Excitement interview on Sky: “I don’t need to defend myself here”

Excitement interview on Sky: “I don’t need to defend myself here”
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( – Mick Schumacher and the Haas team are currently on everyone’s lips in Formula 1. Not so much because of sporting success as after Kevin Magnussen’s fifth place at the 2022 season opener in Bahrain. But rather because of the very public discussion about Schumacher’s failure, his treatment by the team and an interview that took place in Baku last Sunday.

Exciting interview in Baku: Sky reporter Hardenacke and Haas team boss Steiner


The pay TV broadcaster ‘Sky’ showed a contribution in which several team bosses had their say, who were unanimously of the opinion that what Schumacher needs in the current difficult situation is support and nest warmth. Among other things, Toto Wolff made his opinion known, at least not a close friend of Steiner.

Reporter Peter Hardenacke then interviewed Steiner – and the Haas team boss visibly felt cornered. “I don’t need to defend myself here,” he said, among other things – and immediately countered the accusation in the direction of the media: “You’re just trying to split the camps through your channels.”

Exchange of blows between reporter and team boss

Hardenacke counters: “But you also criticize Mick in public, so you also serve the media.” What Steiner doesn’t let sit on: “The camp is divided, we are blamed for everything. We’re not to blame, I think.”

Emotional Steiner complains about ”division from outside”

Haas team boss Günther Steiner reigns suspiciously on the Sky microphone about the situation surrounding Mick Schumacher and senses too much media influence.

His goal is “to make Mick successful,” Steiner clarifies. At this point at the latest, observers get the impression that the 57-year-old feels misunderstood. “I don’t need any advice,” he once said, emphasizing: “The division of the team from the outside is not good for Mick. We’re trying to make the team strong. We’re not as inhuman as some people want to portray us.”

It is also a hotly debated interview on various social media platforms because Hardenacke confronts Steiner with opinions and teases passionate answers out of his interview partner. Some viewers asked themselves the question: Is such a tough interview legitimate?

YouTube: Hardenacke explains his point of view

By the way, a conversation about this with Peter Hardenacke, who conducted the interview in Baku, can now be seen on the YouTube channel (36 minutes). Editor-in-Chief Christian Nimmervoll asks him, among other things, whether it is permissible to include one’s own opinion in the questions asked in an interview.

Hardenacke vs. Steiner: Can I ask that?

Haas team boss Günther Steiner got emotional in an interview with Peter Hardenacke. We spoke to the Sky reporter. More Formula 1 videos

In any case, Steiner tries to take the edge off the situation when he says things like: “The fronts are not hardened. Mick and I spoke last week.” Before the race in Baku, he had “a short conversation” with his criticized driver.

“We are a team,” emphasizes Steiner. “I need Mick, Mick needs us. Together we can be strong. If we don’t work together, we can’t do it. There’s a lot of unrest from outside, every word is turned around. I can live with that.” And he says to his critics: “I am what I am. You will not change me.”

(DISPLAY: Whether there will be a discussion between Peter Hardenacke and Günther Steiner or whether the situation will continue to escalate can be seen in the Sky coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix next weekend. For example, on the new streaming service WOW, at where Sky broadcasts the Formula 1 races live and without commercial breaks.)

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