Formula 1 live ticker: Leclerc likely to be penalized in Montreal

Formula 1 live ticker: Leclerc likely to be penalized in Montreal
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10:15 p.m

Tomorrow more!

And that should be it for today. Stefan Ehlen (Twitter: @stefan_ehlen) says goodbye to the Formula 1 day sticker. Starting tomorrow I’ll be back in the session live ticker, and my colleague Ruben Zimmermann will do the daily ticker again. So then: Thank you for staying tuned today and see you tomorrow!

10:03 p.m

Another severe weather warning in Montreal

Everyone involved at the Montreal race track has just received another severe weather warning on their mobile phones. It warns of imminent severe thunderstorms, including: “Should the weather become threatening, seek shelter immediately.”

In addition to heavy thunderstorms, heavy rain showers in particular have been announced, but also winds at 100 km/h and hail. The possibility of tornadoes has also been reported.

You can find the weather forecast for the remainder of the weekend here!

9:58 p.m

How Schumacher explains his reluctance in Baku

In Baku, Mick Schumacher seemed careful not to make any more driving mistakes on the track. But is this impression correct? He explains his caution as follows: “We wanted a clean race and to have all the parts available for Montreal. We succeeded.” In other words: Haas didn’t want to risk being left without spare parts in back-to-back races.

Various technical problems in the training sessions made things more difficult, Schumacher continues. “We took a look: Before the race we had eight fast laps. That’s not very much. We still had a decent race, albeit with a few problems.”

He now wants to concentrate on achieving “good results”, says Schumacher. “It’s about being in the right place at the right time and also being lucky. When things go right, it’s definitely going to look very different.”

9:42 p.m

Schumacher: No doubts after Baku

Mick Schumacher is currently experiencing a lot of criticism, and in an interview with ‘Sky’ in Baku he was also “annoyed” that everything at Haas is not going smoothly for him. And on top of that he was significantly slower there than his teammate Kevin Magnussen.

Schumacher was asked in Montreal how he was dealing with the increased pressure. Answer: “The only pressure you put on yourself. It’s how you deal with it.”

“I said it in Baku and before that: I enjoy pressure in a way. I’ve faced it many times. And most of the time I’ve been successful. I don’t doubt my ability and I don’t doubt that it will be a good season. “

9:29 p.m

Storm in Montreal: Organizers postpone the program

The announced bad weather in Montreal was already a topic in the ticker today. Now the official Formula 1 organizer for paddock activities has reacted to this and postponed the program planned for Thursday afternoon to Saturday.

So anyone who has booked a pit walk, a guided route tour or photos with the World Cup trophy via F1 Experiences, for example, has to do without it today, but can still do so over the course of the weekend.

Reason: “We can [angesichts der Unwetter-Warnung] do not create a safe and reliable framework to guarantee a quality experience for our customers.”

Various media talks by the drivers in the Formula 1 paddock took place and are taking place normally in Montreal, partly in the open air.

9:22 p.m

Red Bull: Ferrari is a force on Saturdays

Ferrari may have had more breakdowns than points, but the direct opponents are warned: “Ferrari is fast and it even dominates on Saturdays,” says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. He assumes that Ferrari would have been defeated over the distance in Baku, but “you can’t know”.

That’s why Max Verstappen plans to improve his Saturday form so as not to fall behind in qualifying. He says: “For some reason we’re not as fast as Ferrari on Saturday. Maybe that will help us on Sunday, who knows?”

“But I want to have a bit more power there, just for me, on Saturday, just for the feeling in the car. It always feels a little better on Sundays. So we still have enough work to do to improve the car. And currently it seems as if we still have the most room for improvement, especially on Saturdays.”

9:06 p.m

The Ferrari troubles in Baku

A lot went wrong for Ferrari in Baku, because it wasn’t just the factory team that was stuck with technology, some of the customer teams also didn’t make it through the race. At least the failure of Guanyu Zhou at Alfa Romeo is not due to the drive manufacturer. More on that in this news!

8:54 p.m

Perez is sitting outside

The weather in Montreal can’t be that bad at the moment when Red Bull driver Sergio Perez sits in front of the hospitality area with his engineers and broods over important data – at least that’s how it looks in this picture by my colleague Adam Cooper.

What should the weather be like over the next few days? Our weather forecast provides detailed information about this. We also update this report daily on race weekend!


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