Edeka water for 81 euros in a Bavarian branch? price is correct

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Hey, mineral water for 81 euros? An Edeka customer in Bavaria was amazed by two signs. The highlight: the price is probably correct too.

May 28, 2022 update: The sign about the price of 81 euros for 108 six packs (!) Of water surprised an Edeka customer in Furth im Wald (see original article). The market responded promptly to the request. The label is therefore only intended for internal use in the branch. “Of course that can be clarified!” It says in the e-mail reaction. “The colleague made a ‘cheat sheet’ on an almost invisible edge of the shelf so that she could order a pallet of water more easily.
We don’t mind, time is money. But we will find a new place that will not be visible to customers at all.” And should someone want to buy a whole pallet, the world now knows the price …

In another e-mail, a man wrote to us who claims to work as an Edeka store manager himself – this has not been confirmed, but his sentences also clarify: “I am a store manager in an Edeka store myself, and the sign serves only so that we don’t have to laboriously order the item in the order record when ordering, but directly half a pallet. Then comes a so-called Düsseldorf pallet, which is what half a Euro pallet is called.”

Edeka water for 81 euros? Customer is surprised – but the price is actually correct

Our article from May 27, 2022: Furth im Wald – At the moment, many things are more expensive than usual in the supermarket. And even more drastic price jumps are not uncommon, for example with cooking oil or butter. But what an Edeka customer has now discovered is even more surprising – until you take a closer look.

Edeka in Bavaria: 81 euros for mineral water! customer wonders

The Edeka customer made his find public via Twitter: mineral water for 81 euros! As shown by two signs below each other. “Would Edeka also take my firstborn?” he asks jokingly. That the photo is real, of course, is not confirmed. But it doesn’t look like Photoshop & Co. either – especially since the user also explained where the picture was taken when asked in Edeka in Furth im Wald (Chamm district, Bavaria).

Edeka in Bavaria: the price is probably correct – a closer look clarifies everything

The fascinating thing: the price is most likely correct. You can only see why if you take a closer look. Because 81 euros does not cost a bottle of mineral water or six of them. It’s the price for 108 (!) six-packs of own-brand water, “Good & Cheap”, each containing half a liter, depending on the label “Classic” or “Medium”.

“108x6x0.5l” is to be read in each case. So 648 bottles. That also explains why the whole thing costs a deposit of 162 euros. In any case, the liter price of 0.25 cents for water is realistic. Likewise, the price for a six-pack of half-litre bottles is 75 cents, if you calculate it down.

The 81-euro sign in the Edeka branch is probably correct – but it refers to 648 of these bottles. © Twitter/Edeka

Why are the costs for 108 six-packs – possibly a whole pallet – attached to the mineral water in the Edeka branch? That remains open for the time being – will add it here if there is any feedback from the market. In any case, the Edeka customer who discovered the signs also knows for himself that the price is correct in the end. “That’s right, but I didn’t want a year’s supply of water,” he explains to our editors. Also correct: the price for a liter of juice at Rewe for 23.99 euros. An aspic sign at Kaufland, on the other hand, is a glitch. (lin)

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