FIFA 22: 5 strong TOTS players under 50,000 coins for your team

FIFA 22: 5 strong TOTS players under 50,000 coins for your team
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In FIFA 22, the TOTS cards turn the game upside down. Here are five players who don’t break the bank, but who perform.

What is this list? The TOTS event in FIFA 22 brings a lot of powerful cards into play. Sprinters, dribblers, defensive edges, string pullers – pretty much everything is included.

Unfortunately, many TOTS cards are extremely expensive. But that doesn’t apply to everyone! Because there are also cheap cards that take your team to the next level.

Just recently we looked at 5 powerful TOTS maps for a maximum of 30,000 coins. This time we’re going to take a little jump up – which cards are worth playing in the 30,000 to 50,000 coin range?


Price: approx. 44,500 coins

This is what sets Antony apart: As a Brazilian, Antony is an exciting card because he can be easily integrated into “typical” teams without losing a lot of chemistry. It doesn’t bother that his league, the Eredivisie, is rather difficult to link.

When it comes to stats, Antony is primarily for tricksters: the winger is incredibly fast and has almost perfect dribbling stats. The whole thing is supplemented by 5-star skills.

Shots and passes also look good, there are only negative points in defense. But overall a versatile, exciting offensive player.

Ibrahima Sangare

FIFA 22 Sangare

Price: about 41,750

This is what makes Sangaré so special: If you’re looking at Eredivisie cards anyway like Antony, Sangaré is also a great option. The midfielder has near-ideal stats to blast away anything in midfield that tries to run towards your goal.

94 defense, 97 physique, plus sub-stats like 98 stamina or 99 interception – that’s tough in itself. In addition, there is a very decent pace and useful shooting, passing and dribbling values.

Overall, Sangaré can be a great addition to your midfield – if you can build him into your team.

John McGinn

FIFA 22 John McGinn

Price: about 43,000 coins

This is what makes McGinn stand out: McGinn is definitely interesting for all players who like funny dynamic pictures in their team – the glasses cheer never gets old.

Apart from that, McGinn also has great stats for a versatile midfielder. In fact, you can put it in any position without getting a brutal drop in performance.

However, he is perfectly suited to his traditional position in central midfield, where he can be used both as a clearer and as an offensive motor.

Equip him with a Shadow style and it’ll be hard to outplay him. On top of that, as a Premier League player, he will be easy for many players to link to.

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Jeremy Frimpong

FIFA 22 Frimpong

Price: about 44,000 coins

This is what Frimpong is all about: Tempo 99 should probably be mentioned first, but high dribbling and good defensive and physique values ​​make Frimpong a pretty well positioned right-back.

His passing values ​​are also in the 80s, with crosses and short passes even above 90. If you are looking for a right-back to move forward, who then distributes the ball into the middle, Frimpong is a good solution.

The Bundesliga player is only a bit thin when it comes to shot values. Frimpong is not really a goal threat. But: He should also prevent goals. It’s a great alternative if you’ve missed Da Costa.

Sergio Canales

FIFA 22 Canales

Price: about 50,000

This is what Canales is all about: The Spaniard’s card just dropped below 50,000 and is a rare occurrence in the volatile market – timing can be a factor here. But you can find him more often for 52,000.

Apart from the price, however, other numbers are decisive – namely those on the card. And they are fierce: Pace, shots, passes and dribbling – everything over 90. It can hardly be more versatile on the offensive.

And: If you give Sergio Canales an anchor style, then you also raise the defense and the physique above 90. He is finally a true Swiss army knife for your team that can play more or less any role.

But he is best kept in midfield and on the outside positions. There he can revive your offensive.

What cards are on your team right now? Do you need some TOTS cards – or is your team already packed to the brim? Tell us in the comments!

In addition, FIFA 23 is slowly coming closer – the last, “typical” FIFA. After that, the paths of EA Sports and FIFA separate. You can read what that could mean for FIFA 23 here.

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