Diablo Immortal: YouTuber reveals how “crass Pay2Win” Blizzard’s new game is

Diablo Immortal: YouTuber reveals how “crass Pay2Win” Blizzard’s new game is
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Diablo Immortal is a new game in the popular Hack’n’Slay series coming out in June. Many details are now known, Blizzard is only keeping a low profile when it comes to the shop. However, it was Pay2Win in the beta, as the YouTuber Gregg2G shows. He estimates that it takes around $50,000 to organize the best gear.

What is the problem with Diablo Immortal?

  • Diablo Immortal becomes Free2Play and also relies on a real-money shop. This worried some players because they were afraid of Pay2Win.
  • The shop was the focus of the announcement, but was then somewhat forgotten. However, with the release date and the announcement of a PC version, interest in the game has increased significantly – and discussions are increasing.
  • Well-known Twitch streamer Asmongold has responded to a video posted by YouTuber Gregg2G in April that has so far received little attention. In the video, Gregg2G, who also writes Diablo Guides for Maxroll Guides, explains why you are forced to spend money and how drastic the benefits can be.
  • What’s special is that the Legendary Gems, which play an important role in Pay2Win, have been made even stronger in the beta.

Note: Blizzard has already announced that the shop from the beta does not necessarily have to correspond to the final version. What adjustments will be made has not yet been revealed.

Here you can watch the video, whereby we prepare the core criticism in detail in written form:

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Diablo Immortal relies on Legendary Gems, which are best obtained with real money

At what points is Diablo Immortal Pay2Win? The new game from Blizzard relies on Legendary Gems in the endgame, with which you can equip items. You can use a total of 6 Legendary Gems in your armor, which will significantly improve your stats:

  • They give you extra life or attack power
  • They give you additional unique effects
  • They give you Offense Rating and Defense Rating – this was only added with the beta

Legendary Gems come in 1 Star, 2 Star, and 5 Star rarities. Each Legendary Gem can be upgraded to level 10. For this upgrade you need Gem Power, which you only get when you destroy Legendary Gems.

So the highest possible is a Legendary Gem with 5 stars and rank 10. However, for this you have to convert several dozen Legendary Gems into Gem Power.

Legendary Gems bring more stats and new effects. However, you must first bring them to higher levels in order to activate all effects.

Either grind forever – or the shop lures you

You can produce the Legendary Gems through crafting, although this is said to be particularly complex. YouTuber Gregg2G says he managed to create a rank 10 Legendary Gem in 3 months of beta. Some people estimate that it takes about 40 years to get the perfect gear without real money.

Alternatives are trading in the marketplace with other players or the Battle Pass, which costs real money. However, you can only get level 1 and 2 gems there.

But there is a much easier way to generate Legendary Gems: you buy Legendary Crests in the shop. Legendary Crests lets you open an Elder Rift, a randomized dungeon that takes three to five minutes to complete. At the end, a random Legendary Gem is guaranteed to be waiting as loot – a 5-star Gem is also possible.

You can buy an infinite number of Legendary Crests and complete the Elder Rifts. This will get you Legendary Gems faster than Free2Play players could ever dream of.

How big is the difference? In his video, Gregg2G shows the player Fishkeen, who as a Free2 player in the beta had equipment at level 17 and a Legendary Gem. This comes on the following stats:

  • 3,506 damage
  • 51,486 lives
  • 3,510 Offense Rating
  • 3,496 defense rating

Then he shows a whale that has invested a lot of money. This one has worse upgrades in equipment (between level 11 and 16) but more Legendary Gems.

  • 6,735 damage
  • 75,209 lives
  • Unfortunately, you don’t see the ratings when you look at them, although they aren’t that important either, since they have a cap, at least in PvP

There are also a number of better effects that come with the gems, such as summoning a wolf from attacks or more Magic Find for higher chances of rare gear.

The whale also has 5-star gems, but these “only” at rank 5. The last new effect on the gem is unlocked there. However, the gems grant additional stats when upgraded to rank 10.

Gregg2G estimates the difference at max gems to be around 300% more damage and 300% more life in PvE compared to Fishkeen above.

Legendary Gems Diablo Immortal
The gear from the whale from the Gregg2G video.

These stats and effects play a role not only in PvE but also in PvP. While offense and defense ratings are capped in PvP, bonus effects, life, and damage aren’t.

A second mechanism, which is connected to the shop, also takes effect here.

Items can be “awakened”, but that costs 10 euros

What is the other mechanic? If you put a 1-star gem on a piece of gear, you can do an Awakening. This gives the armor item a special effect, like -10% cooldown on certain skills.

However, this awakening cannot be carried out for free. You need a Dawning Echo, which you can buy in the shop for about 10 euros. There is no alternative to this.

If you awaken all of your items, you win additional bonus effects, but you have to spend another 60 euros.

According to Gregg2G, if you want the perfect equipment, you have to spend around 50,000 euros. Another YouTuber even estimates the expenses at 75,000 euros.

Shop is subject to change

Will the game remain Pay2Win? This is currently uncertain. Blizzard has not yet shared any official information about the store in the release version. It is quite possible that the current discussion or the response to the release will cause a change.

It is also possible that new methods will be introduced to earn Legendary Gems.

We have summarized everything about Diablo Immortal and the release here:

Everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal – release, cost, gameplay

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