Entry into the new Destiny 2 dungeon costs almost 20 euros

Entry into the new Destiny 2 dungeon costs almost 20 euros
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On May 24, 2022, Destiny 2 will begin its next season, Season 17, which hasn’t officially been named yet, but is thought to be called “Season of the Haunted” based on a Bungie employee leak . Whether that’s true … you don’t know. It is also quite possible that the Season named “Season of the Lord” carries what is taken from an old pastebin leak to Destiny 2 – and would go with the upcoming Iron Banner expansions.

Anyway, what is known about Season 17 is about that Amount of resources for the Weaponsmith is purified. And also that there will be a new dungeon. Where does the information come from? From Bungie itself, of course, because Community Manager A_dmg04 writes about it in the TWAB of May 19, 2022.

The new dungeon of Destiny 2 season 17

The dungeon itself will open its doors on May 27, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. In order to be able to enter the dungeon in normal mode, you need a power level of 1550. You can also play Master from that day, but the Bungie people have not yet revealed the power level requirement. It will probably be somewhere around 1580 or 1590.

And there is already a preview of the loot that you can get hold of in the dungeon. This includes a legendary armor set per class, which of course can be captured in a better variant in master mode. Then there are four new Legendaries and two returning Legendary Weapons, one Exotic Weapon, one Exotic Catalyst, one Exotic Ship or Sparrow, and two Legendary Emblems. You also have to do something for the style of your keeper!

Access only via the Digital Deluxe Edition – or over 2,000 Silver

But since the release of Destiny 2 (buy now €21.80): The Witch Queen the following: If you don’t buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of the expansion (around 80 euros), you won’t get into the dungeons. In the coming week, i.e. at the end of May, this version of Destiny 2 should be made around 25 percent cheaper, i.e. around 60 euros.

But if you don’t feel like spending the money and you only want to play the dungeons, then entry into the dungeon world of The Witch Queen will cost you around 20 euros – because you can buy the dungeon key for the Witch Queen dungeons for 2,000 silver in Eververse. And 2,000 silver is the equivalent of 20 euros. Speaking of which, the Season 17 dungeon will be the first Witch Queen dungeon. A_dmg04 hints that there will be another dungeon in the Witch Queen cycle; namely in the words: “If you just want the dungeons, totally fine, you can pick up both as part of The Witch Queen Dungeon Key in the Eververse store for 2000 Silver.” The price per dungeon would then be around 10 euros if you don’t want the Digital Deluxe.

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