Fishing in V Rising: How to make a fishing rod and catch fish

Fishing in V Rising: How to make a fishing rod and catch fish
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In V Rising you can not only kill the animals of the forest and recycle their raw materials, but also fishing fish. Frighteningly quiet work for any nocturnal sucker, but still worth casting a line for. In this little fishing guide, we’ll tell you how to get a fishing rod, find the best places to fish and get rare resources.

How to get a fishing rod in V Rising

You can’t catch fish in V Rising without a fishing rod. With a recipe you can produce the important tool. Otherwise you won’t get the recipe, first you have to defeat Rufus the foreman and drink his blood. This boss isn’t too high at level 20, so you can challenge him early in the game at his camp in Farbane.

After drinking the boss’s blood, you’ll unlock the Fishing Rod recipe. You can also get the blueprint for the wooden workbench from him. Practical, because you need this to make the fishing tool.

Now return to your hiding place and set up your wooden workbench. You can find them by pressing the “B” key and looking under the “Crafting” tab. To craft a wooden bench, you need the following resources:

This is how you make a fishing rod in the wooden workbench

In order to craft a fishing rod, you need special materials that you need to find if you don’t already have them. These are:

8 boards 4 copper ingots 4 coarse threads

You can get Copper Bars by mining Copper Ores in the Furnace. You can’t make coarse threads yourself, you can steal them from many opponents in the open world. The best way to do this is to drop by one of the camps scattered throughout the forests of Farbane, or simply glean them from the corpses of your human victims.

V Rising: How to fish for fish

Once you have made the fishing rod, you can equip it and start looking for the next water source. You’ll most commonly find such spots in Farbane Forest, the Silverlight Hills, or Dunley Farmland. A calm lake is a bad lake. Keep an eye out for waves on the water surface. Only in such a place you can fish.

Wherever there is bubbles, you can go fishing in V Rising. This is what a good fishing spot looks like.

Now click with the right mouse button on the bubbling water and wait. When the water starts to glow, press the left mouse button. If the timing is right, you should pull out a fish, which will then automatically move from the fishing rod to your inventory – if there is room for it there, of course.

Fish are great in V Rising not because of their healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but because of the many resources you can get from them. These include fish oil, fish bones and scales. All of these materials are used in various crafting recipes. Random items, blueprints for cosmetic items and junk can also be extracted from the fish if you are lucky.

Depending on the type of fish and its quality, you will find these resources in different distributions. You need fish oil for the production of flawless leather – very important for the production of good endgame gear! With fish bones you conjure up some rat snacks and scales are important materials for armor that should withstand even the strongest bosses.

Other useful tips for V Rising:

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