FIFA 22: Players have been playing “Golden Goal” for months – it’s now an official mode

FIFA 22: Players have been playing “Golden Goal” for months – it’s now an official mode
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In FIFA 22 there is a new mode that adopts the “Golden Goal” system established by players as an official rule: after a goal it’s simply over.

What is golden goal? In FIFA 22 there are numerous weekly goals in which you can earn rewards – for example the “Icon Swaps”. To do this, you usually have to fulfill certain tasks in the “Friendly Match” mode: score goals, make preparations, win games, complete games and the like.

However, since this is time-consuming and many players do not want to play entire games for these goals, the “Golden Goal” mechanism has already established itself in the community in FIFA 21.

This continued in FIFA 22: Many players end the game after the first goal – then whoever scores the first goal wins. This is not an official rule, but is practiced by many players.

This idea has the advantage that you get rewards faster. On the other hand, some players didn’t like this system either and preferred to play entire games – just for the fun of the game. If an opponent then stopped the game in the expectation of being given the win after a hit, it could be annoying.

Now there is a new mode in the Friendlies section. And it leaves no questions unanswered as to who will win after the first goal.

This is how the official “Golden Goal” mode works

That is new: In FIFA 22 there is now a new variant of friendlies, which are themed “goal handicap”. Here the game does not primarily end after 90 minutes have elapsed, but after a certain number of goals have been scored. The game only goes over 90 minutes and extra time if no player has scored the required number of goals by then.

If you look at Ultimate Team now, you will find the “First Goal Cup”. It runs until June 9th, 2022 and the rules are clear: Whoever scores the first goal wins the game straight away.

However, there are a few restrictions: On the one hand, you can only take part in this cup 5 times a day. In addition, only players from Ligue 1 with a maximum of one loan player are allowed – this fits in with the current TOTS event, which focuses on the French first division.

Is there anything to win? Yes, there are some First Goal Cup goals. You can win 50 XP and various pack rewards for each win here. If you complete the entire series of tasks, you will receive a Rare Player Pack – one of the best packs in FIFA 22.

Do you need tips to get more wins? Here you can find them:

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You should pay attention to this: Since it only takes one goal to win, there can be an unfair advantage: for the team kicking off. Therefore, be particularly careful if your opponent has the kick-off in the game – it is not uncommon for the first goal to be scored immediately after the kick-off.

In addition, many players will play extremely offensively in order to score the first goal quickly. It’s a good tactic, but it also opens up the possibility of counterattacks.

However, safe possession of the ball can also be worthwhile. Because you can’t concede a goal if your opponent just can’t get the ball.

Is the official Golden Goal mode for you? Or do you prefer to hang around in the other modes? Tell us in the comments.

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