Formula 1 live ticker: Lewis Hamilton will remain “a Mercedes driver forever”

Formula 1 live ticker: Lewis Hamilton will remain “a Mercedes driver forever”
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clear message

In recent years there has been speculation as to whether Lewis Hamilton could look for another challenge with another team. But the message that the seven-time world champion is now conveying to the outside world is pretty clear.

“If you’re part of Mercedes, you’re part of Mercedes your whole life,” he says, referring in this context to Stirling Moss, who died in 2020 and maintained a connection with the manufacturer until the end of his life.

“They take care of you. And that’s the most special thing in the world, and that’s why I’ll always be a Mercedes driver.”

11:43 a.m

Bottas: Please have a problem-free weekend

Valtteri Bottas comes to Baku with good and bad memories. The Finn has won here before, but once lost the win on the last lap due to a puncture. “I hope to add some of the brighter sides this weekend,” he says.

A problem-free Friday would be important for him after missing a training session four times in a row. “If we could fix the mistakes then we would be using the full potential of our package. We know we can fight at the top if we can do it and that has to be the goal here too.”

11:31 a.m

Alfa Romeo wants to finish in the points with both cars

“We are going to Baku with the aim of continuing the development of our team this season,” said Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur before the race in Azerbaijan.

“We’ve worked really well so far and we can be happy with the results we’ve achieved. But we know that we have to keep working hard in every race to get the most out of every weekend. In Monaco we saw how close the gaps are: You can go from P6 to P16 in the blink of an eye.”

“I expect our car to be suitable for this circuit, but then again our C42 has performed well at all circuits so far. The targets are similar to the last races – to get as far as possible with both cars in qualifying and on Sunday to finish in the points with both.”

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Tsunoda: May not repeat Monaco

Yuki Tsunoda had his best result to date in seventh place in Baku and accordingly also has good memories – but like team-mate Gasly, bad memories of the most recent Monaco race.

“There aren’t many parts of the track that I don’t like in Baku. I particularly like sector 2 where it goes past the old buildings and there are a lot of overtaking opportunities, not just on the very long straight, so I like it in general ” says the Japanese.

“I hope we can have a clean week of racing in Azerbaijan and get some points. The team must have a strong weekend and do everything they can to get the best possible result. We must not repeat what happened in Monaco.”

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Gasly: ​​Defend 2021 result

Another pilot who travels to Baku with good memories is Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman may be suffering from a poor Monaco result, but he finished third on the podium in Baku last year. That gives him courage.

“I have a good feeling about this race because the track in Baku is all slow corners and we know that this year we tend to have problems in the high-speed corners, so I think the layout could suit us,” says he.

“We did really well here last year,” he recalls of his third place and fourth place on the grid before. “It was an excellent race for the team as Yuki [Tsunoda] also finished in the points as seventh. So we come to Baku to defend this result.”

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Sergio Perez: With a good feeling to Baku

Teammate Sergio Perez, who won his first race for Red Bull, benefited from Verstappen’s puncture. The Mexican comes to Baku with a good feeling anyway, because he travels to Azerbaijan as a newly crowned Monaco winner and with an extended contract.

“But we have to put the emotions aside and concentrate on the next race,” he says. “The fight for the championship is really close, so we have to be fully focused.”

“I like street circuits because this is where the driver can really make the difference. Of course it’s easier to make a mistake when you’re trying to drive at the limit, but at the end of the day it’s what gets you the tenths that you need to be competitive.”

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Verstappen: Still an open account with Baku

Max Verstappen looks ahead to Baku and still has something to make up for after last year’s puncture: “I’m looking forward to returning to Baku. We still have something to do there after last year,” he says.

“It’s a tricky track with large braking zones and a narrow run-off zone. It will be difficult to find the best set-up for the car to ensure that we have the right wing level,” continued the Dutchman.

“It will also be interesting to see if we can improve our performance over one lap for qualifying as we were a little lacking there.”

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Whats your opinion?

Should the budget limit be adjusted due to inflation, or will the teams just have to develop a little less? Please let us know what you think using the contact form.

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raise budget limit? Two camps

Should the budget cap be raised to deal with the inflation that is struggling many teams? There are two camps for this. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is in favor and had even brought up the threatening scenario that teams could skip four races.

He says that inflation triggered by war should definitely be considered “force majeure”. That’s why you should raise the budget limit.

Alfa Romeo’s team boss Frederic Vasseur is against it. For him, inflation, for whatever reason, is not force majeure and the teams would have known inflation was coming when the budget was drawn up late last year.

“And now it’s up to the teams to decide whether they want to develop the car all season and miss four races, or whether they want to slow down now and drive the whole season,” he says.

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What penalties can there be?

But what kind of penalties can there actually be for violating the Financial Regulations? Well, there are three options under 9.1: a) “Financial Penalty”, b) “Minor Sporting Penalty” or c) “Material Sporting Penalty”.

Williams received a financial penalty for his minor violation. Small sporting penalties include a warning, deduction of points in the drivers’ or constructors’ classification, exclusion from parts of an event (apart from the race), a reduction in the number of test opportunities or a reduction in the budget limit.

For the larger penalties, teams can also be disqualified from an entire event or even the entire championship.

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No deduction in the budget ceiling

Because some of you will surely ask yourself: No, the $25,000 does not count towards the budget limit (which Williams probably won’t reach anyway).

Because in the Financial Regulations, under the point Exceptions in Article 3.1.(m): “All Financial Penalties in respect of any breach of these Financial Regulations” – this means that financial penalties in connection with a breach of the Financial Regulations are not included in the Budget limits are included.

8:33 a.m

Williams: Violation of financial regulations

Honestly, when it comes to which team would be the first to break the new F1 financial regulations, Williams doesn’t exactly come to mind. But Jost Capito’s racing team has now been hit.

Williams failed to submit complete filing for fiscal year 2021 by the March 31, 2022 deadline. As a penalty, the racing team has to pay $25,000.

My colleague Kevin Hermann has compiled all further information for you here.

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Good morning!

It’s Wednesday and only two days left until we see moving cars again. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku is coming up and we will keep you in the mood for it here in the live ticker.

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