Formula 1 live ticker: Mercedes is committed to Formula 1

Formula 1 live ticker: Mercedes is committed to Formula 1
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Mercedes is committed to Formula 1

Mercedes has committed itself to Formula 1, even if the path of the series does not necessarily reflect the path that the manufacturer wants to take in the road car area: There they want to drive fully electric by 2030.

Formula 1 cannot do that, even if you want to drive CO2-neutral by 2030 and the new engine regulations from 2026 will put a stronger focus on the topic of electric cars. “We are not yet at a point where you can only drive a race with the energy of a battery,” CEO Ola Källenius is quoted as saying by ‘Autocar’.
“But if we go CO2-free and put a higher focus on electrification, the sport will remain very relevant and we will continue to race,” he clarifies.

Curious: With Formula E, there is a series that runs purely electrically. And Mercedes will get out of this again this year…

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Andretti: Herta should be in Formula 1 by now

A possible driver would be IndyCar driver Colton Herta, who won the race in Indianapolis on Saturday and was already considered a candidate when Andretti promoted the takeover of Alfa Romeo. “He should be in Formula 1 now,” says Andretti. But so far there has been no money for this.

The potential racing team wants to change that: “I want us to get kids out of karting and show them the way, and if they’re good enough, hopefully they’ll get into Formula 1. And we have the team to do it. “

That would actually be a reason for Liberty Media to admit the team, right?

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Andretti wants to be way for American drivers

Whether Andretti can drive in Formula 1 from 2024 is open. Because the American has not met with much love so far. It’s all about money, of course. And arguments that an American team would be good were countered by Christian Horner, for example, with the fact that the races in Miami and Las Vegas would bring more than an American team.

But Andretti himself would not agree. Because his mission will also be to finally establish an American driver again: “We want to be an American team that wants to develop American drivers for the future,” says Andretti.

“There’s nobody out there doing that. That’s what we want to be. There’s no really legitimate way for an American driver to get into F1. There just isn’t. We want the way into F1 level.”

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Formula 1 meets MotoGP

Alpine riders Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon met up ahead of the event in Spain at Alonso’s own karting track to have some horsepower fun with MotoGP riders Maverick Vinales and Aleix Espargaro. Who wouldn’t want to be there? Cool quartet!

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Alonso before home game

Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, talks about what it’s like to have a home race in Formula 1. And he also goes into how difficult the situation of the premier class in Spain was before he caused a new boom himself.

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Speaking of preview

In this video, AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda show you how they prepare for a race.

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Zhou: Barcelona important stage

Guanyu Zhou, on the other hand, comes to Barcelona with a disappointment, but there he finds a track that he knows well from the junior series.

“Barcelona is another important stage this season,” he says. “Driving this car here will of course not be a new experience for me: like in Bahrain at the beginning of the season, I’ll be driving at a track where I’ve driven this generation of cars before.”

“Obviously the car we’re driving now isn’t the same as in testing, but it’s still an advantage so I’ll be fully focused on doing my best and getting the good result that we’ve had so far season deserves.”

“My goal is the same as it has been at every race so far, but confidence in my ability to achieve it grows with every race.”

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Bottas: Follow up on the start of the season in Barcelona

Alfa Romeo has started the season strongly and that should continue at Barcelona if Valtteri Bottas has his way: “We put on a really strong performance in Miami and with every good result comes the confidence to achieve even more “, he says.

“We’re going to Barcelona knowing that we can once again fight for the top midfield spots: we’re in an interesting battle with our direct rivals every weekend and I don’t expect it to be any different this time around,” like the Finn.

“Certainly we arrive in Barcelona in a much happier state than after the winter tests, which is a testament to how well the team has recovered from the difficulties in February. I want to repay all that great work with a good result.”

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Mick & Magnussen in NASCAR

Another US racing series is NASCAR – and what could be more obvious than a ride in a car once Formula 1 is in America and the team boss also has his own NASCAR team?

That’s exactly what Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen were allowed to do. Magnussen has already been allowed to drive a car together with Romain Grosjean in Austin, for Mick it must have been the first time. You can see how the two did in the video.

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IndyCar: The better Formula 1?

North America has its own Formula 1. So to speak. Because the IndyCar series is a high-performance formula series that holds its races in the USA and Canada, both on normal circuits and on street circuits and – unlike Formula 1 – also on oval racetracks. With the Indy 500 in Indianapolis, the IndyCar series also has a very clear season highlight.

But what else makes the IndyCar series so special? And is it perhaps even superior to Formula 1 in some respects? Stefan Ehlen and motorsport expert Stefan Heinrich talk about this in this video on the YouTube channel – and about conceptual differences between the two racing series and individual limitations.

IndyCar as the better F1?

What does the IndyCar series in North America do better than Formula 1 and where the two major formula series differ in particular! Analyze Stefan Ehlen and commentator legend Stefan Heinrich! More Formula 1 videos

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Vettel: First cornflakes or first milk?

Sometimes, as a Formula 1 driver, you have to answer the really tough questions 😉 such as whether to put the cornflakes or the milk in the bowl first. In any case, Sebastian Vettel’s answer seems to delight the girls very much. Cool!

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Gasly: ​​Miami damage settled

For Pierre Gasly, the Miami race was over after a collision with Lando Norris, but it was actually over before that. Because Fernando Alonso had just shot down the Frenchman. But: That wasn’t the first problem either, as Gasly now reveals.

“I had a big hole in the underbody very early on and lost a lot of downforce,” he says. But: “The performance is definitely there and there is no reason why we shouldn’t achieve good results in the upcoming races.”

8:31 a.m

Red Bull back behind Ferrari in Barcelona?

So far, it has been extremely close between Red Bull and Ferrari and that is likely to continue in Barcelona. Ferrari is planning an extensive update package to catch up on the small gap. “It was a back and forth,” says Horner.

“Barcelona is a whole new challenge. They have high-speed corners and we know that Ferrari are strong in that area. So it’s a question of the track. Miami came to our liking, we managed it and luckily got a result. “

We’ll see how it will be in Spain at the weekend.

8:15 a.m

Horner: No tensions with Verstappen

Although Max Verstappen has won three out of five races this season, he does not lead the championship. That’s down to some of Red Bull’s reliability issues early in the season, with the Dutchman eliminated in Bahrain and Australia. There were also problems in Miami on Friday, so Jos Verstappen said he could understand if Max was a little annoyed.

Are there tensions between Verstappen and the team? No, says team boss Christian Horner: “We’re a team, we’re all in the same boat,” said the Briton. “We’re pushing him and he’s pushing us as a team dynamic. I don’t think after last year going to the last race we expected to be that competitive so early in the season.”

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