek puts the pressure on and grabs the next break. She can serve to win the match shortly.

16:08 – Swiatek – Kasatkina – 6:2, 4:

Swiatek is now getting really serious. After two winners from the Pole and thanks to an unforced error from Kasatkina, Swiatek gets the break to make it 3:1. This gives number one the best chance of winning the second set and the match. Kasatkina is making more unnecessary mistakes at the moment. This plays into the hands of her opponent. With a powerful forehand, Swiatek finally gets the game through safely.

16:00 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 6:2, 2:1

But the Russian won’t give up. She risks a little more with her own serve and can then also get the game to 1:1. Swiatek, however, is not impressed by this: the Pole goes through with her game on her own serve. She varies the shots and makes her opponent run. With a great winner she secures the game to 2:1.

15:53 ​​- Swiatek – Kasatkina – 6:2, 1:0

Swiatek also opens the second round in the French Open semifinals. And in the second set, the 21-year-old Pole remains the dominant player. As soon as Swiatek increases the pressure, she forces Kasatkina to make mistakes. Because the Russian’s backhand was too long, the game finally went to number one.

So strong – Swiatek shows off her extra class in the semi-finals

15:46 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 6:2

Swiatek gains a few percentage points. The Pole wants to make the first sentence perfect. When you serve yourself, Swiatek doesn’t show any weaknesses. She extends her lead to 5:2. And in the service of Kasatkina, the world number one is clearly on the trigger. She earns three set points, also because the Russian makes unforced mistakes. With a backhand, Swiatek takes the first set after just 35 minutes.

15:40 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 4:2

Overall, a really good level developed in the first semi-final. When the Russian serves, Swiatek suddenly receives two breakballs again. The Polish woman prepares Kasatkina. She chases the 25-year-old from side to side, finishing with a forehand to the next break.

15:35 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 3:2

Kasatkina’s service game is then about debut again. This time, however, the Russian is better able to counter and defend her service against Swiatek. The Pole, on the other hand, has fewer problems. With a forehand longline, she turns the cue ball into a 3:2. After the two early breaks, everything is still on target.

15:25 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 2:1

As a result, the 25-year-old Russian can attack Swiatek again immediately when she serves. She plays powerful, long balls, the Pole can’t keep up. Kasatkina thus earns two break chances. With a longline shot, number 20 immediately gets the re-break.

15:21 – Swiatek – Kasatkina – 2:0

At Kasatkina, the service game is getting much tighter. It even goes beyond debut several times. The first serve will be crucial for the Russian as her second serve is notoriously not the fastest. So far, however, Swiatek has been playing powerful returns, forcing Kasatkina to make mistakes. The Russian aggressively fends off the first three break chances. However, with a double fault, the Pole gets another breakball. Kasatkina hits a ball into the net. So there is the first break for Swiatek.

15:13 – Swiatek – Kasatkina – 1-0

Swiatek opens the first semi-final and she starts off very powerfully. The Polish tries to get Kasatkina to run. After a few minutes she brings her service game through safely. The Russian hardly had a chance to get into the rallies. A successful start for favorite Swiatek.

15:08 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 0:0

In a direct comparison, the Pole leads 3-1 against Kasatkina. The two players are now on the pitch and warming up. So it shouldn’t be too long before things get going in Paris.

15:00 – Sviatek – Kasatkina – 0:0

In a few minutes, the first women’s semi-final will begin in Roland-Garros. World number one Iga Swiatek and Daria Kasatkina play for the place in the final on Philippe-Chatrier.

Welcome to the live ticker of the French Open

It’s getting serious at the French Open – the women’s finalists are being sought. also accompanies the decisive phase of the tournament for you here in the live ticker. Have lots of fun with it.

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French Open

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French Open

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