Formula 1 live ticker: Mercedes has not yet written off the World Cup

Formula 1 live ticker: Mercedes has not yet written off the World Cup
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5:17 p.m

Ferrari isn’t going for top speed now

That was the Scuderia’s biggest problem recently. On the straights you were more or less powerless against Red Bull. But Sainz emphasizes: “We don’t focus on speed on the straights.”

The focus is on setting a lap time that is as fast as possible. “We don’t want to slow down ourselves on a lap just to be a little faster on the straights,” Sainz clarifies.

Maybe the updates will bring some improvement in this regard.

5:10 p.m

Sainz: Is your neck okay again?

After crashing in Miami on Friday, he struggled with neck pain throughout the race. Is Barcelona okay again? He admits that he can only give a final answer after sitting in the car.

“I feel recovered, but you never know until you get into a Formula 1 car,” said Sainz, who assumes that it should be fine. However, he is still annoyed about the accident in Miami – or the consequences.

“I crashed at very low speed,” he recalls, emphasizing once again that the accident would have been completely harmless with TecPro barriers. But they were missing at this point on the route…

5:02 p.m

Sainz: Start of the season actually not that bad…

This brings us to the final media session of the day. Among other things, local hero Sainz spoke about his start to the season, which was of course anything but ideal with two retirements in five races. But you can also see it differently, he says.

“If you look at it positively, then we’ve been on the podium in every race we’ve finished. Although I’m not 100 percent happy with the car, I can fight for pole positions,” stresses Sainz.

Of course, the two clean sheets in Melbourne and Imola would have had a big impact on his World Cup situation. But there are still 17 races to go. And there’s still a lot to catch up on.

It’s probably all a matter of perspective.

4:53 p.m

Will all cars look (almost) the same from 2024?

Many observers were surprised that there are so many different concepts in the field this year. But Aston Martin chief technology officer Andrew Green believes it won’t stay that way for long.

“Only now that all the concepts [aller Teams] are visible, it is possible to check the alternatives for where their maximum performance lies,” he explains in an interview with ‘auto motor und sport’.

“When this work is done, the cars will become more and more similar. It will start as early as this year,” he predicts and announces: “The cars will look more alike in 2023.”

“And in the third year of these regulations, you will only see differences in the details,” he believes. We are curious if his prognosis will actually come true!

4:40 p.m

Masepin is now rallying

The Russian no longer has a future in Formula 1. Nevertheless, he has not yet finished with motorsport! The 23-year-old will take part in the Silk Way Rally this year.

The first fans are already joking on social media that he had already gained enough experience off the race track during his time in Formula 1…

4:28 p.m


… by the way, there is not only in Miami but also in Spain! In the run-up to the race, Max Verstappen met with soccer player Sergi Roberto from FC Barcelona, ​​Fernando Alonso with MotoGP rider Aleix Espargaro.

Here are the relevant images:

4:17 p.m

23rd race is not shed a tear

The fact that the Russian GP was now canceled without replacement did not necessarily cause a bad atmosphere in the paddock. “My boys weren’t too unhappy about that,” Gasly smiles. Because one race less also means a little more free time.

“I don’t care. The season will be extremely intense anyway. We have four weeks less than last year, but more races. I think that’s intense enough,” said Gasly, who can therefore do without a 23rd race .

That should be very similar for many in the paddock!

4:06 p.m

AlphaTauri: Need a clean weekend!

We’re sticking with the Young Bulls, who are on P7 in the World Championship with 16 points. So far, none of the five races have managed to score points with both cars. Gasly and Tsunoda fret about too many missed opportunities.

There were two failures in five races, and Tsunoda in Saudi Arabia was unable to start at all. “We haven’t had a clean weekend so far this season,” emphasizes Gasly, who only scored points in two of the five races.

Tsunoda confirms: “We had some kind of problem with a car in almost every race.” He is confident, however, that these problems will subside over time. Most recently in Miami, however, they remained completely without a point for the first time in 2022.

And the lack of updates shouldn’t make the race in Spain any easier…

3:53 p.m

No updates for AlphaTauri

Big update packages for other midfield teams, but nothing for AlphaTauri. “I expect it will be difficult,” muses Yuki Tsunoda in front of Barcelona and explains: “It will be [im Mittelfeld] definitely going to be a close fight.”

“For example, I heard that Alpine will have many updates,” said the Japanese. Alfa Romeo will also bring new parts. However, the fact that both cars were able to get into Q3 in Miami gives him hope.

But without updates, it could be difficult to maintain this level of performance when many others are jumping at the same time.

3:41 p.m

Why Spain is a good option for Friday drivers

Because most of the drivers still don’t feel 100 percent comfortable in the new cars, the teams didn’t field any Friday drivers at all on the first five race weekends. But here in Barcelona there are now three.

At Haas, Steiner confirms that the Friday drivers will only be used “towards the end of the season”. “At the moment we need our drivers as much as possible in the car,” he emphasizes. Nevertheless, he also understands the other teams.

“Because it’s Barcelona,” he explains. They had already tested there in winter. “The drivers know the track,” he recalls. So the drivers know how the new cars feel on this track. So it makes sense to omit FT1.

At least more than on other routes …

3:26 p.m

Haas: Major updates will only come in France

And something else from the Steiner media group. The team boss had already announced that there would be no update for the Haas for the time being. Now he has revealed that the VF-22 will only receive a larger package in France.

There will also be new parts beforehand. A really big upgrade should come later. As a reminder: France is only the twelfth race of the season and the penultimate race before the summer break.

So it will still be a whopping two months before the big package arrives. Let’s hope for Schumacher and Co. that they don’t fall behind by then. Because many bring their large packages already this weekend.

3:11 p.m

Steiner: Not every race has to be like Miami

The race two weeks ago took the show to a new level in Formula 1. There have probably never been as many stars in the paddock as there. Nevertheless, Steiner does not believe that every race should now copy the organizers’ concept.

“We now have so many different events,” explains Steiner. All Grands Prix used to be very similar. That’s no longer the case today and viewers can choose which type of event they like better.

For example, many “hardcore fans” would like to come to Spain just to see the cars on the track. So not every race has to be like Miami.

Photo gallery: Miami: impressions of a motorsport photographer

2:58 p.m

Steiner: Talked to Schumacher about the crash

As already announced, one or the other round of media is going on in Barcelona. Among other things, our colleagues on site have already spoken to Günther Steiner. Among other things, he also spoke about the crash of Mick Schumacher in Miami.

“We talked about it,” reports the team boss. That’s completely normal after a race. Schumacher is currently in a learning process because this year it is “more difficult” to drive further up the field and no longer at the end.

It was a “good weekend” for Schumacher until the accident. That’s why they want to tick off the topic now and concentrate on Spain and leave Miami behind.

2:41 p.m

“home jersey”

Alpine was already equipped with special shirts in Miami. For the Alonso home game in Barcelona you now have special outfits with you again. For fans, it gets pretty expensive in the long run if you want them all…

Let’s see if Alonso’s shirt brings him luckier this time than it did in Miami. The Spaniard missed the points for the fourth time in a row. The last time that happened to him was at McLaren at the end of the 2018 season.

2:25 p.m

More race directors in the future?

In the past there was only one race director for the whole season, in 2022 Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas will share the job. And if FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has his way, the pool of race directors should be significantly expanded in the future.

In this context, he has now suggested training rally co-drivers as race directors. “You do an apprenticeship and use it in other racing series, in the WEC and in circuit and endurance races,” he explains.

At some point they should also lead races in Formula 1. Ben Sulayem’s full statements are here!

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