Formula 1 live ticker: Leclerc is not yet writing off the World Cup

Formula 1 live ticker: Leclerc is not yet writing off the World Cup
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Leclerc: “I know the pace is in the car”

Conversely, by the way, Ferrari does not want to write off the World Cup yet. “It motivates me,” says Leclerc with regard to his deficit and reminds: “We see that [in Kanada] Red Bull also had a few problems.”

What is meant is the failure of Perez. “Reliability will definitely play a major role,” he is certain. And the cops aren’t at 100 percent yet either. He also explains: “I know that the pace is in the car.”

So he’s not worried. “I’m just extremely motivated to finally have a clean weekend,” said the Monegasse. In fact, there have hardly been any of these lately…

3:01 p.m

made wet

Alfa Romeo’s Xevi Pujolar got a little refreshment after yesterday’s race. Background: He had bet that he would swim through the river once if you finished the race in P7.

Lucky for team boss Frederic Vasseur: he should have been part of a podium! But it didn’t go that well after all…

2:43 p.m

Wolff wishes an exciting World Cup

We heard earlier that he no longer sees his own team in the World Championship fight. Now he hopes at least for an exciting duel between Ferrari and Red Bull.

“That would be really good for Formula 1,” he says on ‘ORF’ and clarifies. “It would be better if it went all the way to the end and not decided in September.”

At the moment, however, Ferrari is “letting the ball fall”, giving up its good starting position. But as you know, that can change quickly…

2:22 p.m

Does a new approach help Sainz?

The first win didn’t work out again. But Canada was perhaps his best performance of the season. “Like I said a few races ago, I want to do it a little more race by race,” said the Spaniard.

“I don’t want to think too much about the championship or anything,” he explains. There is no reason for him to do so at the moment anyway, because he is already 73 points behind Verstappen. That’s almost three race wins.

But maybe the new approach will help him to at least finally tie his first Grand Prix victory in the near future!

14:00 clock

McLaren: What happened at the pit stop?

To be fair, Norris wouldn’t have scored even without the chaos. Still, McLaren didn’t look good there. “During the race we had some problems with our processes,” explains team manager Andreas Seidl.

“All in all, it was a communication problem during the pit stop. That caused the problem. We have to look at that and do better next time,” said Seidl.

Small consolation: Of course it’s better if something like this happens in a race that’s for the bin anyway. It would have been much more bitter if you had lost a good result as a result.

1:39 p.m

18 years ago today…

… Takuma Sato got his only Formula 1 podium. At the US GP in Indianapolis he finished third behind the Ferrari duo of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

The “Brickyard” should also bring luck to the Japanese in his career after Formula 1: in 2017 and 2020 he won the legendary Indy 500 twice!

Another side note of the race: Zsolt Baumgartner scored his only championship point for Minardi in eighth place. At the end of the year he had to leave Formula 1 anyway.

In contrast to Sato, he did not celebrate any great successes in motorsport afterwards…

Photo gallery: Formula 1 stars at the Indianapolis 500

1:18 p.m

Binotto criticizes race management

The safety car only deployed with a delay yesterday after Tsunoda took off. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto criticizes this: “I think it took a long time for the decision to send the safety car onto the track.”

This in turn made it very difficult for Ferrari to get Sainz into the pits and use the situation to his advantage.

Binotto’s complete statements are here!

1:03 p.m

The notes are here!

This is also rare: Nobody in the editorial department is actually really satisfied with the grades this time! Sometimes the opinions differed greatly, there was a lot of discussion and in the end a lot of compromises were made.

Ultimately we agreed on this:

Photo gallery: Montreal: The driver’s grades of the editors

12:40 p.m

Horner: Last laps “anything but comfortable”

After the start yesterday it actually looked like an easy win for Verstappen. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! “In the last ten laps or so it was anything but comfortable,” reports team boss Christian Horner on ‘Sky’.

“Max just couldn’t get out of the DRS window. The Ferrari was very fast on the straights. They managed to attack the curbs and follow closely. But we didn’t make any mistakes,” said Horner.

“Unfortunately, we lost communication with the car. It was one-way street radio: He could hear us, but we couldn’t hear him. But he didn’t need us too much either [in der Schlussphase]” he grins.

12:14 p.m

Hamilton: W13 set-up window narrower than ever

P3 in Montreal gives reason for “a lot of hope” for the team, says the record champion after his podium. Even more important, however, is the fact that the current Silver Arrow has “even more potential”.

The only catch: “It’s there if we get the set-up right. And that’s the difficult thing this year.” And the Mercedes has always been considered a diva in recent years…

His full statement is here!

11:52 a.m

Front wing: Magnussen doesn’t get it…

Already yesterday we heard Magnussen’s anger about the FIA โ€‹โ€‹here in the ticker. In the meantime he has repeated his criticism and made it clear: “The car was fine. The front wing was safe, it wasn’t broken.”

Nevertheless, the race control instructed him to pit for safety reasons. What particularly annoys Magnussen: “Think of Jeddah last year. Lewis Hamilton won the race with half a front wing.”

That was the “correct” decision at the time. “Let’s drive if we can,” he demands.

11:14 a.m

Mick hits 30

Through no fault of his own, the German failed to score a point in his 30th Formula 1 race yesterday. With this, we are slowly working “forward” in our photo series. Let’s hope we can finally delete it soon…

Photo gallery: Top 10: Formula 1 drivers with the most starts without points

10:55 a.m

Wolff writes off WM

The Mercedes team boss has never said that in 2022 as clearly as this weekend. “The train left a long time ago,” he replies to ‘Sky’ when asked whether the title in 2022 is still possible.

“What we want to do: We want to win races, using our own strength. And I think we can do that,” said Wolff. Will that even work out at the next race?

“Silverstone has always been good for us in the past. Now the question is whether that also applies to the new car. I think it’s better for us where there are fewer bumps,” said Wolff.

But he no longer believes in the World Cup.

10:37 a.m

Prominent Formula 1 “test drivers”

Nothing against Jehan. But the ladies and gentlemen in this photo series are a little better known than he is ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photo gallery: Prominent Formula 1 “test drivers”

10:24 a.m

Red Bull Junior tests McLaren

McLaren have just announced that Jehan Daruvala will be testing last year’s MCL35M at Silverstone this week. That’s remarkable and surprising, because the Indian is actually a Red Bull junior.

For Daruvala, who is currently third overall in Formula 2, it will be the first test in a Formula 1 car. In any case, we wish him a lot of fun!

10:09 a.m

Sainz: Why the hard tire at the end?

The Spaniard made his second stop under the safety car and could have put on soft tires for the final sprint. Instead, he went in pursuit of Verstappen on hard tires. Why not on softs?

He reminds that at the time of his stop there were still around 20 laps to go. “The Hard was definitely the fastest option,” he believes, recalling that his tires were fresher than Verstappen’s.

The risk with the soft would have been that the tire would not last to the end. But we’ll never know now…

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