Elden Ring – Inventory explained: This is how you use and occupy the luggage

Elden Ring – Inventory explained: This is how you use and occupy the luggage
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That Inventory in Elden Ring includes all items that you carry with you when traveling the intermediate land.

It’s like an oversized backpack that fills up over the course of the game with hundreds of weapons, armor, talismans, consumables and other items that you find and collect while exploring all the areas.

This guide covers inventory, sorting features, and other useful tips on how to keep track of your luggage and quickly find what you’re looking for.

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The inventory and its categories in Elden Ring

Opens the inventoryby pressing the start button and selecting the third item from the top of the game menu (under Item Crafting). Instead of throwing all the items into a sack where you look for a wolf, Elden Ring sorts all the items found into different categories:

  • tools: Contains all utility items, including Holy Crimson Tears and Heavenly Tears, Bottle of Miraculous Drug, Spectral Horse Whistle, Rune Bows, Starlight Shards, all kinds of Boluses, Meats, Throwing Pots, Perfumes, Darts, Grease, Talking Points, Golden Runes, Boss Echoes and online objects. All of these items can be placed and used on the hotkeys in the Equipment menu.
  • ash: Contains all collected ashes of the spirits, which can be called for help in specially designated places (e.g. in boss fights).
  • Crafting Materials: Contains all collected materials for crafting objects.
  • reinforcement materials: Includes all collected upgrade materials to improve various pieces of equipment (Golden Seed, Holy Tears, Forgestones, Darkforgestones, Dragon(dark)forgestones, Grave and Ghost Lilies).
  • key objects: Contains all important items related to your progress in the main story, including Greater Runes from the Fragment Bearers, Crystal Tears, Cracked Pots, Ritual Pots, Storage Stones, Talisman Bags, Healing Runes for the Elden Ring Ends, Stone Sword Keys, Lockets for the Elevators, Manuals, grinders, map fragments, scrolls, keys and all items relevant to the story.
  • sorceries: Contains all collected sorceries that can be cast with a staff.
  • invocations: Contains all collected invocations that can be cast with a holy seal.
  • ashes of war: Contains all the collected Ashes of War with the corresponding talents, which can be applied to weapons in a Place of Grace.
  • melee weapons: Includes all weapons designed for melee combat, such as daggers, swords, axes, halberds, hammers, katanas, and greatswords. There are a total of 22 types of melee weapons in the Elden Ring.
  • Ranged Weapons/Catalysts: Includes all ranged bows, crossbows, ballistae, shimmerstone staffs, and holy sigils.
  • arrows/bolts: Includes all types of arrows and bolts and therefore the ammunition for bows and crossbows.
  • shields: Includes all collected shields to block enemy attacks.
  • head: Includes all helmets collected that are used to equip the head with armor.
  • Breast: Includes all collected armor, robes, tabards, suits of armor and other torso clothing items.
  • poor: Includes all collected gloves, armguards, cuffs, gauntlets, arm rings and other armor pieces for hands and arms.
  • Legs: Includes all collected leggings, trousers, boots, shoes, leg guards, mail skirts, and other foot and leg armor pieces.
  • talismans: Includes all collected charms that can be equipped to give the character additional effects.
  • info: Includes all the collected notes, letters, special writings, paintings and the tutorials for reading the information they contain.

All these inventory tabs will fill up with a wide variety of items over time and they serve to keep an overview. Elden Ring has literally hundreds of objects to find while traveling the in-between.

With the help of the tabs you have a better overview of which items are in which “drawers” and what they are used for. Place the cursor on an item and toggle the view with Square or X to get more information about the item.

Each item has a slightly longer description detailing where it came from and how it fits into the Elden Ring worldview. Reading item texts can be very entertaining if you are interested in the background of the game and its plot.

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