FC Bayern: marriage-off with Julian Nagelsmann

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One of the few photos together: Julian Nagelsmann with his wife Verena in 2017. © imago/Jan Huebner

Julian Nagelsmann and his wife Verena will go their separate ways in the future. The couple split after 15 years together.

Munich – They met each other in the schoolyard in Landsberg am Lech, got married in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 2018 and lived together with a son (7) and a daughter (2) in Chiemgau: But now Julian Nagelsmann (34) and his wife Verena have met according to tz information after 15 years together. the picture had reported about it first. The Bayern coach is said to have even moved out of the common house because the couple is said to have grown apart.

In the best interests of the children, both will continue to coordinate their upbringing in the future. Nagelsmann will live in Munich in the future. He can be with his children in just under an hour via the A8. The separation comes as a surprise at first glance. The football teacher and his Verena were already a couple when they were at school. “That was very funny. She always sprinted past me during the break. She’s not that big, but she made giant strides, and that’s when I noticed that she always wanted to be the first to sell during breaks,” Nagelsmann said four years ago, adding in his mischievous way: “Although she’s a very, very good one figure, she seemed like she was addicted to schnitzel rolls – thank God that wasn’t and isn’t the case.”

Julian Nagelsmann always kept his private life out of the public eye

Joint appearances with his Verena were rare. When Nagelsmann received his football teacher award at the Palais Frankfurt in March 2016, she was by his side. Otherwise, he tried to keep his family out of the public eye as much as possible. When Nagelsmann switched to RB Leipzig as a coach from Hoffenheim in the summer of 2019, Verena stayed at home with the children. In a tz interview in December 2020, he described the difficulty of reconciling his family life and his coaching job as follows: “I think it’s sometimes easier for me than especially for my five-year-old son. Of course it’s nice if we can see each other from a distance via Facetime. But it’s nicer for both of them when I’m with him and we do something together. He sometimes asks why I’m a football coach and don’t have another job. I can understand it because it’s not easy for him to understand why dad isn’t at home so many days a year.”

Nagelsmann’s wife had his back free

While Nagelsmann has made a career as a high-flyer coach in recent years, Verena organized family life, as he reported in 2017: “Verena has my back very, very much. I can fully concentrate on my job. We have a very adorable child, which she mostly raises as a single parent. I can only take my hat off to that.” Nevertheless, the couple will go their separate ways in the future.

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