Formula 1: world association takes action against hopping cars

Formula 1: world association takes action against hopping cars
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As of: 06/16/2022 6:45 p.m

In the debate about hopping Formula 1 cars, the world motorsport association FIA sees itself forced to act.

According to a statement from the association “in the interests of safety” required by the racing teams “to reduce or eliminate this phenomenon”. This decision is “after consultation with the doctors” favor. The teams should now “the necessary adjustments” make.

Call for meetings with the teams

In addition to short-term technical measures on the cars, the FIA ​​​​will also convene a meeting with the teams to define further steps that will ensure that the problems can no longer occur in the long term.

“In a sport where competitors routinely race at speeds in excess of 300 kilometers per hour, there is an understanding that a driver’s entire focus must be on the task”, it said in the message from Thursday (June 16, 2022). Excessive driver fatigue or pain could have serious consequences. In addition, the FIA “​​Concerns about the immediate physical health impacts of drivers”some of whom had recently reported back pain.

Specifically, the rule enforcement officers want to check the floor panels of the vehicles even more closely for wear in the future. In addition, a key figure should be defined that “represents a quantitative limit to the acceptable level of vertical vibration”. The teams are thus practically forced to forego a better lap time if necessary for the benefit of their driving employees.

Limit should be set

As the specialist magazine “auto motor und sport” reports, the FIA ​​​​intends to determine the limit value mentioned in the Friday practice sessions (June 17, 2022) at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, which is to be bindingly observed from the third free practice session on Saturday.

Hamilton struggles out of the car

Above all, the seven-time world champion suffered Lewis Hamilton last among the hobbles. TV pictures showed the 37-year-old shortly after the end of the race on Sunday (June 12, 2022) in Baku, how he apparently struggled to get out of his car. He got headaches and back pains “grit your teeth” and made it to the finish thanks to the adrenaline.

“We have to find a solution”four-time champion Sebastian Vettel demanded and warned after the race in Baku: “At some point it will really bang.” AlphaTauri pilot Pierre Gasly interjected that the rulers should be the pilots “not to be pushed into this corner where we have to make a choice between our health and performance.”

Heavily modified cars cause hopping

A number of other pilots also reported similar experiences. The technical problem is caused by the vehicles that have changed significantly this season. At high speed, the cars on the straights are pressed onto the ground until they briefly touch the asphalt and are then pushed up again. The drivers are repeatedly shaken violently.


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