Formula 1 live ticker: The third training session in Baku is now live!

Formula 1 live ticker: The third training session in Baku is now live!
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12:50 p.m

FT3: It’s about to start!

With that, we are slowly shifting our focus to what is happening on the track, where the third practice session begins in ten minutes. Here at this point you will find the most important information, pictures and voices.

You can get the complete coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen. So it’s best to just let both tickers run in parallel as usual!

12:38 p.m

Binotto: Nothing against Red Bull …

The Ferrari team boss has made it clear that the protest in Monaco was not directed against Red Bull. “It was nothing against Red Bull. I honestly think it’s a fair fight between the two teams at the moment,” said the Italian.

“It was more about showing the FIA ​​that we are currently dissatisfied with the decisions they are making,” said Binotto, who complained about the lack of consistency in decisions this season.

12:27 p.m

Formula 1 before returning to South Africa?

At least that’s what the British ‘Sun’ reports. Formula 1 officials are said to be in “advanced talks” regarding a Kyalami comeback.

On the one hand, a comeback in South Africa would of course be a great thing. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself how big the calendar should be.

As a reminder, it is already certain that Las Vegas will be held for the first time in 2023. The races in Qatar and China should return.

If Kyalami is then also to be put back on the calendar, numerous races would either have to be canceled – or the calendar would have to be inflated even further…

12:04 p.m

live stream

As promised, we’ll quickly give you the start time for today’s live stream: From 8:00 p.m. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will be on the YouTube channel with the big analysis of Saturday in Baku!

11:30 a.m

quitting time

And that’s it with the PK, the second part is much shorter. As a reminder: In 90 minutes the route continues with FT3. Then it should finally be clear who will be the favorite in qualifying from 4:00 p.m.

Photos: F1: Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku) 2022

11:22 a.m

Isola about tire tires

Vettel, among others, had strongly criticized the tires after Monaco. Isola clarifies that Monaco is not a representative track to form a final opinion on the rain tires.

You can’t build a tire that performs identically on all routes. In addition, there was not a lot of testing time with the new rain tires this year.

If you want to build a better rain tire for the future, you simply need more testing time. But you probably won’t get it.

11:18 am

Praise for Tsunoda

Dezoteux is next in line, and the AlphaTauri man talks about the development of Tsunoda, among other things. “Yuki has made a big step compared to last year,” he says.

The Japanese now knows the routes in his second season, has settled into the team and drives “more consistently” than in 2021. By the way, that is also “very positive” for Gasly because he pushes his teammate.

In the World Championship, Tsunoda is even ahead of Gasly with 11:6 points.

11:10 a.m

Aston Martin: Working window now larger

So purely in part 2 of the PK. McCullough begins by talking about the major Aston Martin update that was launched in Barcelona. He says things have been “encouraging” so far.

However, the “new” car has only been driven two races so far and Barcelona, ​​Monaco and now Baku are three very different circuits that demand very different things from the car.

But at least you’ve already noticed that the window in which the car works is now larger.

11:03 a.m

Wolff sticks to it: the engine is not the problem

Since the start of the season, the Mercedes team boss has emphasized that the engine is not the problem this year. He will continue to do so. The biggest problem is that the car has too much air resistance.

Of course, there are always several factors that lead to people following. At the moment, however, he expressly does not want to point a finger at the engine.

10:58 a.m

Wolff: The relationship is not right

Now it’s about a possible upper salary limit for the drivers. According to Wolff, a “controversial topic”. He finds that the ratio of salaries between drivers and the rest of the team is currently not right.

He reminds that for a complete team with 1,000 employees only 140 million dollars are available due to the budget limit. A top driver alone earns up to 40 million dollars.

As a reminder, driver salaries currently do not fall below the budget ceiling. Wolff therefore demands that all employees should fall under the cost cap – in addition to drivers, the entire management.

10:50 a.m

Two race directors better than one?

This question is put to the team bosses. “It’s definitely not an easy job,” reminds Binotto, who is obviously not entirely satisfied. He explains that he sometimes lacked consistency in decisions this year.

At the same time, however, he also emphasizes that the two new race directors must be given time. Wolff and Steiner see it similarly. But you don’t seem to be really satisfied – like the drivers.

10:46 a.m

Binotto on Monaco debacle

Of course, the Ferrari team boss is also asked about the Monaco debacle. He admits that it was of course not a good result not to win the race when you were P1 and P2 after the start.

They wanted to win a double, which in retrospect was perhaps “too ambitious”. However, he does not blame his team for the botched strategy in the principality.

Among other things, he attributes the dilemma to the fact that they had no experience with the new tires in Monaco. For example, you couldn’t count on losing ten seconds to Perez on Intermediates in one lap.

10:39 a.m

Mercedes: Losing a second on the straights

Now it’s the turn of the Mercedes team boss, who explains that porpoising is once again slowing down the W13 in Baku. He reveals that you lose a full second to Ferrari and Red Bull on the straights alone.

As a reminder, yesterday Russell was 1.3 seconds behind leader Leclerc, while Hamilton was even 1.6 seconds behind. Incidentally, porposing was also observed at Ferrari yesterday.

In this context, however, team boss Binotto makes it clear that it did not limit the performance. It’s a completely different story at Mercedes…

10:33 a.m

Steiner: Things aren’t going well with Haas…

With that, the PK starts. Günther Steiner starts things off by admitting that the past races have been “frustrating”. Haas hasn’t scored a point in three races.

When asked what the problems were, he replies with a wry smile: “I don’t even remember because there were so many!” Basically, the car was good enough for points.

You just couldn’t do it. There shouldn’t be any updates for the time being. A big package is planned for France.

10:26 a.m

McLaren: Will not comply with the 2022 budget ceiling

Breaking the rules with an announcement: McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl admits that his team expects to break through the Formula 1 cost cap by the end of the season. A penalty would be unavoidable.

Previously, several top teams have indicated that inflation and rising energy and freight costs will make it impossible to meet the $141.2 million cost cap.

All backgrounds are here!

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