Especially cheap at the start of sales: Amazon is launching its own 4K televisions including Fire TV & Co

Especially cheap at the start of sales: Amazon is launching its own 4K televisions including Fire TV & Co
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After the enormous success of the Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot and Co., Amazon is now going one step further: an in-house 4K TV series is now available exclusively from the shipping giant – from just 399 euros!


Amazon is no longer just a shipping platform, but is constantly expanding its business area – and with great success. With Amazon Prime Video, a worldwide streaming platform has been established, with hardware such as the Fire TV Stick, the Fire Tablet as well as the Echo Dot and Echo Show, millions of users worldwide have not only been able to stream, but also to do so for many years Smart home conversion of your own four walls. and Now Amazon is launching its own range of TV sets with the Xiaomi F2 series.

Amazon’s 4K TVs are available now and come in three sizes: 43-inch (108cm), 50-inch (125cm) and 55-inch (138cm):

» Xiaomi Fire TV 43 inch on Amazon*
» Xiaomi Fire TV 50 inch on Amazon*
» Xiaomi Fire TV 55 inch on Amazon*

Together with the established manufacturer Xiaomi, you can bring Ultra HD enjoyment to local home cinemas for little money. So if you want to switch to 4K cheaply or upgrade, you’ve probably come to the right place. The regular prices start at 399 euros (43 inches) and end at 499 euros (55 inches) – but at the start of sales you can get the TVs even cheaper!

Xiaomi F2: The Amazon TV can do that

All three models come in a simple, slim metal housing that allows practically frameless television. While the picture shines in 4K resolution, DTS-HD and DTS-Virtual:X, among other things, are supposed to provide rich sound in addition to the usual Dolby Audio.

The personalized start screen allows access to thousands of apps and streaming providers, as you already know from the Fire TV Stick – adapted to your own needs and conveniently available on one surface, just without an additional stick. You no longer need the popular streaming gadget for this.

The Alexa voice remote control is almost naturally on boardwhich allows you to control the Smart TV as you wish without having to abuse the buttons on the remote control – no matter whether you want to change the channel or the app, adjust the volume or, for example, control your smart home (including lamps).

In addition to four times the HD resolution and an image that is as colorful as it is fluid thanks to HDR 10, gamers can also look forward to the Game Mode available on all four HDMI connections for particularly fast response times. Features such as WLAN, Bluetooth and Co. are of course also available.


Anyone who wants to upgrade their home cinema with Ambilight, OLED or 8K resolution and is willing to spend 1,000 euros or much more for it should not be too happy with the F2 series from Amazon and Xiaomi. Yet who Anyone who has sworn by the Fire TV and/or prefers to stream, watch TV or gamble in 4K as easily and conveniently as possible without spending huge sums of money should be happy with the new TV devices from Amazon.

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