Formula 1 live ticker: According to Rosberg, Verstappen is “off the track”!

Formula 1 live ticker: According to Rosberg, Verstappen is “off the track”!
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And with that Stefan Ehlen says goodbye (Twitter: @stefan_ehlen) for today from the Formula 1 live ticker. Thank you for being part of this Monaco Friday. And I’d love to come back on Saturday when the first big highlight of the weekend is due: qualifying at the Circuit de Monaco. See you then!

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The facts of the day

The most important facts about Formula 1 Friday in Monaco: here in our photo gallery to browse through. For quick information at the end of a long training day.

7:54 p.m

Bottas annoyed by series of breakdowns at Alfa Romeo

For the fourth time in a row, Valtteri Bottas did not complete Friday training. This time a faulty MGU-K held him back – and earned him a speeding fine to boot. “The MGU-K was still running and I couldn’t slow down even though I was driving in the limiter,” he explains. “Strange number!”

Bottas describes the fact that he was only able to ride part of the first training session as “bad luck” and says: “I’m already closed [Teamchef] fred [Vasseur] I said, I won’t be in Baku until Friday evening. I don’t think we can afford too many incidents now because the season is long.”

In the specific case, however, it was a “different problem” than previous defects. “We couldn’t do much there. But in Monaco you need every lap and with the traffic here you don’t get that many clean laps before qualifying.”

A place in the top 10 should be possible for Alfa Romeo, Bottas estimates.

7:49 p.m

Ricciardo: How the crash happened

How McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo experienced his accident in second free practice? So: “We probably wanted too much with the set-up and overdid it. You don’t realize that until you try it. And it’s on my first one [fliegenden] round happened.”

It happened “quickly”, Ricciardo continues. “I tried to save the car, but actually lost it at the beginning of turn 13. I felt the car go away from under me. I couldn’t hold it then.”

He’s sorry that he missed practically the entire second unit. “But I’m fine and we’ll be ready again tomorrow. The morning was good, so we’ll build on that,” says Ricciardo. “Lando [Norris] sold pretty well in the second practice session. So yes, we can still fight back.”

7:25 p.m

Tsunoda: Another warning, then penalty!

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda received his fourth warning of the current Formula 1 season in Monaco. Another warning will automatically result in a ten-place shift back on the grid. (Call up the current overview of penalty points here!)

So far, Tsunoda has attracted attention by “unnecessarily slowing down” in Melbourne and by stopping Sebastian Vettel in the same place and stopping Charles Leclerc in Bahrain. In Monaco, the Japanese driver held up Denmark’s Kevin Magnussen, who had to drive straight through the harbor chicane.

The stewards say: “You don’t normally give this kind of penalty for obstructing free practice, but this incident was serious enough to [eine Verwarnung] to pronounce.”

Tsunoda does not see the situation as crystal clear as the sports commissioners and says: “From my point of view it is [die Hafenschikane] the only place to pass someone. And it’s difficult to let anyone through.”

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Video: Vettel’s moment of shock at the swimming pool

“It was a mistake. I shouldn’t come across at this point,” says Sebastian Vettel. “I guess I was a bit lucky there too. My heart rate has definitely increased.”

7:07 p.m

Mercedes “really difficult to drive,” says Russell

Even George Russell does not seem impressed by the Mercedes form on Monaco Friday. The car is “really difficult to drive,” he says. “And these vehicles are set up so stiffly. It’s not easy to push the car to the limit on a street circuit. That’s one of the biggest difficulties.”

Ferrari, on the other hand, move over the curbs with ease. “We already saw that in Imola,” says Russell. “It’s obviously playing into their hands at the moment. And I’m not sure if we can close that gap.”

Of course, Mercedes will try to optimize the set-up of the Silver Arrow overnight. “But I really don’t know what else we can do with the car,” says Russell. “We’re doing everything possible to make it easier for ourselves, to get more confidence. I don’t feel too bad after Friday, but it could be better.”

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Hamilton: The bouncing is “different” than before

In Barcelona, ​​the Mercedes was better than ever in the 2022 season. But in Monaco, bouncing is back. What’s more, according to Lewis Hamilton, the effect is “unlike what we’ve experienced before.” He explains: “It’s also happening at low speeds now, so it’s not aerodynamics. It’s probably aggravated by the bumps on the track.” He had to “fight” to get a round. “And I can’t remember that it’s ever been like that. Your eyes almost pop out of your head.”

That’s why Hamilton is preparing for a midfield position: “As expected, we’re not as fast as Ferrari or Red Bull here. We have to try to stay ahead of McLaren at the moment.”


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