Formula 1 live ticker: Binotto admits: reliability “a concern”

Formula 1 live ticker: Binotto admits: reliability “a concern”
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5:08 p.m

Consistency is that important

Actually crazy: Mercedes has no car this year that can compete with the Ferrari. Nevertheless, you are only 38 points behind the Scuderia in the World Cup. In terms of drivers, Russell is even ahead of Sainz and just 17 points behind Leclerc.

This shows how important reliability is this year. Because while Ferrari has the most of all teams with five failures, Mercedes has not had a single failure so far this year.

Helmut Marko explains on ‘Sky’: “You can see with consistency how Mercedes is doing: Russell […] is not that far off in the points.” The Brit is still the only driver to have finished all races in the top 5.

17:00 o’clock

Latifi: Run the race before the start

The Canadian fumes about his stop-and-go penalty, explaining: “The penalty ruined everything before [das Rennen] started at all.” He would have wished for a little “forbearance” on the part of the race stewards.

“I was just pushed back, nothing was changed on the car,” he shakes his head. Dave Robson also speaks of a merely “minor” offense for which there was a severe penalty.

But rules are rules – and Robson knows that too. “It was our fault,” he admits, explaining that we just have to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

4:52 p.m

Ricciardo: Go both ways

By the way: Ricciardo thinks it’s only fair that Norris was not allowed to attack him in the end. Because in the first stint he could have overtaken Norris “easily” too, but for the sake of the team he didn’t do it.

“I think the hard tire was the better one,” he says and explains: “We were faster at the beginning and there was a team order. In the end, Lando was faster on the hard and there was a team order again.”

In the end it went both ways. He did Norris or the team a favor at the beginning – and then he got it back in the end.

4:44 p.m

Norris: Team’s decision “accepted”

The Briton was no longer allowed to attack his team-mate at the end of the race. Of course he wasn’t happy about it, but he can understand the team’s decision. He stresses that he could have overtaken Ricciardo if he had wanted to.

“But I stuck to what we decided as a team,” said Norris, who admits that it was “tough” for him. Ultimately, Ricciardo was just “lucky” with the VSC and therefore landed in front of him.

Nevertheless, he “accepted” the decision not to attack the Australian in the end. Especially since it didn’t make a big difference for him to finish eighth or ninth.

4:37 p.m

Sainz: Just don’t get into a run

The Spaniard was eliminated today for the third time this year. The next setback after P2 in Monaco. He is therefore annoyed: “Every time I drive a good race, something happens in the next race. 2022 was extremely frustrating in that regard.”

The complete Ferrari statements after the Baku debacle are here!

4:29 p.m

Gasly after P5: “Perfect weekend”

P5 was by far the Frenchman’s best result of the season. He is therefore pleased: “It was a pretty perfect weekend from our side and came at exactly the right time.” The start of the season didn’t go according to plan at all.

“If we fight with Mercedes, then that means we’re doing our job right,” he says with satisfaction. In the end, however, he was no longer able to keep Hamilton behind him because he was “so much faster” on fresher tires.

However, he also knows that the balance of power in midfield is shifting from track to track this year. The Baku result does not necessarily mean that AlphaTauri will be as strong again in Canada next week.

4:21 p.m

Ferrari: grid penalties at the end of the season?

The reliability issues alone are bad enough. However, it is doubly bitter that they could result in a whole rat’s tail – in the form of grid penalties.

“I think Leclerc is already on the third engine. That means he will have to change at least once or twice and that means he has a grid penalty,” says Helmut Marko on ‘ServusTV’.

That could still play a decisive role in the World Championship fight. An overview of all engine penalties this year can be found here!

4:15 p.m

it’s been a long time…

Due to Leclerc’s failure, Perez has moved up to P2 in the World Cup. For the first time in ten years, two Red Bull drivers are leading the ranking! That was the case after the 2011 Belgium GP with Vettel and Mark Webber.

Incidentally, for Perez it is also the best World Cup placement of his career so far. The Mexican has never been so far ahead in the World Cup.

4:09 p.m

Vettel on bouncing: “Have to find a solution”

Although according to Vettel, bouncing at Aston Martin is not as bad as with other teams, he explains on ‘ServusTV’: “We have to find a solution. […] It can’t be that we’ve been driving around like this for four years.”

He calls on the FIA ​​to act. He warns: “At some point it will bang – and it will bang properly. And then everyone stands there and says: ‘Yes, we have [mit] talked to you guys about it before.'”

In addition to the Mercedes drivers, for example, the McLaren drivers were also shaken up quite a bit today.

4:01 p.m

Bottas: Zhou “in a different league”

No counters today for Alfa Romeo either. While Zhou was at least in the points when he had to retire, Bottas ended up an ungrateful 11th. “It almost feels like something is fundamentally wrong,” he muses.

“Even Williams was faster than us at the end of the race,” he shrugs and explains: “That’s not where our car should be.” Today he had “no chance” to keep up with his team-mate’s times.

“He was in a different league – almost a second faster, which is pretty strange for me,” he marvels. Answers must now be found before Canada.

3:53 p.m

Magnussen: Points might have been possible

At least the second Haas pilot in the field could have scored today. But there was also a known problem with the drive. He thinks he could have fought for “P8, P9 or something”.

He’s not quite sure though. At least the pace was definitely better than in qualifying. Ultimately, however, Haas was again without points in the fourth race in a row.

There is not much left of the good form of the beginning of the season.

3:47 p.m

Vettel: Happy with P6 despite mistakes

Things went better for the second German driver with P6. But: Vettel did not have a flawless race. “Satisfaction prevails,” he clarifies on “Sky” and says with regard to his braking: “I really wanted to pass.”

“We were faster on the fresh tires. We had a great pit stop and were able to overtake Lewis,” he recalls and explains that he then wanted to grab Ocon as well.

“But it was a bit tight and I wasn’t quite sure,” said Vettel, who therefore decided to take the emergency exit. “Without the spin, we would have had an easier race and might have finished fifth,” he admits.

“But all in all, I think it was a good weekend for us,” he said with satisfaction.

3:42 p.m

Schumacher: Pace only came at the end

P14 and once again a race to forget. This was also due to a somewhat strange strategy, because Schumacher started on the hard tires, but then switched to medium very early on at the VSC.

“We then came in because we thought we had a problem with the tyres,” he explains the strange change at ‘Sky’ and adds: “It was only at the very end, in the last stint, that we actually had the had the usual pace.”

“But then it was already too late and everything was too far away,” he shrugs his shoulders and sums up: “The whole weekend [war] already difficult with the first training session, which didn’t go quite so well, so the second training session wasn’t great either [war].”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that things get better in Canada…

3:37 p.m

Hamilton: “I just bit through it”

The Brit himself has since commented on ‘Sky’ and explained: “I just choked through it because of the pain and the adrenaline. I can’t tell you how much pain it is, especially on the straights.”

“You end up just praying for it to stop,” he admits. After all: “But we were still in such a good position. P3 and P4, that’s a great result for the team. The strategy was great.”

“Once we’ve got the bouncing under control, then we’re in the running,” he is convinced and explains: “But we’ll definitely have a second like this [pro Runde] lost only with the bouncing. Or: at least a second.”

3:31 p.m

First double failure since Monza 2020

Ferrari went without a point today for the first time since Le Castellet last year. The last double failure is even longer ago. It was in Monza in 2020 when Vettel was still driving for the Scuderia.

The Leclerc failure is here again in the video:

3:26 p.m

Wolff: Bouncing is “also in the bones”

The Mercedes team boss talks about Hamilton’s physical problems in his media round that is currently underway. He reveals that bouncing gets in the spine and could have serious “consequences” for the drivers.

He had previously explained to ‘Sky’: “I only saw him in the pictures. Not good. I think it’s not just muscular now, it’s [dass] it also goes into the bones.”

It is therefore “of course” a health issue. “I think the drivers put their heads together and all but one said it was a problem,” reports Wolff.

Will the FIA ​​react?

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