Formula 1 live ticker: IndyCar test for Sebastian Vettel?

Formula 1 live ticker: IndyCar test for Sebastian Vettel?
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Quitting time

With that we say goodbye to the live ticker for today. Tomorrow Ruben Zimmermann will be there for you again, who will start the middle of the week. Until then, Norman Fischer wishes you a pleasant rest of the day – goodbye!

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Three drivers in pure racing vests

There are currently three drivers who have a clean record compared to their teammates in the race duels: Charles Leclerc (against Carlos Sainz), Esteban Ocon (against Fernando Alonso) and Alexander Albon (against Nicholas Latifi) have a better result in every race than her teammate scored.

It would be similar for Valtteri Bottas if he hadn’t dropped out in Jeddah, and also for Max Verstappen, although he and Perez were still rated despite their late failures in Bahrain – with Perez ahead of Max.

You can find a detailed overview of all qualifying and race duels here.

2:26 p.m

FIA: Formula 1 should avoid clash with Le Mans

On June 12, both the Formula 1 race in Baku and the 24-hour race in Le Mans will take place. However, it is best to avoid such an overlap between Formula 1 and the famous long-distance classic, says FIA Vice President Robert Reid. Especially for the coming year, Formula 1 should see that there is no duplication.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to say that we shouldn’t meet next year and that should become the norm,” said Reid during a visit to the WEC round at Spa last weekend. “I would be in favor of there being no clashes in general and next year in particular.”

The background is the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans race, which was held for the first time in 1923.

The problem: While the FIA ​​approves the calendar for the WEC and other series, Formula 1 decides its own calendar. And: It is becoming increasingly difficult to find dates on which Formula 1 does not drive. “We’re just running out of weekends,” says Reid.

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Leclerc: Not well defended against Verstappen?

Didn’t Charles Leclerc defend himself hard enough in the fight for the lead in Miami? The Ferrari driver stayed outside when Max Verstappen attacked on the way into Turn 1 – there was no real block there.

Now Leclerc explains the reason for this: “The grip on Friday and Saturday was a disaster,” he says. “So I didn’t expect Max to have that much grip. But I think it was much better for the race today.”

“Looking back on the race you can always do better but I thought at that moment the right thing to do was stay on the racing line and try to optimize the braking point, which I did – but it didn’t work out. “

1:31 p.m

55 years ago today: Bandini died as a result of an accident

We also have a sad anniversary to report today: 55 years ago today, Lorenzo Bandini died as a result of his accident in Monaco. The Italian had a serious accident in the port chicane in 1967 when he was second.

His Ferrari crashed into a bollard secured with straw bales and burst into flames. Bandini was able to be pulled out of the burning Ferrari by a marshal, but because a long time had passed by then and Bandini had suffered third-degree burns, he died three days later.

It is said that Bandini drove carelessly after the long race distance. For the coming year, the race distance in Monaco has been reduced from 100 to 80 laps. Even today, Monaco is the only race that is less than 300 kilometers long.

12:56 p.m

Albon’s animals are happy about points

In addition to Williams, Alexander Albon’s numerous pets can also be happy if the Thai scores points like in Miami. Because they always get something from the fast-food chain Nando’s, as the team reveals.

The team also reveal that Albon is one of the biggest slobs in front of the Lord who tends to forget things. Already on the first day you had to go through almost every garbage can to find Albon’s lost keys.

Even George Russell made sure he got two keycards to the Grove headquarters. “Alex loses everything. That’s terrible,” says the Briton.

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Nick Heidfeld turns 45!

Greetings go out to Nick Heidfeld, who is celebrating his 45th birthday today. All the best, Quick Nick!

Between 2000 and 2011, the man from Mönchengladbach drove a total of 183 Formula 1 races for Prost, Sauber, Jordan, Williams, BMW and Lotus. Heidfeld secured a pole position and finished on the podium 13 times. He also holds a record: the most podium finishes without a Grand Prix victory.

He came close in Montreal in 2008, but had to give way to BMW-Sauber team-mate Robert Kubica, who had clinched his only Formula 1 victory at the time.

After Formula 1, Heidfeld also competed in long-distance races in Formula E. Unfortunately, he did not win there either, although he almost won the first Formula E race in history. A collision in the last corner of the race with Nicolas Prost ended the dreams of victory.

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Are you Formula 1 experts?

Then prove it in our Formula 1 quiz! From easy to difficult questions, everything is included! There are also questions about the Miami Grand Prix: For example, what special feature the race drew attention to. Was it an artificially irrigated track? A real jungle? Or is it a fake marina?

Well, you should be able to do that. But don’t worry: there are also trickier ways. How many points do you score?


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