Everquest: Players awaken legendary dragon Kerafyrm – after 20 (!) Years

Everquest: Players awaken legendary dragon Kerafyrm – after 20 (!) Years
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More than 20 years after the release of Everquest, a guild has decided to raise the legendary dragon Kerafyrm, which has a huge impact on the game on the server and is irreversible. Therefore, read below about the guild Seal Team and how the fight against the dragon ended.

23 years after its release, EverQuest is still an MMO with a large following. There are now 28 expansions for the title, with the last of which only being unveiled in December 2021. However, this is not original enough for the hard core of the players and so they prefer to play on servers like the now three-year-old “Project 1999 Green”, where EverQuest is still played in a nostalgic original form.

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Only the first two extensions are used and many modern conveniences that have only been added over time are completely missing. There are no XP potions through microtransactions, no auction house and raid bosses have to be monitored for a long time, for which specialized teams are used.

Previously on Project 1999 Green, the guild Seal Team had the upper hand and a monopoly on the tomb containing the legendary dragon Kerafyrm by controlling the dragons with the keystones. However, after the Guild Kingdom obtained some of these keystones, some players on the Seal Team made the decision to awaken the legendary dragon. This decision is irreversible and means that some players will never get the desired loot from the tomb again, but otherwise you would have risked snubbing members who would have tried to raise the dragon in a different faction.

So it was decided to awaken the dragon and invited the other players to be there. However, in response to these actions, they killed Lord Yelinak and the more than 350 players failed to kill Kerafyrm. He killed numerous players and then despawned forever, so the server now remains in the aftermath and will likely fade into obscurity. Nonetheless, it’s a great nostalgia moment for fans of the game that will be hard to top.

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