Formula 1 live ticker: Qualifying in Baku now live!

Formula 1 live ticker: Qualifying in Baku now live!
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4:56 p.m

Q2: Ferrari takes the lead

After the first attempts in Q2, the tide turned: Sainz leads with a 1:42.088 in front of Leclerc, only behind come the Red Bulls. It’s finally getting really fast here!

Hamilton, Ocon, Ricciardo, Zhou and Bottas are currently out. The two Alfa Romeo drivers have not set any time yet. Not enough tires for two attempts?

Eight minutes left on the clock.

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4:45 p.m

Q1: Schumacher out

No surprise: given the chaotic circumstances at the end, Schumacher couldn’t improve anymore, he’s out. Also gone are Magnussen, Albon, Latifi and of course Stroll.

Only Bottas was able to improve at the end and kick Magnussen out. The top pilots didn’t drive at all, so the best time goes to Verstappen in front of Perez and the two Ferrari drivers.

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4:37 p.m

Q1: Investigation against Schumacher

Also, there will be an investigation against both Haas drivers after qualifying because there was an incident in the pit lane at the beginning of Q1.

At the moment, Schumacher could not care much about a penalty. He’s still 20th and last. The session continues at 4:40 p.m. Let’s see who can make another round.

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4:33 p.m

Q1: Red flag

Was that it? Only 2:30 left on the clock and the session is interrupted because Stroll crashed. Curious: He had previously landed in the barriers, but was able to continue – and shortly afterwards crashed properly.

He’s definitely out with it. And it’s going to be tight for all the other drivers too. Because at 2:30 minutes, not everyone will be able to complete another lap.

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4:27 p.m

Q1: Things could get tight for Schumacher

After the first attempts, the German is in 20th and last place. Albon, Bottas, Latifi and Stroll would also be out at the moment.

Verstappen leads in front with a 1:42.722 in front of Perez, Leclerc and Sainz. We’re seeing the first 1:42 times this weekend.

Six minutes left, so plenty of time to improve.

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4:16 p.m

Speaking of slipstreams…

Helmut Marko reveals to ‘Sky’ with regard to the order of the drivers: “It’s alternating with us, it’s exactly fair. And in that respect Max is lucky that Perez is the first to come out this time.”

So Jos Verstappen should have no reason to complain 😉 Meanwhile, Q1 is running, 18 minutes are on the clock, the five slowest drivers are eliminated. As always.

4:13 p.m

What role does the slipstream play?

“Slipstream makes up a few tenths,” explains Toto Wolff on ‘Sky’ with regard to the long straights in Baku. So could the teams play little games here? According to Wolff, this does not play a major role for Mercedes.

Because the Silver Arrows are too far away to have a chance for pole. “I think we have to look again at how we can tune the car a bit. There may be a few tenths in there – but not a second,” Wolff clarifies.

They therefore want to “consolidate” P5 and P6, according to the team manager. “We lose 1.1 seconds to the Red Bull and eight tenths to the Ferrari on the straight. That means our low-drag concept […] just doesn’t work,” admits Wolff.

4:05 p.m

Q1: Open the session ticker now!

Q1 starts in ten minutes. For you, this is the time again to open our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen. Only there is the complete reporting, here we limit ourselves to the most important information, pictures and voices.

As a reminder, qualifying starts 15 minutes late because FT3 had also started 15 minutes later. And according to the regulations, there must be two hours between the sessions.

In Baku it is currently around 25 degrees warm, the asphalt temperature is a good 37 degrees.

3:48 p.m

Horner responds to Verstappen criticism

Speaking of internal team duels: After the Monaco GP, Papa Jos Verstappen was annoyed that Perez got a seemingly better strategy than his son in the principality.

“Fathers are never completely objective,” team boss Christian Horner smiles at “Sky” and explains that there were reasons why Verstappen was not brought to the pits before Perez.

According to Horner, Verstappen would have been stuck in traffic at an earlier stop. He also reminds us that it’s always about getting the best result for the team.

And not just for a single driver.

3:21 p.m

Leclerc’s mistake…

… at the end of FT3 there is another video here. In fact, such mistakes could also play a role later in qualifying – for everyone. Because something like that triggers at least one double yellow, maybe even a red flag.

That means: in qualifying, timing will again be important. Because if you are unlucky, you may not be able to finish your lap through no fault of your own. We remember that from Monaco…

3:08 p.m

Lots of variety on pole

Exciting statistics: In five races in Baku there have been five different pole setters so far! In 2016 Nico Rosberg was ahead in qualifying, 2017 Lewis Hamilton, 2018 Sebastian Vettel, 2019 Valtteri Bottas and 2021 Charles Leclerc.

If this series continues, then Red Bull would probably be the top favorite for pole afterwards…

2:33 p.m

DISPLAY: Qualifying live on Sky!

Don’t worry: Even if qualifying starts a little later today, you can of course follow the session live on Sky! Only there you can get all sessions live this year and all races without commercial breaks.

No subscription yet? Inform here!

2:25 p.m

The best technical photos…

… is again available this weekend in a separate photo series. Click through!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2022

2:15 p.m

FT3: Closing time!

That was it with FT3, nothing has changed at the top. So the best time goes to Perez ahead of Leclerc, who ended up having to go through the emergency exit again in turn 15. Verstappen, Sainz and the two McLaren drivers follow.

Incidentally, Verstappen was on course for the best time at the end, but then had traffic. Hamilton only ended the session in P12, although his engine was turned down. Mercedes has to conserve the unit. So not representative.

Vettel lands on P10, Schumacher on P18. Qualifying continues in two hours. Before that, as usual, the FT3 overview:



Photos: F1: Azerbaijan (Baku) Grand Prix 2022, Saturday

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