Formula 1 live ticker: Wolff criticizes opponents as “pathetic”

Formula 1 live ticker: Wolff criticizes opponents as “pathetic”
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3:24 p.m

Wolff criticizes opponents as “pathetic”

Hard words from the Mercedes team boss! The point is that several team bosses have publicly spoken out against FIA measures intended to reduce bouncing. Wolff has absolutely no understanding for that.

“All the riders – at least one from each team – said they felt pain after Baku,” he explains. However, other team bosses are now trying to “manipulate” these statements, according to Wolff, “in order to retain a sporting advantage.”

You play “political games” for which he has no understanding. He makes it clear that not only Mercedes have problems. “The cars are too stiff,” he clarifies, speaking of a “security risk.”

It is therefore “pathetic” and “sneaky” that “in the background” attempts are made to play games. Wolff does not name names. Among other things, Christian Horner from Red Bull had spoken out clearly against rule changes.

6:48 p.m

McLaren is still hoping for points

We just talked briefly about Norris. Team boss Seidl explains with regard to the problem: “We are still investigating, together with our colleagues from Mercedes. There seems to have been an electronic sensor problem.”

Regarding the race, he says: “The goal is clear: we want to score decent points with both cars. You can overtake on this track. We should be able to get back into the points with Lando.”

The Brit starts from P14, Ricciardo from P9. So it won’t be easy, especially since Seidl also knows: “There are also a few faster cars behind us. On the other hand, there are also cars in front of us that we can overtake. And we want to do that too.”

“We’re going into the race in a positive mood,” said the team boss.

6:25 p.m

Engine change at Norris

You remember the problems at Norris yesterday in Q2? McLaren apparently does not want to take any risks for the race and has therefore changed the engine.

There is no penalty for this because Norris has switched to a drive that has already been used. So he can keep starting position 14.

You can find out here which parts for the race were also exchanged (with no penalty) by the other pilots:

6:18 p.m

Also Helmut Marko …

… Incidentally, Leclerc still thinks he can achieve a good result from P19. “If a safety car comes at the right moment, it can also be in the top 5,” explains the Austrian on ‘Sky’.

Interesting: He doesn’t see Alonso as an opponent in the fight for victory. The Spaniard has already announced that he wants to attack in Turn 1. “We won’t necessarily fight there,” grins Marko.

Because he does not assume that the Alpine can keep up in the long run.

dr Helmut Marko on pole for Verstappen, duel with Alonso and strong Mick

dr After qualifying in Canada, Helmut Marko talks about the pole for Max Verstappen, the duel with Fernando Alonso and the strong Mick Schumacher.

6:05 p.m

Leclerc: What else is in it?

Less than two hours until the start and in Canada the drivers’ parade is just beginning. “Everything is possible today,” Leclerc grins there when he is asked what is still possible from the last row today.

Of course you start from far behind and overtaking is not that easy. But the car has good pace. Incidentally, I personally also think that the Monegasse can still make it into the top 5 – at least!

5:56 p.m

Speaking of Verstappen

The Dutchman starts his 150th Grand Prix today. At 24 years old. For comparison: In the entire career Jack Brabham reached 123, Jackie Stewart 99 and Jim Clark 72. Times have changed…

5:24 p.m

Everything speaks for Verstappen

If I had to bet money today, I would definitely bet on Verstappen. Background: Since 2015, the race in Montreal has only once not been won from pole. In 2019 Hamilton won from second place.

The last winner not to come from the front row was Ricciardo in 2014, who started from P6 at the time. And Leclerc (19th on the grid) and Perez (P13) can be almost completely ruled out as winners today.

Because: In Montreal, no driver has ever won from further back than 10th on the grid. Jacques Laffite did it in 1981.

Photo gallery: The biggest catch-up races in Formula 1 history

5:14 p.m

The most important thing for Saturday…

… we have summarized in this photo series. The fastest way to get up to speed before the race!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 in Montreal: The most important thing about Saturday

5:07 p.m

Verstappen: Shouldn’t speak for others

That fits with our big hook and the statements of Toto Wolff. Verstappen says with regard to the Mercedes drivers: “You should concentrate on yourself and say what you think.”

They should speak for themselves when it comes to porpoising, but not for other drivers. Because he himself sees it like his team boss and does not think that the rules should be changed to solve the problem.

Hamilton and Russell (among others) had demanded this.

4:26 p.m

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4:21 p.m


The obligatory look at the strategy: According to Pirelli, one stop is the fastest today. Medium-Hard should be slightly faster than the Soft-Hard variant. A two stopper is definitely slower on paper.

But: The probability of a safety car is quite high in Canada. That could tempt some to gamble. In addition, no other track loses so little time during a pit stop as in Montreal.

Maybe one or the other driver will surprise us afterwards. Incidentally, there is no shortage of tires for any driver. Because it rained on Saturday, everyone still has a lot of (fresh) slicks available.

4:07 p.m


We already announced it yesterday, and the weather forecast has come true: the sun is shining in Montreal, there are hardly any clouds in sight. It won’t rain today. It boils down to a normal dry run.

3:58 p.m

fathers day

Yes, for us it was already on May 26th. But in other countries they celebrate today! Let’s see if one of the fathers can prevail in the grid today. There aren’t many of them.

Of the current Formula 1 drivers, only Perez, Magnussen and Vettel already have their own offspring.

3:48 p.m

missed qualification?

No problem! Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll have summarized and classified the entire Saturday for you in their big analysis. The following topics were on the agenda:

– Bravo, Mick!
– Too bad Seb!
– Superior to pole: everything is going well for Verstappen!
– Hamilton P4: Happy as not for a long time
– The disappointed: Bottas, Perez, Norris, Gasly
– Short & compact: More news from Formula 1
– Questions from channel members from live chat

After the race, the two will get back to you as usual with an analysis. It starts for all night owls this time at 1:00 a.m. on the YouTube channel!

Analysis: That’s how the crazy grid in Canada came about!

So he can do it after all: In qualifying in Montreal, Mick Schumacher was the big sensation. For Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, it was a disappointment. More Formula 1 videos

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