Formula 1 live ticker: Headwind for Wolff after harsh criticism

Formula 1 live ticker: Headwind for Wolff after harsh criticism
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Experts criticize Wolff and Mercedes

Toto Wolff finds some of his colleagues “sneaky” and “pathetic” because they publicly speak out against intervention by the FIA ​​in the matter of porpoising. For these statements, the Mercedes team boss is now getting headwind from some experts.

“If a team is not able to build a car that the driver can drive without pain, then the FIA ​​is not responsible, but the team,” explains Christian Danner at ‘Sport1’, for example.

“You can tune a car like this and make it softer. Then the car is unfortunately slower, but at least you can drive it,” emphasizes Danner. Jacques Villeneuve, world champion from 1997, sees it very similarly.

In his column for ‘’ he accuses Wolff of a “campaign” and writes: “In the past few years they have always done everything to keep their lead. Now they have built a bad car. That’s their problem, not that of the FIA.”

“Other teams have solved it too. Why should they be penalized with a possible rule change?” said Villeneuve.

11:40 a.m

Marko believes in increasing the budget ceiling

It’s no longer a secret that inflation, increased transport costs and the like have meant that many teams will not be able to meet the budget cap this year. Helmut Marko therefore firmly expects an increase.

“I think the first four teams, including McLaren, are all already above the cost cap,” he says on Sky, explaining that the transport costs have “in some cases increased by 80 percent”. “And then there was the Ukraine war.”

“There will definitely be an increase and we all hope that we are back in the green with this increase,” said Marko. However, not all teams currently agree to an increase. Nevertheless, Marko expects a correction.

“The next World Council is in Austria on the Friday of the race weekend. And I think that hopefully there will be clarification by then,” says Marko.

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Laid Off Drivers

Okay, of course, the Masepin case doesn’t really fit into this photo series because Haas threw him out before the first race. Nevertheless, the topic is quite obvious at this point!

Photo gallery: 15 Formula 1 drivers who have been sacked during the current season

10:24 a.m

Award for Michael Schumacher

Even long after his Formula 1 retirement, “Schumi” continues to receive awards. Now he will receive the State Prize of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. “There are few people in Germany who have shaped an entire sport as much as Michael Schumacher has shaped racing,” says Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst.

Schumacher received the award “for his outstanding international sporting achievements as a world-class racing driver, in recognition of his exemplary social commitment and for his services to his home state of North Rhine-Westphalia,” said Wüst.

The awards ceremony will take place on July 20th. Mrs. Corinna and his children Gina and Mick accept the award.

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Off to the water

Already on Monday we reported that Alfa Romeo’s Xevi Pujolar ended up in a river in Montreal after losing a bet. So did Angela Cullen!

Before the race, she had promised that she would jump in the water if Hamilton made it onto the podium. And that’s how it happened, as you know.

You can find out here who the woman at the side of the record world champion actually is!

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Williams relies on updates

Currently the FW44 is not good enough for points. Only in Melbourne and Miami did Albon (surprisingly) make it into the top 10. Teammate Latifi is even completely without points in 2022.

In Canada, Albon was 13th and explained that he couldn’t have done better. The hope is now on the home race at Silverstone, where there should be a major update.

“Everyone had upgrades, but we haven’t had a big one for a long time,” Albon recalls and explains: “Hopefully we can [in Silverstone] see how our updates work.”

It is currently not certain whether these will be ready in time.

09:35 am

Ecclestone doesn’t believe in Ferrari

Has Ferrari’s World Cup train already left after the problems of the past few weeks? In any case, ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone no longer gives the Scuderia any good chances.

He reveals to ‘Blick’: “I hoped with many people that Ferrari would do it again after more than 14 years. Unfortunately, I have to say that anyone who continues to put their money on Ferrari or Leclerc will get nothing!”

“Errors are creeping in again at Ferrari, the reliability is often reminiscent of the old days and the drivers themselves are not always confident on the road,” he criticizes and explains that Red Bull is currently having an “easy game”.

Ferrari is 76 points behind the Bulls in the World Cup, while Leclerc is 49 points behind Verstappen among the drivers.

09:18 am

Piastri ahead of FT1 debut in France

Because we are dealing with young drivers today: Oscar Piastri is about to make his first FT1 appearance at Alpine. According to our information, it will be at the Alpine home game in France in July.

Otmar Szafnauer only officially confirms that the Piastri debut should happen “soon”. “We can reveal that it won’t be at Silverstone,” said the team boss.

The race after next in Spielberg can actually also be ruled out, since it is a sprint weekend and there is only one practice session before qualifying.

An overview of all Friday drivers this year can be found here!

8:24 a.m

Sorry from vips

Incidentally, the young driver’s apology was not long in coming. On Instagram he writes: “The language is completely unacceptable and does not reflect my values ​​​​and principles.”

“I deeply regret my actions,” said Vips, who announced, “I will fully cooperate with the investigation.” The 21-year-old made his Formula 1 debut in Barcelona when he was allowed to drive FT1 for Red Bull.

Further deployments are not to be expected for the time being.

8:15 a.m

Red Bull suspends young drivers

Bad news for all fans of Jüri Vips: The Red Bull junior not only crashed while in the lead at the last Formula 2 race in Baku. To make matters worse, he has now been suspended from Red Bull!

However, the background is not his athletic performance but a gaming stream in which Vips used a racist word. Red Bull then released a statement on Tuesday evening announcing the suspension.

A “full investigation” has been announced, it says. They are pursuing a “zero tolerance policy” on the subject of racism, according to the cops. It is therefore initially unclear how things will continue with Vips.

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