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Toyota Corolla 2023

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The Toyota Corolla has been the world’s best-selling car for decades. In Europe alone, the successful model from Japan remains an insignificant supporting actor in the compact class concert. The 2023 facelift shouldn’t change that either; the new Corolla is more contemporary than ever.

The Corolla is to the Asians what the Germans have their VW Golf or the long-distance runner Beetle. Since 1966, the Corolla has sold more than 50 million units – a world record. Like its European counterpart, the Corolla now lives as a model of the fading combustion engine era, because Toyota is also opening up to electric drives more than ever, even beyond the successful hybrid versions. In Europe, the Corolla is sold as a hatchback and station wagon with the Annex Touring Sports name. The Corolla Cross SUV variant, which has been on the market in the USA for some time, will also be introduced in Europe this fall. Also in the program: the Corolla sedan.

For those wanting to stick with traditional body styles, there are subtle overhauls to design and engineering coming in early 2023. Like its Toyota brothers, the Corolla also stands for efficient hybrid drive. However, a plug-in variant is still not offered. The new Toyota Corolla 1.8 now delivers 103 kW / 140 hp instead of the previous 90 kW / 122 hp and completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds, an impressive 1.7 seconds faster than before. The standard consumption: 4.4 liters / 100 kilometers. With the more powerful Corolla 2.0, the total output increases from 135 kW / 184 hp to 144 kW / 196 hp and from a standing start the front-wheel drive car needs 7.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h. However, it is locked at 180 km/h. With a standard consumption of 4.6 liters, the fifth-generation hybrid consumes little more than the entry-level model. Both four-cylinder engines benefit from optimizations to the combustion engine and electric motor, which offer more torque, more electric power and thus more driving pleasure. The power control unit and the electric motor have been revised, the lithium-ion battery is smaller and up to 18 kilograms lighter, depending on the drive.

There was also a revision for the interior of the Golf competitor. A 10.5-inch multimedia display in the center of the dashboard offers higher resolution and has an anti-glare screen. From the middle equipment variant, the screen grows to a diagonal of 12.3 inches. New functions can now be installed via over-the-air updates. The safety equipment has also been improved, because after the facelift, the Japanese offers, in addition to matrix LED headlights, among other things, extended functions for driving and parking assistants. In particular, the support for collision avoidance when turning at an intersection, the steering assistant, which now recognizes oncoming vehicles, as well as the side collision and cornering assistants have been optimized.

The updated version of the Toyota Corolla GR Sport features 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as redesigned bumpers and skid plates. There are also modified sports seats with the GR logo embossed in the headrest and the Gazoo Racing logo can also be found on the start button. Market launch for the new Toyota Corolla is early 2023.

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