Formula 1 live ticker: special design for Alfa Romeo in Baku

Formula 1 live ticker: special design for Alfa Romeo in Baku
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Ferrari replicates Red Bull

Ferrari has modified its rear view mirror bracket. Where there was a curved strut on the inside of the chassis in Monaco, it is now a straight strut, with a vertical support strut on the side of the cockpit on the chassis.

What does that remind us of? Red Bull’s rear-view mirror mount, which seems to be modeled on the Ferrari solution. Because Red Bull also has a horizontal strut.

The bottom line is that the effect of the rear wing is optimized, explains Formula 1 expert Gary Anderson in a post on ‘The Race’.

12:12 p.m

The photos of the day

… so far. Not much has happened in Baku yet. But if you want to get an impression of how press conferences and media rounds went on site in Azerbaijan, we recommend taking a look at our Formula 1 picture gallery. Of course, we also put the first driving pictures there afterwards. So it’s worth checking back regularly!

And, I’ll tell you the inside story: Currently, around 50 very interesting technical detail photos are uploaded. They will soon end up in our technology gallery and in our photo gallery. You can look forward to that too!

Photos: F1: Azerbaijan (Baku) Grand Prix 2022, Friday

11:55 a.m

Hamilton irritated: “Where does this feeling come from?!”

Lewis Hamilton was asked at the press conference if he shared the positive feeling in the Mercedes team that progress was finally to come. The seven-time world champion reacts with amusement and irritation: “Where does this feeling come from?” Then he immediately says: “Oh, I love this positive attitude!”

But Baku does not necessarily have to be promising for Mercedes: “Here we are dealing with a bumpy track that is not necessarily good for the characteristics of our car.”

However, his Mercedes team-mate George Russell advocates seeing “the positives” and says: “We cannot be disappointed not to have won a race this year when we consider our package. The fact that we have always scored points is positive. We have to take this momentum with us if we then have a car that is also capable of winning.”

“We’ve practically had a new car since Barcelona. But we didn’t learn much in Monaco because the track there is so special. We still believe we can make the car even faster. But that’s relative, depending on what Red Bull and Ferrari do.”

11:48 a.m

Alonso: Podium is a long way off for Alpine

Fernando Alonso was asked earlier whether his season is finally gaining momentum after two top 10 results in a row. His answer: “Hopefully! At the beginning of the season we were stronger than last, but we didn’t pick up the points. But we scored well in Barcelona and Monaco. We want to do that for six or seven races now. Let’s see how it works .”

But a podium for Alpine is not to be expected for the time being, says Alonso. Australia offered a chance, but meanwhile “Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes are out of reach,” said the ex-champion.

“We probably won’t be able to finish on the podium on our own. We’re more poised for P7 as best result unless opportunities arise. We all want action on Sunday and Baku is quite unique , with little downforce. Mistakes happened quickly there.”

11:42 a.m

Expert: Ricciardo must deliver in 2022

Former Formula 1 driver and current TV expert Martin Brundle is putting pressure on Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren. Speaking to News Corp, Brundle says the driver and team cannot afford not to have Ricciardo in top form until 2023. “The team is too big for that and there is too much at stake.”

But what can Ricciardo do? Brundle suggests: “Have three strong results so everyone can see they’ve got what it takes. Then everyone will relax. Otherwise I can imagine both parties sitting down together at the end of the year or before and coming to the conclusion that it’s not working .”

Ricciardo himself said exactly the opposite in the press conference earlier. Namely: that we want to do it together. “My contract is clear, there’s no doubt about it. And the team is behind me completely,” said the Australian. “I know my results could be better. I’m not satisfied with the results either and want to improve them together with the team.”

11:33 a.m

Press Conference: Done!

So that’s it for the FIA ​​press conference ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. The remainder of the day’s Formula 1 schedule includes the two Friday practice sessions at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

And here’s a tip: You can follow both units in the session live ticker, which contains up-to-date information about lap times, distances and positions, and of course impressions of the cars on the track.

Here in the daily ticker you will get background information and highlights as usual, as well as initial analyzes and assessments.

And don’t forget: From 7.30 p.m. Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren will be analyzing the daily events of Formula 1 in the YouTube live stream on the channel!

11:29 a.m

And again driver salaries – with Vettel tip!

Do we need a cap on driver salaries, possibly from 2023? Lewis Hamilton is undecided and says he has not yet looked into the issue in depth. “I may not be around much longer, but I don’t feel like subsequent drivers should be capped [beim Gehalt].”

Fernando Alonso says: “Well, it depends on the level of the cap.” He grins. And he insists that a salary cap would have no effect on the desire to drive in Formula 1.”

Sebastian Vettel adds: “Isn’t it funny that the question of a salary cap arises just now, when the teams are starting to make money in Formula 1 for the first time?”

11:21 a.m

How Hamilton and Vettel deal with the FIA ​​criticism

FIA President Mohammed bin Sulayem has gently criticized Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and indicated in an interview that the focus should be on the sport, not on any other topic. But later bin Sulayem backtracked a bit on Twitter.

When asked about these statements, Lewis Hamilton said: “Formula 1 is an important platform for generating attention, especially if the audience continues to grow. It’s progressing slowly, so it needs more people who [für Themen wie Inklusion und Diversität] advertise.”

And Vettel said: “I don’t think there’s much point in going into what was said. I think there are important issues that need to be addressed. These issues are more important than us or than Formula 1. You have to draw attention to that there’s still a lot we can do better.”

11:10 a.m

Leclerc: Ferrari provided answers

The crisis meeting after the Monaco weekend was worth it, says Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Strategy mistakes in Monaco had prevented him from winning at home there.

Now he says: “We analyzed a lot. And we found the reasons why we made these mistakes. We got the answers we were looking for. I am confident that we will not make these mistakes again. If If we do everything perfectly, then we should look good here in Baku.”

11:04 a.m

Now: The “Elephant Round” in Baku

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton – and then Nicholas Latifi. It should be obvious who gets the fewest questions in this “Elephant Round”…

Either way: This is the finale in the preliminary press conference in Baku, the last group of five.

11:03 a.m

Two race directors: did it work?

For the 2022 season, Formula 1 has brought in two race directors who will succeed Michael Masi together (and alternately on site). But did this step work?

Valtteri Bottas denies: “My feeling is: It would be better to have just one race director. A permanent contact person.”

George Russell doesn’t want to commit himself. “I think it’s still too early for a conclusion. We have to keep the dialogue open, but wait for a few more races,” he says, referring to the fact that Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich still have the role of race director in Formula 1 be new

11:00 o’clock

What Schumacher says about Steiner’s statements

Haas team boss Günther Steiner has announced talks with Mick Schumacher because the young German has caused large repair bills several times so far this season.

How does Schumacher himself feel about this? He says: “I have the talks with him. That’s no secret.”

“We want to get into the points. And we want to be better than the previous races. They weren’t bad, but there was always something that wasn’t good. But we’re working on it.”

10:54 a.m

Again the discussion about driver salaries

Unsurprisingly, there is also opposition to a possible cap on Formula 1 driver salaries in this round. Valtteri Bottas takes up the topic of promoting young talent and also says: “Formula 1 is booming. We are doing more and more for the fans. And we drivers are at the center, we risk our lives. I don’t see how driver salaries should go down in this situation , if Formula 1 as a whole strives upwards.”

Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz agree. “Of course it’s complicated,” says Sainz. “If Formula 1 were in crisis, you might have a chance to do something like that. But Formula 1 is booming. And now you want to limit salaries? I think that’s illogical and it wouldn’t make sense at the moment.”

Mick Schumacher adds: “Formula 1 is our life. It wouldn’t be okay if we weren’t rewarded for it.”

10:46 a.m

Schumacher talks about Monaco

Of course, Mick Schumacher will be questioned after his accident in Monaco. But he doesn’t say much, instead emphasizing that a lot went “positively” at the last race weekend.

Schumacher: “We got through the practice sessions well. In qualifying we were close to Valtteri [Bottas]. We used the right strategy in the race. Overall, there were many positive things that we could take away. We have to learn from the negative things.”

How important is it for him to have a good weekend in Baku – on another street circuit? “It’s important for me, but also for the team,” says Schumacher, adding: “We don’t have a lot of spare parts and we have to be careful there. Nevertheless, we have to be aiming for points.”

10:40 a.m

Gasly: ​​What the Perez contract means to him

Sergio Perez has extended at Red Bull. And that means that Pierre Gasly’s return to the energy drink group’s A-Team is ruled out for the time being. How does Gasly feel about this? Is he actively looking for alternatives to Red Bull and AlphaTauri?

His answer: “At the moment there is no question of looking anywhere. My contract situation with Red Bull is pretty clear. We are still in talks with Helmut [Marko]to see how it goes.”

“Yes, [der neue Vertrag von Perez] has an impact on my future career. Based on that we have to see. I can not say more. We will make a decision at the right time.”

“I want to get on pole and win races to do the World Championship. That’s why I’m here. I’m looking for performance.”

10:35 a.m

Round 3 of the press conference begins

Again five drivers took their seats at the press conference. And Valtteri Bottas is the first among them to give an answer. Monaco was a “good lesson” for Alfa Romeo. “Hopefully Baku suits us better. We’ve been good at every track so far, just not in Monaco.”

What is the secret of success in Baku? Bottas, with a grin on his face: “See the checkered flag!”

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