Epic Mega Sales 2022: Four “top titles” for free – starting with Borderlands 3

Epic Mega Sales 2022: Four “top titles” for free – starting with Borderlands 3
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At Epic Games comes the return of the “mysterious free game” – the start is promising with Borderlands 3. In addition, there are big discounts on well-known games and a 25 percent discount voucher.

This Thursday there is not only a new free game, but also the start of this year’s Epic Mega Sales. We summarize the program in the Epic Games Store.

Four “genuine top titles” for free

The Epic Mega Sale runs for a total of four weeks, i.e. from 19.05. until 16.06. This is important because every week there is a new “mystery free game” teased with a vault graphic. The curtain has already risen for today and Gearbox fans can now secure the basic version of Borderlands 3. The offer ends on May 26th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m., of course Epic and 2K Games take the opportunity to make some payment supplements palatable to interested players. The Lootshooter was released on September 13th, 2019 and has been expanded with Season Passes and more. So far there are no indications of the other three games that will be released by the end of the sale (although there are busy speculations) – Epic advertises “real game hits” or “genuine top titles”. Borderlands 3 is certainly not a bad start.

You have one month not only to purchase the already discounted games (Epic speaks of up to 75 percent), but you can also use “unlimited vouchers” for them. However, you don’t get a voucher with a fixed value as usual, but one (or several vouchers) that give you an additional 25 percent discount. As usual, this only works if you “apply them to individual or multiple qualifying games that cost at least €14.99 individually or together”. The coupon you pick up will “automatically apply to all eligible transactions” at checkout. As usual, the voucher does not apply to games in advance or other purchases that do not include games, but e.g. B. Add-ons (such as DLCs or season passes) or purchases within games (“in-game purchases”, i.e. e.g. game currencies such as V-Bucks in Fortnite or upgrades such as the “Save the World” mode ) affect.

In the “biggest sale of the year”, for example, there is currently 20 percent on current games such as Tina Tina’s Wonderlands, Weird West, Death Stranding Director or Syberia: The World Before. Ghostwire: Tokyo (-34 percent), Deathloop (-50 percent), Far Cry 6 (-50 percent) or Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (-29 percent) offer higher discounts. Dying Light 2 is currently being offered with a 10 percent discount (53.99 euros). The Epic website offers further orientation.

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