Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Good Vibes – All Changes & New Content

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Good Vibes – All Changes & New Content
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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is over and Season 3 Good Vibes brings some new features like weapons, tools, plants and skins.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 celebrated its finale on June 4th, where the IO were finally defeated. Now it’s time for Season 3, which is called Good Vibes. Here we show you all the changes and innovations that you need to know.




Did you miss the season finale? Then watch this video!

A new map

As you are used to from new seasons, Epic Games has come up with a new card again. This relies on flourishing nature, because the reality tree provides a new environment called Reality Falls. It features a variety of (purple) trees, mushrooms, and leaping squirrels.

In addition, waterfalls, caves and even geysers are created, which can help you to progress quickly. The reality tree initially only affects its immediate perimeter, but will expand over the course of the season.

reality seedlings

There are now also reality seeds scattered around the map through the reality tree. You can plant them and take care of them by weeding. If you plant one of these seeds, a reality seedling will grow, which you will always find at this point throughout the round.

The seedlings can then even give you loot. So the better you take care of your seedling, the better


Loot means prey in English. In computer games, for example, objects (weapons, ammunition, materials, gold, etc.) that can be collected from dead opponents or found in the open world are referred to as loot. These items usually help the player to develop their character further.

In the game world, loot can also be found in chests, crates, closets or in dark corners. So it’s worth checking carefully.

In this chest you will find loot. / Image Source: Epic Games

” class=”wpg-linkify” href=””>You get loot. You can also use reality seeds that you find , to the ground, which will teleport your seedling to you.

New Weapons

In total, Epic Games offers three new weapons, but also makes some old weapons return. The new shotgun is called the Two-Shot Shotgun and fires bursts of shots that can inflict tremendous damage.

The sniper rifle or DMR offers a new type of weapon. The range is between that of a sniper and an assault rifle. The rifle also has a telescopic sight.

Finally, the Hammer Assault Rifle was added. This weapon is good to use at any distance and can shoot particularly quickly. Only the recoil could be a challenge for one or the other.

The Kugler is back, including the roller coaster

The Kugler is back as a means of transportation. While it has received a few changes, it still has the same features as before. But now there is even a roller coaster specially adapted to the Kugler. So if you feel like going on a wild ride, you should try this one.


The wolves and boars can still be found in Season 3. However, there is now the option to ride them. Even fighting and shooting is possible on the wild animals without having to set off.

storm sickness

The storm is now even more dangerous for the players, because for some time in the storm, they suffer from storm sickness, which increases the damage again. If you want to avoid this, you should simply not be in the storm for too long or not step into the storm again after a short time.

The new Battle Pass includes the


Skins are cosmetic items in a video or computer game. They cause a visual change to various items that a player can use, but do not affect the character’s strength or other abilities.

There are different skins for weapons, outfits or vehicles. They should enable the user to create his own look in the game world. Sometimes they deal with a specific topic. In some games, however, you can also create your own skins. Depending on the game, skins can either be bought, earned or found.

Empire Classic Skin
Weapon skin in VALORANT. /Source: Riot Games

” class=”wpg-linkify” href=””>Skins Darth Vader, Evie, Schnips, Adira, Stormwalker, Malik, Sabina and Indiana Jones as always, unlock with V-Bucks.

Visit the Epic Games page for more information. However, not all changes of the new season have probably been discovered yet, since it has only been playable for a short time. So over time there will probably be more information, which we will also report on. Until then, we wish you a lot of fun in Season 3.

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Image sources: Epic Games

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