Fortnite Live Event Season 2: What happens in “Kollison” and how you can participate

Fortnite Live Event Season 2: What happens in “Kollison” and how you can participate
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That End of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is fast approaching and Epic Games has already confirmed that a big one will end up Fortnite Season 2 Live Event with the title Fortnite “Collision” will give. On this page we tell you when the grand finale will take place, how you can participate and what exclusive rewards you will get for it. We’ll also briefly recap the storyline so far and then go into what’s likely to happen at the live event.

Fortnite Live Event Season 2 “Collision” Content:

When is the Fortnite Season 2 Live Event? – Date and Time

The end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 and with it that too Fortnite Season 2 Live Event takes place on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 at 22:00 (CEST) instead of. In the meantime, a corresponding countdown will be displayed in the Fortnite Lobby and at various locations on the Fortnite Island (posters), which will inform you of the exact start date of the first Fortnite Live Event in 2022 and Chapter 3.

The countdown for the Season 2 Live Event will be displayed in the Fortnite Lobby.

Participate in the “Collision” live event and get exclusive loading screen lobby music

The final event of Chapter 3 Season 2 works basically the same as all other major events in the game. Means: There will be a special one-time event mode called “Collision” that will only be unlocked 30 minutes before the start of the live event. The corresponding game mode tile in Fortnite’s “Game” tab will be displayed automatically from 9:30 p.m. Of course, you can also select the mode manually from the game menu screen from this point on.

Important: It seems that you can only participate in the Season 2 Live Event in a team of 4 (squad) (there are probably a few game sequences in which you have to actively intervene with your team). If you don’t get enough players for a team, you can use the “Replenishment” option.

According to FNBRintel, citing a French description of Fortnite on PlayStation, the Season 2 Live Event lasts 15 minutes.

Everyone who logs into the game on June 4th from 2:00 p.m. (regardless of whether they participate in the Live Event in the evening or not) will receive a “Special Loading Screen and Wrap” as a reward! It is not yet known what these rewards will look like, but one of them could be the Prisoner Jones skin that was recently added to the game files.

Is the Prisoner Jones skin the reward for the Season 2 Live Event?

Attention: As usual with live events for a season finale, the replay function for the “collision” will not be available again this time. So if you want to watch the final show again or show it to your friends, you’ll either have to record it with other tools. Alternatively, you can also find millions of recordings from other players on YouTube.

What can we expect from the Season 2 Live Event?

Before we move on to the upcoming events, here is a short recap: The focus of this season was and is entirely on the fight of the IO and the seven and the further fate of the “loop” and the loop-walkers. Week after week we (the players) together with the seven have recaptured a location occupied by the IO and brought down the airships stationed there from the sky.

The Imagined Order was pushed further and further back, but they had a secret plan that was revealed as part of the Week 6 Resistance Contracts: The IO is building a “Doomsday Machine” under Loot Lake. With the Fortnite update 20.40, the machine dubbed “Collider” has finally come to light on the eastern shore of the lake – a huge tower that obviously collects a lot of energy and sends huge pulses of energy into the sky.

The Doomsday Machine aka Collider in Fortnite Season 2.

As a countermeasure, the seven have initiated the repair of the “Mecha Leader” on the ice moon (The Ice Moon) – which can also be seen in the Fortnite lobby – which is outside of the Fortnite island. Incidentally, this is also where the original base of the seven is located and it is probably also the place of origin of the Ice Kingdom and the Devourer from Chapter 2. The Mecha leader – a gigantic robot in the form of a cute bear – is certainly an old hand from Chapter 1 Season 9 Live Event ” Final Showdown” when he faced off against the monster and then flew away/to the Ice Moon. Now he has to save the world again in an upgraded version.

The Mecha Leader takes a big role in the Season 2 Live Event.

So much for the build-up for the upcoming “Collision” event, where the “fate of the zero point will be decided”.

Attention spoiler warning: If you absolutely don’t want to know anything about the happenings of the Season 2 Live Event, you shouldn’t read any further!!!

While the details are yet to be revealed, the broad outline of the Collision Live Event can already be summed up as it culminates in the IO vs. The Seven battle so far. As we’ve known since the week 10 Resistance contracts, the IO’s collider is accumulating a massive amount of energy, intended to result in a devastating explosion and simply obliterate the entire loop.

On the other hand we have the seven. Ever since the Arise teaser, it’s been clear that the Mecha Leader will be patched up in time on their behalf and sent to Fortnite Island in enhanced form to counter the Order’s sinister plans for extermination.

It is not yet known whether the robot will only hit the island at the Season 2 Live Event for the Epic Internally named “DDMachineEvent” or whether it will be “delivered” beforehand. However, we strongly assume that the situation at the beginning of the event will go completely down the drain before the rescuing hero in radiant bear armor gets his hero appearance shortly before the end of the world and turns things around again (with heroic losses).

Either way, “The Paradigm” aka “Singularity” will be in charge, who built the mecha back in Chapter 1 (she’s also getting a redesign for the event, by the way). The rest of the team will then probably consist of the team of 4 players, who will join in with a corresponding animation (see leak below) when loading the live event. Accordingly, as a player, you will probably be able to control the mecha and also use its numerous rocket launchers and weapons.

The big and as yet unanswered question (because the files are still encrypted) is how will the battle end and what will happen after that. At this point one can only speculate as the event files are still encrypted. We assume that Fortnite will not experience a complete “bad end” according to its FSK-12 rating. So the mecha leader will probably disassemble the collider tower. However, you have to be able to explain a changed map and new locations in the next season, so not everything will go smoothly.

It remains to be seen whether this means that the already accumulated energy of the Collidor will trigger an energy wave that will not destroy the world but “only” parts of the island, or whether the mech leader cannot stop the doomsday machine in time, but can only weaken it. Incidentally, the theory is also circulating that the “last-minute rescue”, which has led to all the “good” or “slight” results of the Fortnite storyline in previous events, will not take place this time. Instead, the island should disappear and the players escape into space. But that sounds more like a scenario for a chapter change to us.

By the way, in the course of the live event, the Klombos should also appear again and even help out in the fight, since their cave passages will appear near the collider from June 1st. For weeks now, secret quests have provided clear indications that the cute little fellows will reappear after disappearing at the end of season one, and that would be a good reason. Maybe the tunnels of the Klombos will prove to be a practical protection against an explosion of the collider.

As more details about the event emerge, we’ll update the page accordingly.

A new black hole and several days of server downtime follow after the event

For some time now, Epic Games has always had the live events take place on a Saturday evening and has started the next season on the following Sunday morning until noon. According to data miners, this is how it should run again this time, which also means that after the end of the live event there will be another server downtime in which you can no longer play Fortnite for a few hours. By the time the 21.00 patch has been deployed and the servers are accessible again, you’ll probably be staring at a waiting screen like you last did when you jumped into Chapter 3 (floating in the ocean clinging to a tree trunk).

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