Formula 1 live ticker: Verstappen speaks out against FIA measures

Formula 1 live ticker: Verstappen speaks out against FIA measures
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5:41 p.m

Verstappen against FIA measures

Exciting: Verstappen speaks out quite clearly against the FIA ​​​​measures in the third PK round. He is generally not a friend of changing the rules during a season.

“I don’t think that’s correct,” he clarifies. It doesn’t matter to him whether his own team benefits from it or not. Especially since, in his opinion, the problem could be solved without the FIA.

You just have to tune the car higher, then you don’t have the bouncing problems either. Hamilton is after him and unsurprisingly sees things differently.

The Mercedes driver also makes it clear that the measures will probably not change much in terms of performance.

6:07 p.m

Sainz: Will solve problems

It’s the turn of the final PK group and Sainz explains it’s been a ‘difficult’ few days for Ferrari. But he was also confident that the problems would be solved.

The cause of his own failure was found in Baku and as for the drivetrain, he says he prefers it to having a reliable but slow drivetrain.

Of course he’s not entirely wrong, considering where Ferrari has been in the engine in previous years…

6:02 p.m

Hamilton: A different set-up is useless

When asked, the world champion made it clear that the bouncing on the Mercedes would not disappear simply by raising the car. In this respect, one has already reached the limit.

“We can’t go any higher,” Hamilton clarifies. This is no longer possible due to the rear wheel suspension. And in fact, the Mercedes is already very high compared to other cars.

The porpoising comes simply through the airflow structures underneath the car. The set-up doesn’t help either.

5:55 p.m

Verstappen: Shouldn’t “dramatize”

The Dutchman follows up again. Of course bouncing is not good, it shouldn’t be like that. But in every sport you sacrifice part of your health – for example in football.

One should therefore not “dramatize” because the fact that some teams have fewer problems than others is proof that the matter can be managed without FIA intervention.

5:53 p.m

Hamilton: That’s my role

The record champion sacrifices one or two sessions this year to solve the bouncing problems. That probably also plays a role in the fact that he is currently behind his teammates again and again.

Hamilton himself has no problem with that. That is currently his “role”, he wants to help the team with these experiments. And if he loses individual sessions (or even races) as a result, then so be it.

After all: He explains that he has the feeling that he has never been such a good teammate as this year. Of course, there are no championship points for this…

5:28 p.m

No criticism of ground effect cars

In this context, the question is also asked: Perhaps it would have been better not to return to ground-effect cars? The drivers don’t see it that way. Formula 1 has taken the right direction.

Gasly explains that bouncing is just a “side effect”. But basically the direction is correct. Vettel also sees it that way, because racing has already gotten better – even if it’s not yet optimal.

5:23 p.m

Bouncing: Similar mood

The mood is also similar in the second PK group: the drivers agree that it is good that the FIA ​​is now intervening. Vettel emphasizes that drivers should not risk their health if it can be avoided.

Alonso explains that as a driver, you don’t like to go to your team and ask them to take performance away in order to feel more comfortable in the cockpit. Understandable. That’s why they turned to the FIA.

5:15 p.m

Vettel: Must be “realistic”.

The Aston Martin driver is satisfied with the progress of the AMR22 after the good Baku result. At the same time, however, he makes it clear that one has to be “realistic” with regard to Canada.

It was already a “great success” in Baku to finish in the points. He explains that the first six places are usually already taken. Baku benefited from the Ferrari failures.

When asked if he likes the track in Montreal, he can’t help but wink and explains: “I won last time – at least that’s how it felt…”

5:05 p.m

Leclerc: Power unit broken

Meanwhile, we get information from Ferrari. So the Leclerc engine from Baku is definitely over. The team reports:

“Our investigation has revealed: Charles’ drive train from Baku can no longer be repaired. A possible reason for the damage is that it could have been a consequence of the drive problems from Spain. We are now working on countermeasures to strengthen the package. The Situation is under control.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean a penalty. Because Leclerc could also switch back to an older turbo.

5:02 p.m

Bouncing determines the PK

Most of the questions revolve around this topic and the measures taken by the FIA. Of course, it’s also about who might benefit from it – and who might have a disadvantage. But the drivers don’t trust themselves to make any assessments.

Leclerc reminds that Ferrari has the issue relatively well under control. Therefore you have to be “cautious” and analyze exactly how the situation differs between the different teams and how bad it really is.

What he is also suggesting: teams that have built better cars should not be “punished”. This also ends the first part of the PK.

4:53 p.m

Leclerc: No decision yet

Now comes the question we’ve been waiting for. Does Leclerc need a new turbo and face a penalty? Unfortunately, the answer is less than satisfactory. Leclerc says that this is currently still being discussed.

There is no decision yet. So we have to be patient a little longer.

4:49 p.m

Russell welcomes FIA decision

The Mercedes driver explains that he is pleased that the FIA ​​​​is now intervening on the subject of bouncing. At the same time, however, he also emphasizes that this is merely a “band-aid” and not a real solution.

Ocon also finds it “very positive” that the FIA ​​​​is now acting. But: He emphasizes that this year not only porpoising is the problem. The cars are simply too stiff overall. Stroll agrees.

If you drive over a curb, it’s always a “big” blow to the body, according to the Canadian. The current situation is not “sustainable”.

4:44 p.m

Ricciardo: Good memories

The Australian won his first Formula 1 race in Montreal in 2014. It’s been a long time… He says he likes the track. But will that be reflected in a corresponding result at the weekend?

Ricciardo explains that Baku has been a “better weekend” for him recently. The result was a confirmation of the good work after Monaco. Despite this, he is still well behind his teammates in the World Championship.

Norris is ahead with 50:15 points. Let’s see if Ricciardo can take another step in Canada.

4:39 p.m

Leclerc: Missed flight

Not a good start to the weekend for the Monegasque: He reports in the PK that he missed his flight to Canada. After all, the next plane left an hour later, so it wasn’t a problem.

Incidentally, moderator Tom Clarkson does not ask about the engine situation. We have to wait until the PK is immediately released for all journalists.

4:28 p.m

Curfew broken

A little bit of information before the PK: Red Bull and Ferrari broke the curfew during the night. But that’s not a problem, because for the Bulls it was only the second of eight allowed jokers, for the Scuderia even the first.

The exciting question is whether Leclerc will have to take a grid penalty this weekend. Maybe we’ll get the answer right away in the PK!

4:24 p.m

press conference

In a few minutes, the first highlight of the day will be the PK. Here in the ticker, as always, there are the most important statements from the drivers. We are expecting the following groups today:

4:30 p.m.:
Esteban Ocon (Alpine)
Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)
Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)
George Russell (Mercedes)

17:00 o’clock:
Fernando Alonso (Alpine)
Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)
Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)
Sergio Perez (Red Bull)
Nicholas LatifiWilliams

Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo)
Mick Schumacher (Haas)
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
Alexander Albon (Williams)

6:00 p.m.:
Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo)
Yuki Tsuonda (AlphaTauri)
Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)
Kevin Magnussen (Haas)
Lando Norris (McLaren)

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