Formula 1 live ticker: Keeping Hamilton was “extremely easy,” says Alonso

Formula 1 live ticker: Keeping Hamilton was “extremely easy,” says Alonso
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Alonso: “Extremely easy” to keep Hamilton at a distance

From lap 21 Fernando Alonso in the Alpine was directly ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. And it stayed that way, although Hamilton tried a lot to overtake Alonso. But Hamilton never got a real chance.

The fact that he frustrated Hamilton in this way was “not my problem,” says Alonso in retrospect. It was “very easy”, even “extremely easy”, to keep Hamilton at a distance. “That’s how it is in Monaco. And I love to keep people behind me.”

12:25 p.m

TV ratings Monaco: Sky cracks the million

For the third time this year, Sky has broken the million mark: 1.02 million viewers watched the Monaco Grand Prix 2022 on the German pay-TV broadcaster. The ORF in Austria also achieved good values. Find out more in our odds overview for the 2022 season!

12:07 p.m

There are signs of farewell – also with Ricciardo?

Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren may also have to say goodbye if you have heard the recent statements from team boss Zak Brown. In any case, all sunshine and sunshine is not (anymore) announced at McLaren. Our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll also dealt with this in his Monday column #Last Night, which can now also be seen and heard in video format – on the YouTube channel (subscribe for free!).

Ricciardo: Does his cockpit wobble at McLaren?

Is Daniel Ricciardo counted for McLaren? In addition to his column, Christian Nimmervoll explains why Monaco was not helpful. More Formula 1 videos

11:51 a.m

Au revoir, Monaco – exclamation mark or question mark?

Of course, where Williams just posted this tweet, I have to come back to a big topic again: It could have been the last Monaco Grand Prix. The contract with Formula 1 expires in 2022, an extension has not yet been sealed. Yesterday could theoretically have been a goodbye forever. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

In any case, there are good reasons on the part of Formula 1 why the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​at least counted. Read here which five factors speak against a continuation of the Formula 1 contract with Monaco in the current form…

11:41 a.m

missed analysis? No problem!

If you have some catching up to do today because there was a lot on offer yesterday with the 24h Nürburgring, MotoGP Mugello, Formula 1 Monaco, Indy 500 and NASCAR Charlotte (and a little more) – no problem! Our YouTube live stream of the Formula 1 race with the analysis by Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren is of course still perfect re-live to get the decisive moments in the Grand Prix classified!

Monaco: Perez may keep victory after protest!

We explain why the FIA ​​dismissed Ferrari’s protest against both Red Bulls. Confirmed as the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix: Perez. More Formula 1 videos

11:12 a.m

The qualifying and race duels in 2022

After the Monaco Grand Prix, the seventh race of the Formula 1 season in 2022, is there still a driver with a “clean record” because he has not yet lost a race comparison against his teammate? Spoilers: no, there isn’t. No longer! Because a driver scored his first “win” against his stable mate in Monaco…

More on this in our overview of the qualifying and race duels for the 2022 season!

10:30 am

Speaking of Perez…

You can guess three times who was voted “Driver of the Day” after the Monaco Grand Prix. Whereby: guessing once is probably enough. It became (of course) Sergio Perez.

How large has his share of the vote turned out in comparison to all previous election winners this season and in comparison to the other nominees in Monaco? And when Perez was “driver of the day” at the Monaco Grand Prix?

Answers to questions like these are provided in our detailed overview of Formula 1 spectator voting!

10:18 a.m

Perez is upside down

Of course there was the typical Red Bull winning picture last night in Monaco, this time in the Sergio Perez version. The pool at the energy station in the “paddock” at the port has proven its worth once again…

09:54 am

Hamilton: Just driving around

How maddened Lewis Hamilton was to be stuck behind Fernando Alonso for practically the entire race? He himself says: “It was kind of frustrating, but it is what it is. I just drove around behind him. In the end I could only drive in front of me, but not overtake.”

Without Alonso as a rolling chicane, Hamilton might have had a top 5 chance in the Grand Prix, says Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. “His pace was so good that with George [Russell] and Lando [Norris] could have fought. But you saw again: The position on the track is everything in Monaco.”

09:26 am

The #Last Night Monday Columns to Monaco

Monday is opinion day for us. As always after a Formula 1 race, two columns appeared after Monaco: one with the “good sleeper” and one with the “bad sleeper” after the recent Grand Prix.

In this article, editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll (on his Facebook page!) dealt with the question of where Daniel Ricciardo’s form has gone – and with the question of whether the Australian can still get the curve at McLaren.

And in this post, Norman Fischer describes (to his Facebook page!) why Sergio Perez is the big winner in Monaco by any measure.

9:11 a.m

That was the Monaco Grand Prix 2022 – in pictures!

The photo highlights of the Formula 1 race in Monaco: A number of photos of the Grand Prix that are worth seeing are currently being added to our photo gallery. So make a pit stop and enjoy the great photos from Motorsport Images!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022, Sunday

8:54 a.m

Mattia Binotto admits “mistakes”.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has admitted his team did something wrong in the Monaco race. “We certainly made mistakes in our assessment,” he said after the Grand Prix. “We also made mistakes in our decisions.”

For example, “the pace of the intermediates was underestimated,” he explains, and “the distance to the other cars in relation to their position on the track” was also incorrectly estimated by Ferrari. “We have to look at this process again.”

However, it was a “rather complicated race”, emphasizes Binotto. The strategic decisions were “not obvious”. In retrospect, Charles Leclerc would have been better left on rain tires without going on intermediates with him. “Then we would have held the position and perhaps switched to slicks straight away,” says Binotto. “But now the mistakes are made.”

8:43 a.m

Ferrari: Strategy debriefing to follow

The Ferrari pit strategy will also have to be discussed. If only because Charles Leclerc thundered loudly in the race that he didn’t agree with what his team was doing. “But we didn’t have the time to discuss it,” says Leclerc. Everything happened so quickly in the race. “We still have to analyze it now.”

Confusion set in, among other things, because Ferrari Leclerc was called to the pits, but shortly afterwards the command post said he should stay outside. And Leclerc also reacted angrily because he had been brought in to change from rain tires to intermediates, but his teammate Carlos Sainz continued to drive on rain tires – and therefore passed him.

“It hurts, especially at the home race,” says Leclerc. “But that’s the way it is now and we’ll work through it together. We had everything it takes to win. It went incredibly well in the wet. But then everything went against us.”

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto, however, is much less clear. He speaks of a “complex situation” to which answers will only be given “a little later”. “We have to go into a little more detail first and understand what exactly happened in the next few days.”

8:24 a.m

Why Ferrari protested Red Bull

A headline after the Formula 1 race yesterday was: Ferrari protests against Red Bull! And this is how Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto explains why his racing team did it:

“Initially, we lodged the protest because we wanted clarification. So the object of the protest was not to take action against Red Bull. We wanted clarification on an issue that was clearly unclear to us,” he explains.

It’s about the yellow line at the exit of the pit lane. “In the past was [das Überfahren dieser Linie] always punished with five penalty seconds,” says Binotto. “It is also very clear in the notes of the race director, since [dem Rennen in der] Turkey 2020, I think, to avoid misunderstandings. You have to stay to the right of the line.”

At Red Bull it looked as if there was a violation of the rules. “That’s why we just want clarification, because for us it’s clear. That’s the purpose of the protest.”

The sports commissioners, however, rejected the protest. Read the rationale here!

8:18 a.m

The day after!

Hello and welcome to the Formula 1 live ticker! It’s the day after the Monaco Grand Prix 2022 and we have to talk – about everything that happened yesterday between crossing the finish line and the Indy 500 Watchalong. Because that’s where our daily ticker rested for once. So here comes the processing of the Monaco finish with all its facets!

At the steering wheel in the ticker is Stefan Ehlen again today (Twitter: @stefan_ehlen). And we start directly with a very important topic …

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