During the parade: Meghan jokes with the children, Harry wears a suit instead of a uniform

Queen’s Jubilee
During the parade: Meghan jokes with the children, Harry wears a suit instead of a uniform

Harry and Meghan are back together with the Royal Family after more than two years

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They were not allowed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, but Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan still spent the “Trooping the Color” parade with the Royal Family. And were in a good mood.

It was the first highlight of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations: the “Trooping the Color” military parade drew millions of royal supporters to Buckingham Palace in London and TV screens worldwide. The crowning glory of the ceremony was the flight performance, for which Elizabeth II stepped onto the palace balcony. Next to her, Prince William and Duchess Kate gathered with the children, as well as Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. Who wasn’t there: Prince Harry and his family.

He and Duchess Meghan traveled from the USA with the children, but since they have resigned from their royal duties, they have to sit in the second row. And they’re in good company there: First photos show the couple watching the event from the Major General’s Office, an office in Buckingham Palace overlooking the parade ground and parade grounds. And there they were not alone, among other things they met the children of Harry’s cousin Zara Tindall and the daughter of his cousin Peter Philips.

Meghan and Harry are in a good mood

The pictures in the British press show Meghan joking with Savannah Philips and Mia and Lena Tindall. The Duchess playfully put a finger to her mouth, pretending to silence the little ones. Harry also joined in the fun at the palace window.

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It’s Meghan’s first appearance with the royal family in over two years. The American wore an elegant dark blue dress and combined it with a striking hat with a large brim and a dark blue bow. The headdress comes from the British hat maker Stephen Jones. Even more important, however, was Prince Harry’s outfit: for the first time he did not take part in the parade in a military uniform, but came in a smart dark suit. As he has resigned from all his royal duties, he has also been stripped of the military medals he had accumulated over the years. However, that did not seem to spoil his good mood: Later he and Meghan were seen excitedly talking to a cousin of the Queen. It seems the couple was welcomed back to the royal family with open arms.


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